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February 12, 2024

The 2024 Grammys / Professional DMs

By: Jack Anderson

Confucius and Fresh recap their likes and dislikes of The Grammys and break down how to best approach them for music consideration. You’ll hear some great Hip-Hop Facts, fun takes when Confucius Reads the News, and an Unpopular Opinion about the impact of media inspired by the 2005 film Havoc.

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Fresh Knight [00:00:01] I’m Fresh and you are now listening to the Breaks podcast. These are highlights from our Saturday night hip-hop show on KUTX 98.9 in Austin, Texas. My co-host Confucius Jones and I are native Austinites and we love talking to hip-hop, Texas hip-hop, hip-hop history, and what’s going on right now. And just so you know, the opinions expressed in the podcast are our own and do not necessarily reflect the position of KUTX in Austin, Texas.

Deezie Brown [00:00:26] We here to talk over the airwaves. No matter where you’re from or where you stay. 98.9 you in the place to be. Wake up, wake up, wake up this is the Breaks. You could be anywhere but you ain’t. So let’s proceed with the wave. 98.9 You in the place to be wake up wake up wake this is the Breaks.

Confucius Jones [00:00:57] The Grammys.

Fresh Knight [00:00:58] The Grammys, yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:00:59] One of our producers, Elizabeth McQueen, had a Grammy, viewing party at her house.

Fresh Knight [00:01:03] She did.

Confucius Jones [00:01:04] Her husband has five Grammys.

Fresh Knight [00:01:06] Yeah, he’s a Grammy. He’s a Grammy Award winner. Like the. Not the certificate. We’re talking like the actual record.

Confucius Jones [00:01:11] He’s he got he got so many Grammys. They changed shape over time.

Fresh Knight [00:01:14] Like hundred dollar bills. Yeah. Benjamin Franklin had to smile, and now he just big on it.

Confucius Jones [00:01:19] If any of you follow us on social media, you saw us taking pictures with them. The things heavy too, boy.

Fresh Knight [00:01:23] Yeah. Like the the one they hand out now, you know, things, things could hurt you.

Confucius Jones [00:01:27] Things heavy, man, but. Yeah. So let me start off. What what was your, thoughts on the Grammys? What did you like and what didn’t you like?

Fresh Knight [00:01:37] My thoughts on the Grammys? Man, I’m an award show guy, so I enjoy the pageantry of award shows. So I thought the Grammys, the show itself was great. I don’t think it’s too many, like bad Grammys. I see what it was when the show itself, which is like, I this was real lackluster. I like the performances. I like most of the performance.

Confucius Jones [00:01:57] Most of the show was performance.

Fresh Knight [00:01:58] Yeah, I like to perform. I think Travis Scott’s performance, like, really fit the Grammys setting.

Confucius Jones [00:02:06] I didn’t realize he yelled out, “y’all slept on me me ten times” because he lost ten times.

Fresh Knight [00:02:10] Oh, I didn’t realize that either, but alright. Travis, we could have a conversation, but I’m not going to do that right now. What I didn’t like was I still don’t like that like, best rap album is not televised.

Confucius Jones [00:02:22] Yeah, that’s still weird.

Fresh Knight [00:02:23] Is is only weird to me because rap is the number one genre in the world, and you won’t even televise the Best Rap album category like just that category. I don’t need the best rap song collab and all of that, but like the best rap album and it was handed out at like before and like, like at the beginning of the show, before the show even started. Like we found out that Killer Mike had one.

Confucius Jones [00:02:45] Before the show.

Fresh Knight [00:02:46] Before the show even started.

Confucius Jones [00:02:47] What’s not weird but kind of more frustrating is that they use rap to promote the show. Like, oh, performances from, you know, Kendrick Lamar.

Fresh Knight [00:02:55] Travis Scott.

Confucius Jones [00:02:55] Yeah, but you don’t show the rap that’s all about this. At least the rap album category.

Fresh Knight [00:03:00] Rap like at least best rap album.

Confucius Jones [00:03:03] Yeah, that that’s weird because it’s not like other genres like they represent best country album.

Fresh Knight [00:03:10] They presented the best.

Confucius Jones [00:03:11] R&B Album

Fresh Knight [00:03:11] Or –

Confucius Jones [00:03:13] The best R&B song, I think.

