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Mando Rayo

January 17, 2022

How to Run a Modern Day Taqueria

Learn from two Chingonas making it in the taco world including Lis Mariscal, Veracruz All Natural and Victoria Elizondo, Chef/Owner of Cochinita & co. Moderated by Taco Journalist, Mando Rayo. Recorded live on the podcast stage at Austin City Limits Festival 2021.


January 3, 2022

Building a Taco Empire

Learn from Taco Journalist, Mando Rayo and Director Dennis Burnett on how they’re building platforms for people of color, from the tacos of Texas Podcast, United Tacos of America tv show and cooking shows, Tex-Mex Queen and ATE (ah-teh). Recorded live on the podcast stage at Austin City Limits Festival 2021.


December 20, 2021

24 Hours with a BBQ Pit Maestro

In this episode, we spend 24-hours with Houston-based pitmaster Eduardo Ortiz (and his tortilla pressing mother!) to learn his process for creating some of Houston’s best-smoked carne. As we follow his masterful smoking process, we’ll learn how he learned his trade, how Eddie O’s first pop-ups were received, and what it takes to be Texas […]



Taco journalist, author and Texas Standard contributor Mando Rayo has travelled Texas to uncover the tastiest tacos. In his new podcast Mando talks Texas taqueros, tortilleras & makers, explores food cultures and engages lovers of tacos on topics like the rise of Tex-Mex BBQ, the West Texas origins of the Discada and other True Taco stories.

Sponsored by Laredo Taco Company
Production: IDENTITY Productions
Mixed by Nicholas Worthen
Creative Producer: Dennis Burnett
Story Producer: Trey Gutierrez
Producer and Host: Mando Rayo


Mando Rayo’s experience is deep-rooted in Latinx & BIPOC communities. Mando is a digital story-teller and uses his Latinx identity to inspire and build bridges through his production company, IDENTITY. From working with Laredo Taco Company, Beef Loving Texans, KLRU-TV, PBS Austin, Whataburger, Austin Film Society, People en Español y más, Mando shares stories through food, culture, documentaries and digital platforms. As an avid taco ambassador, food explorer and street ethnographers, Mando has traveled across the U.S. to uncover the tastiest tacos, from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to L.A. and New Orleans to New York City. Mando is the producer and co-author of ‘The Tacos of Texas book (UT Press) & docu-series with PBS Digital Studios and United Tacos of America TV Show on El Rey Network. Mando’s work has been featured on Bon Appetit Magazine, The Food Network, NPR, The New York Times and SXSW.