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May 19, 2023

‘Is Austin hiding their elderly?’ What’s the average age of its residents?

By: Matt Largey

In a city with a reputation as being young, we got a question about where all of Austin’s older people are.


July 11, 2024

Why do lifeguards at Austin’s pools blow their whistles like that? (archive episode)

It’s break time. Everyone out of the pool. But what’s that sound?


June 27, 2024

Why are there so many empty stores on The Drag near UT Austin?

When you walk along The Drag, there’s not much to see in terms of businesses. Sure, there’s some hustle and bustle — students walking to and from class, cars rushing by — but many of the storefronts are empty.


June 13, 2024

Can you raise backyard chickens in Austin even if your HOA says you can’t?

When a person buys a property under an HOA, they’re agreeing to any rules the HOA enacts. But there are state laws that could change things.


May 30, 2024

Black houses are so hot right now in Austin. But are they hotter? (archive episode)

Does the color of your house make a difference in how energy efficient it is? We try to find out.


May 16, 2024

Is Steiner Ranch really full of swingers?

Some neighborhoods around Austin have their own reputation. Most of them are probably not all that accurate.


May 2, 2024

Where have Austin’s Indigenous people gone? (archive episode)

We spend a lot of time in Austin talking about how many new people move here. But most of us don’t talk much about the people who came before us — way before us.  If you’ve ever taken a walk along Shoal Creek or gone to Barton Springs on a hot summer day, you’re doing […]


April 18, 2024

Why do bluebonnets grow so well along MoPac?

If you’ve ever been jealous of the lush, beautiful patches of wildflowers along Austin’s highways, this story is for you.


April 4, 2024

Does Austin have a rat problem? Maybe. But this reporter sure does.

Audrey McGlinchy on the prevalence, psychology and behavior of what are maybe humans’ most vexing pest.