Fresh Knight [00:03:14] Well, the one thing that SZA got was Best Contemporary. Well, I don’t know if she won Best Contemporary R&B album. I don’t understand that with best R&B album, but I think she got best single or something like that. That was the one that was presented on TV.

Confucius Jones [00:03:26] Yeah, she won for best R&B song. That’s what they show on TV.

Fresh Knight [00:03:30] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:03:30] Yeah, she. So she got three. She got pop duo, group performance, Ghost & Machine and she got one for urban contemporary album S.O.S.. Yeah. She was nominated for album of the year, song of the year, record of the year. R&B performance. Yeah. And she didn’t win any major awards. She got that Beyoncé treatment.

Fresh Knight [00:03:48] I think she’s the next one to get that Beyonce treatment. She going to get all the other awards. But the major ones that she’s going to continue to get snubbed.

Confucius Jones [00:03:56] What didn’t you like about it? Well you mentioned.

Fresh Knight [00:03:58] Yeah, that was it. It was just like just not televising, like at least the Best Rap album award. I think you can fit that into like the television presentation. You don’t have to cut a show. You don’t have to cut a performance or anything or cut giving somebody else a televised award. But just like, come on, bruh.

Confucius Jones [00:04:16] Best country. They got CMAs.

Fresh Knight [00:04:20] I – there’s an argument for rap, too.

Confucius Jones [00:04:24] Yeah. We don’t really have a rap award. The BET Hip-Hop Awards. You got that one?

Fresh Knight [00:04:28] Yes.

Fresh Knight [00:04:29] What do you mean.

Fresh Knight [00:04:30] It’s in the name.

Confucius Jones [00:04:31] No, but it’s like CMA’s like, I don’t want to say that sounds kind of off putting. Like more but more prestigious than the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Fresh Knight [00:04:42] Is it?

Confucius Jones [00:04:43] You got to dress up to go to CMA’s, bruh.

Fresh Knight [00:04:46] I mean rappers

Confucius Jones [00:04:49] Ain’t nobody dress up for BET Awards.

Fresh Knight [00:04:49] I guess I get what you sayin, I guess. I guess I get what you’re saying, I guess.

Confucius Jones [00:04:51] Well, also, CMA’s has been around longer.

Fresh Knight [00:04:53] Is treated a little more.

Confucius Jones [00:04:54] Regal. Yeah, yeah. And. Yeah. And I’ve heard all this like  Kay Michelle say that it means a lot to them to be nominated for a CMA, because that’s a hard genre to get into. There were more wins that made sense this year than in previous years. We’ve talked about that.

Fresh Knight [00:05:08] I thought so.

Confucius Jones [00:05:09] Grammys having a bad habit of not attaching itself to the right moments in culture. My favorite part was Jay-Z when he won the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award.

Fresh Knight [00:05:20] I heard a theory about that, but go ahead.

Confucius Jones [00:05:22] But you know, he got up there and started basically pointing out the fact that his wife has more Grammys than anybody else. Beyonce has 32 Grammys, and she’s never won any of the major category awards. Like, album of the year.

Fresh Knight [00:05:32] Album of the year, record of the year, song of the year.

Confucius Jones [00:05:34] The last Black woman to win for album of the year was Lauryn Hill Miseducation.

Fresh Knight [00:05:38] That was what, ’99?

Confucius Jones [00:05:40] It was 25 years ago. So you have to think about the Grammys is basically saying in 25 years there’s not been one album by a Black woman that deserves to be album of the year.

Fresh Knight [00:05:48] I mean, only 11 Black artists have won in the 66 years of the Grammys.

Confucius Jones [00:05:52] Stevie Wonder has got like, four of them. So. And so I think Taylor Swift holds the record for the most album of the year wins, which is wild to think about it because in 25 years there has been, after Lauryn Hill, there’s Beyonce has put out multiple albums. Alicia Keys has come, hers come out.

Fresh Knight [00:06:10] It’s been quite a few. Yeah. In 25 years you know a quarter of a century.

Confucius Jones [00:06:13] So I agree with Jay-Z’s point on that. Y’all can get mad at me if you want to. Not a fan of Miley Cyrus.

Fresh Knight [00:06:19] Who’s going to get mad at you?

