KUT Morning Newscast for December 29, 2023

Central Texas top stories for December 29, 2023. New Year’s Eve is a busy night for the sobering center. Christmas Bird Count. Longhorns are in New Orleans ahead of their first NCAA College Football Playoff appearance. Last games of the year for the Longhorn basketball teams. “Guardrail damage ahead” signs explained.

KUT Morning Newscast for June 14, 2023

Central Texas top stories for June 14, 2023. Heat advisory extended. Free rides to cooling centers. Childcare access report. Austin building code changes. Pollinator week. Flies in Austin.

What are the weirdest laws in Texas?

The Texas Legislature’s regular session is nearing an end. While some of the laws passed during these sessions are crucial to keep the state running, other laws have been a little more interesting.

Who is ‘Moody,’ and why is everything in Austin named after them?

There’s the Moody College of Communication at UT, the Moody Rooftop at the Contemporary Austin, Moody Hall at St. Edwards University, Moody Bank, the Moody Pavilions at Laguna Gloria, ACL Live at the Moody Theater, the Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Park, and Moody Center. It can be a little confusing.

Why is the two-step danced differently in Austin than in other parts of Texas?

Two-stepping originated from foxtrot and has been danced to country music in dancehalls around Austin for ages. Influenced by other music genres played in the region, people here have put their own spin on it.

KUT listeners Allyson Lipkin and Cristopher Juarez wanted to know why people in Austin and San Antonio dance the two-step differently than folks in the rest of Texas and the U.S. So, they reached out to KUT’s ATXplained project.

What’s the story behind the abandoned house by Dell Medical School?

One of the oldest homes still standing in Austin was once known as The Chateau. Its residents hosted legendary parties that were often safe spaces for gay people in the 1960s and ‘70s. Today, the home is boarded up — but there’s a new effort brewing to ensure it’s preserved.

These bills have little chance of being passed. Why do lawmakers file them?

How much confidence do you have in state government? The first post-election survey is out with a message for Texas lawmakers. We’ll have details. Other stories we’re tracking: In North Texas, reaction to the manslaughter conviction of a former Fort Worth Police officer charged with murder in the killing of Atatiana Jefferson. And why did the Texas Attorney General request gender change data from Texas drivers license records? Plus they are the champions Texas sweeps Louisville to take the NCAA Volleyball title. Also the legislative bills that seem to be going nowhere fast: why file them in the first place? Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

John Aielli and Concert Conduct

KUT’s Andrew Weber and John Aielli discuss how to conduct yourself at ATXplained Live! or any other in-person concert event.