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July 26, 2021

Tacos in the time of COVID

By: Mando Rayo

It’s 2021 and we’re still pivoting through the pandemic. In this episode, we check in on Texas taquerias and chefs to see how they’ve adapted to an uncertain industry and what steps they’re taking to keep their operations above water. We’ll also take a look at how the pandemic affected both eaters’ dining habits and the local hospitality industry as a whole. Guests include Carlos Acosta, Rosarito Austin, and Norma Martinez, Texas Public Radio


September 27, 2021

Chicanos & Chingonas on The Rise

2020 is the taco's time to shine -- and it's the Chicanos, Latinx, Chingonas behind it all. In this episode, we'll check in with the entrepreneurs who are behind some of Texas's hottest food trends. We'll also examine the ways in which these taqueros are working together to keep traditions alive and the culture as strong as ever. Guests include Emiliano Marentes - Elemi (El Paso), Edgar Rico, Nixta Taqueria (Austin) and Victoria Elizondo, Cochinita & Co (Houston).


September 13, 2021

West Texas: The Origins of the Discada

Using the Disco, (a cooking apparatus whose origins are often attributed to the camaraderie between Mexican and Chinese rail workers in the early 20th century), we'll trace how traditions and cultures intersect, and what effects that cultural fusion has on subsequent generations for years. We'll explore the connections and history of the Chinese and Mexican roots of their own versions of the disco. Guests include Dr. Guillermina Gina Nunez-Mchiri, UT El Paso (El Paso), and Francisco "Paco" Wong (El Paso).


August 23, 2021

#TacosSaveTexas (Again.)

As our uncertain world turns, it seems like only one thing stays consistent -- the generosity of Texas taqueros. Whether they're feeding communities in need during natural disasters, or simply working to enforce their operation's mask mandate during a global pandemic, it's not often these brave culinary craftsmen and women get the recognition they deserve. In this episode, we'll chat with some taco do-gooders about their work to lift up their communities and care for society's most vulnerable. Because like most things, humanitarianism is best when it's wrapped in a homemade tortilla hecho con amor. Guests include Jessica Villa-Gomez BoomBox…