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Our podcast episodes are downloaded and listened to thousands of times, every day. Every time someone clicks play for Two Guys on Your Head, there’s an opportunity for your business to connect to new customers. Our digital audio sponsorship experts use dynamic ad serving to insert your message into our podcast episodes. We use a combination of pre-, mid- and post-roll placements for all sponsorship announcements.

Digital data and more

Publisher report exampleThe digital audio ad insertion platform we use is Adswizz. This comprehensive suite of tools allows us to run multiple campaigns, sophisticated trafficking, produce performance reports and enable targeting of messages. It gives our advertising team the flexibility to meet your needs and serve our global podcast audience.



Sponsor message is played prior to the podcast episode starting. They’re automatically downloaded and affixed to the beginning of the episode, whether it’s played immediately or saved for listening to later. Pre-rolls are typically 15 seconds long.


Some longer podcasts have one or more opportunities in the “middle” of the episode to share a message from our sponsors. These are inserted into a natural break of the program and do not interrupt the content.


At the end of the episode, a post-roll message is played and leaves the listeners with a lasting impression of the sponsor who helps us produce our podcasts. Post-rolls can be longer in length.

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