Confucius Jones [00:06:20] Well, I know people were like, oh, she just put on a great performance. I said, that old off brand Tina Turner performance, she did? Ain’t nobody want to see that! Also, I don’t think she’s that talented. So that I mean granted, shoutout to her for getting her first Grammy. I thought she’d been had them.

Fresh Knight [00:06:35] I thought she had been won, too. I thought she got one for like, wrecking ball or something.

Confucius Jones [00:06:40] But I didn’t forget when she was cosplaying as a rapper.

Fresh Knight [00:06:44] I don’t I have not forgotten that either.

Confucius Jones [00:06:46] Turn around and said rap was bad, so I don’t look at you.

Fresh Knight [00:06:48] I remember that vividly. Running around with Juicy J and Mike WiLL.

Confucius Jones [00:06:52] I don’t care about her doing Hannah Montana. I don’t know that. I don’t think Miley Cyrus is that talented. She got a quarter of her dance talent. I also more or less I definitely would move by Joni Mitchell getting rolled out there like professor X. So. I understand that Joni Mitchell is a huge, you know, legendary folk artist. Cool. But, yeah, Joni Mitchell used to wear Blackface. Now, I know that Twitter found this out during the award ceremony, but I had heard about it in passing because one of those things like word? I don’t really care about Joni Mitchell.

Fresh Knight [00:07:22] I think I saw. We were talking about before the show, I saw like the pictures, but I assumed that that was like an SNL sketch because I, I saw the pictures. I always saw the pictures and just never anything behind what the picture would be, I guess. Man, SNL would do something like that man.

Confucius Jones [00:07:37] Especially back in the 80s when they were all coked out of their minds.

Fresh Knight [00:07:40] They would do something like that. Well, I never heard the story behind the pictures and I so I didn’t know it was Joni Mitchell. And then Twitter became Twitter and, and let’s you know, they oh, I’ll celebrate this woman, but.

Confucius Jones [00:07:54] She’s gonna call us the N-word and everything.

Fresh Knight [00:07:56] Yeah. In the 70s, like you were walking around in Blackface, talking about how she can relate to like she she, she understands. They could relate. And she has the mind or the soul of a Black man and was calling Muhammad Ali the N-word and. Yeah, like, yo, bro. Well.

Confucius Jones [00:08:11] She said she was going to call him the n-word but she didn’t, which was probably a good idea.

Fresh Knight [00:08:14] I have quotes. I have quotes.

Confucius Jones [00:08:16] There we go.

Fresh Knight [00:08:17] I got, I got the receipts.

Fresh Knight [00:08:20] And I quote Joni Mitchell, “I really feel an affinity because I have experience being a Black guy on several occasions.” I want to know what Joni Mitchell was doing in her life, where she had the experience of a Black man in America. What was you doing because you was walking around in Blackface? Like that’s the thing, man.

Confucius Jones [00:08:41] You know what? Never mind. Because if I say this is going to go into a whole nother controversy territory, does she have the right to call herself whatever she wants?

Fresh Knight [00:08:50] No comment about this one. That’s going to open up some things, and I’m sure people are going to hear like, no, we got to strike that, strike that from the record. So I don’t just keep my mouth shut.

Confucius Jones [00:08:59] It’s just funny that it said that she was inspired to start doing that because she ran into a Black guy in New York, and so. But who did she run into? It made her start dressing like a Black caricature from the 70s. That’s what she’s dressing like and Black people like Joni Mitchell. We like Joni Mitchell. It’s just that part of her musical history is kind of tucked away.

Fresh Knight [00:09:17] If this was a lot, man, it just was it just it wasn’t shocking to find out, but it just was a lot to kind of like unpack. And I think.

Confucius Jones [00:09:27] I see her.

Fresh Knight [00:09:27] Like, you see them trotting her out there the way that they did and celebrating her like this.

Confucius Jones [00:09:31] And I say this to my point what you identify with isn’t a problem. Just don’t be disrespectful. That’s the problem. You’re just disrespectful about it. By dressing up, saying you identify with the Black man and dressing like a pimp from the 70s, isn’t that that’s that’s disrespectful.

Fresh Knight [00:09:46] And if you identify as a Black man, you should know the trauma of dressing up in Blackface.

Confucius Jones [00:09:51] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:09:51] So. And why? That’s not cool.

Confucius Jones [00:09:53] Shoutout Joni Mitchell.

Fresh Knight [00:09:55] I guess we shouting her out.

Confucius Jones [00:09:56] I didn’t see it because I didn’t get to the party in time, but I did see the clip online. Tracy Chapman performed.

Fresh Knight [00:10:00] Yeah, with Luke Combs, that was that was probably one of my favorite performances of the night.

Confucius Jones [00:10:04] It was funny. People on Twitter were trying to, you know, trying to dress down how she looked like, oh, look at her. She’s up there with jeans on and like a dress shirt. Somebody said that it’s custom Gucci.  Tracy Chapman ain’t broke, now. calm down.

Fresh Knight [00:10:15] That’s what I will be. I don’t want that, man. You know, that’s a whole nother topic for a whole nother day.

Confucius Jones [00:10:19] Like, look how she’s dressed. She’s toned down. Like first of all, Tracy Chapman always dressed like that. It’s a custom Gucci shirt she got on.

Fresh Knight [00:10:26] It’s kind of her, like, aesthetic. Yeah. I’m saying yeah, Y’all expect her to come out there with a Gucci monogram suit on.

Confucius Jones [00:10:33] Yeah, facts. I think she got what first Black woman to get a CMA, you know.

Fresh Knight [00:10:36] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:10:36] Like Luke Combs redid the song.

Fresh Knight [00:10:39] Bro. Yeah. Wow.

Confucius Jones [00:10:40] That was dope to see out there.

Fresh Knight [00:10:41] It was, it was. She looks great.

Confucius Jones [00:10:42]  She does, man. Oh, she looked great.

Fresh Knight [00:10:45] Sounded great.

Confucius Jones [00:10:47] SZA didn’t win like I said for album of the year, which was wild because that’s  one of the bigger albums of. But she lost to Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift is you know I’m not in the group of people who doesn’t like Taylor Swift. I understand Taylor Swift is insanely talented.

Fresh Knight [00:11:00] I do, and insanely popular.

Confucius Jones [00:11:02] And when she wins, I’m not one of like, she don’t deserve it, I wrote it. Taylor Swift is take out your bias. Taylor Swift is huge and she’s talented.

Fresh Knight [00:11:09] I will say this about Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift, if you’re listening. This is the last year you’re going to announce an album when you win and act like you were surprised that you won that award. This is the last year you’re getting it off. This is the last year you get in like you can’t do that. Three. Next year you can’t do that three years in a row. You cannot do three years in a row.

Confucius Jones [00:11:28] The only reason why people feel away, understandably, is because Taylor Swift, being as good as she is at what she does, being a generational talent like she is, has gotten so many accolades, well deserved accolades. But Beyonce does not get those same accolades and she is definitely a once in a lifetime generational talent. You said it on Twitter. Something I thought was very important is that. You know when back beat Beyonce, I think it was four one for lemonade. It was. Yeah. Renaissance.

Fresh Knight [00:11:55] I think it was. Yeah, I think it was because I think lemonade was a day.

Confucius Jones [00:12:00] They’ll beat her. That’s what they say.

Fresh Knight [00:12:01] What did she have to do to get it?

Confucius Jones [00:12:03] Yeah. And people were like, you know, trying to find Beck’s. And he had a few jams on their whole album was good. And you said, didn’t Beyonce have to go back and have a few songs? But Beyonce had to have a whole album.

Fresh Knight [00:12:11] Full of good. Yeah. Somebody made a Twitter post and like, not hey or anything, but you know, I think Beyonce is talented. I mean, I’m paraphrasing here, but basically saying, you know, does she really have an entire album of hits that is deserving of winning album, mini album of the year? My response was stupid argument. Y’all can’t name a song from, let alone the single or a hit from Beck’s that is.

Confucius Jones [00:12:32] Still getting played consistently.

Fresh Knight [00:12:33] Y’all can’t name a song from that album. Y’all can’t name a song from Jon Batiste, but Beyonce has to have an entire album worth of hits, which she has.

Confucius Jones [00:12:44] She has.

Fresh Knight [00:12:44] I don’t know if y’all heard lemonade, if y’all hurt Renaissance Beyonce’s self-titled.

Confucius Jones [00:12:48] I’m out. I’m sorry that came off there.

Fresh Knight [00:12:49] But she hasn’t entire she has several albums where a full run of hits, but she has to live up to that standard, but nobody else does.

Confucius Jones [00:12:58] Yeah, I remember you did the, unpopular opinion about Single Ladies being the biggest song in the last 40 years. What a.

Fresh Knight [00:13:04] Year.

Confucius Jones [00:13:05] That album didn’t get album of the year. So.

Fresh Knight [00:13:08] Like, I.

Fresh Knight [00:13:08] Like, I’m all like, what is she? She had a song that took the world by storm and she couldn’t get album, would you? And the album was great. It ain’t like it was a track. Like that was the only song on the album that was good. Like the album was great. Come on man, come on man, it’s wild.

Confucius Jones [00:13:28] But you know, it’s the Grammys. And at the end of the day with Drake, salmon, Jay-Z say it still rings true that this doesn’t define your legacy. It adds to it. There’s a respect level two. That’s why I like Jay-Z. Even though we boycott it, we still watch it on TV. But we have to be careful expecting award shows to always get it right. We talk all mass about Lauryn Hill, but Lauryn Hill deserved that because that album was, you know, it was yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:13:53] I’m never take that away.

Confucius Jones [00:13:54] But it just sucks that there’s times where, you know, the Grammys still gets it wrong, but that’s just what it is. You know, we know Beyonce so well you know.

Fresh Knight [00:14:03] Yeah I mean you know music.

Confucius Jones [00:14:07] What do your dreams look like

Fresh Knight [00:14:11] wow. Question.

Fresh Knight [00:14:13] Very business oriented these days.

Confucius Jones [00:14:15] You a day I’m like, so let’s say I’m an artist and we’ve talked about this before, but it’s always good to bring it up again. I say I’m an artist, right? And I want to submit my music to you. What is the best way to do it to me?

Fresh Knight [00:14:31] If you’re submitting music to me, I would say the best way you can reach out to me. I don’t mind people reaching out to me via social media, whether Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Honestly, if you reach out to me on Facebook, it’s going to take a while for me to see that.

Fresh Knight [00:14:46] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:14:47] But if you reach out to me. One. Introduce yourself. Don’t assume that I know you. Don’t hit me where you’re okay. Yo, we need to work. What? Say? Who are you by? Introduce yourself and ask the question that you want to know.

Confucius Jones [00:15:05] Yeah, I’m not a fan of the whole people talking to you in a way, because they think you look like them. They can talk to you in any kind of way. Yeah. You know, I got to talk about we got the stupid DM from somebody. Just insult us.

Fresh Knight [00:15:16] Yes, yes.

Confucius Jones [00:15:17] And then guilt us into listening to their music.

Fresh Knight [00:15:20] A gentleman reached out to us and kicked off the message with insults. Insults? Granite.

Confucius Jones [00:15:26] Old man.

Fresh Knight [00:15:26] But I’m sure he was trying to be funny. Well, he thought he was being funny. But you don’t know me, bruh. You don’t know me. So don’t leave with the insult and then insinuate if we care about Black music and not, we will listen to your music. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Don’t you ever. Don’t you ever. I’m saying this for anybody. Don’t you ever in your life. Insinuate, insinuate. That if I care about anything they got to do with Black people, then I will support you or listen to you. Don’t you ever in your life fix you? Nobody. Nobody ever in your life. Fix your mouth. Mouth. Tongue. Teeth. Nothing. Vocal chords to insinuate anything like that to me, man. Because you will not like the person that you see when I see you in person. I promise you, you will not like the person you see you don’t have. I will, I do that no more.

Confucius Jones [00:16:18] It was a very bold approach.

Fresh Knight [00:16:20] Whatever comes after bold, it was that.

Confucius Jones [00:16:22] I was hoping that the music was going to be so good that the insult would.

Fresh Knight [00:16:29] With an approach like that, you would assume I was like this.

Confucius Jones [00:16:31] This has to be like the next kings of the morning. And when I tell you it was nowhere close, like, bro, you should get handed just off the waste of my time.

Fresh Knight [00:16:39] You know, I thought that too. Like when I read what he sent me, I was like, oh, this guy got to be the next James Fat Leroy or somebody.

Confucius Jones [00:16:46] This got to be something in here. Now, granted, I know dude probably, you know, has his friends tell him he’s great. He thinks it’s great. It’s fine, but it sucks. Imma take this one. By this point.

Fresh Knight [00:16:55] I didn’t listen at all because.

Confucius Jones [00:16:56] Your approach was horrible. And we’ve talked to the other artist about this. Talk to me afresh, the same way you would talk to a white man who you think has power, because I know y’all not hit them up. Europe. What’s up bro? Hit me up. Let’s talk this business.

Fresh Knight [00:17:09] Hey, yo, we need to link up. Why?

Confucius Jones [00:17:11] For what? Now? Granted, here’s what I respect. Bro’s for it. Their management once told me. I think I told you the same thing. That where he comes from. In order to establish a business relationship, there has to be. In L.A. at least it usually involves some type of, like, business lunch or something. Yeah. Let’s go out, get something to eat. Let’s talk about some things. I really like that in Austin, you can send an email, DM and get somebody’s attention to kind of move, which is cool. But I don’t don’t talk to us like we’re friends. I am not your friend. I hate the whole we should do business together thing, because what business do you have to give me? That would help me because my mind goes to how much am I making off this? Because if if my business involved solely on trying to propel you and you can’t even approach me the right way, then I don’t want to be bothered that.

Fresh Knight [00:17:54] And when I hear, you know, we need to do something, we need to collab. We need to do something together. My mind goes to, what are you providing me in my entity that I don’t already have myself or can’t get on my own?

Confucius Jones [00:18:06] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:18:07] Like money is cool, money is great. But it’s a lot of y’all going to flip out when I say it is money. Don’t move me just because you say I can make money that don’t move my feet, that don’t make me perk up and be like, oh yeah, let’s talk more. I’m sorry bro. Money. Like, yeah, money is great. Having money. You need money. Well, money. Don’t move me like that, man. And I think it move a lot of y’all. Y’all assume it moves everybody else the same way it moves. You know man, how it is what we you want to collab on to work on. How is that going to push the needle for me just as much as is pushing it for you. Because if you get more than I’m getting out of it, then I ain’t worth nothing. To me.

Confucius Jones [00:18:45] That’s the point that always bothers me is that there’s never a conversation. Well, there’s very rarely a conversation that involves an equal exchange of opportunities. It’s never like a hey, bro, I talked to this person in Chicago that Trump put on a show, would ask an artist, I told him to talk to you guys. I want to collab with y’all on this so we can make the best of this. It’s always like, man, I don’t have any resources and I need you guys to give it to me.

Fresh Knight [00:19:11] Or the resources you have. I already have.

Confucius Jones [00:19:14] And my thing is, we’re not saying we’re not trying to deter anybody from reaching out to us because we don’t. We know not everybody has the same connections we do. We’re just saying that just make sure that if you’re if you’re not bringing much to the table, make sure everything is all the way put together. I can’t walk into a bank and say, I need $5,000. And and they be like, for what? I just cause, like, that’s not how it works.

Fresh Knight [00:19:34] The 50,000, bro.

Confucius Jones [00:19:35] Like, I know a bank has money, so me telling them to give me money is not going to move them. They need to know a reason. Why do we need to give you this money?

Fresh Knight [00:19:42] They need to see the plan when they expect to get their return on the investment, because that’s essentially what the $50,000 loan would be.

Confucius Jones [00:19:50] Exactly. And so that’s how I would suggest to artists when you reaching out to us, like ask yourself clearly, these guys, whether they deal me or not, is still going to be them. So how can I present this in a way that makes sense for everybody? Because a lot of times dudes try to sell their own hype, which I’m probably honestly, most of the hype doesn’t equal our brand, how massive our brand has gotten. And I’m saying massive, like we just Breakfast Club or anything, just in terms of what we bring to the table. So it’s a lot of like when I go to Sixth Street, they don’t all the deejays know me, bro. I know all the details. Sorry, that that that’s not the flex you think it is. So are you telling me you got a six dude, every day? That’s all I’m hearing. Because I know most of what the owners of six. You look like. They look like you.

Fresh Knight [00:20:35] To piggyback off that, I hear that a lot, too. And all the deejays in town know most of the deejays. Oh, all the deejays over there. They know me to deejay, like you say, the DJ, the you know me, I know them two. But that doesn’t move the needle. Are they playing? You move the needle for me. Well, are they playing? Yeah. They know you. Or are they spinning your music down there? My favorite oh six.

Confucius Jones [00:20:56] Is I know he’ll yellow. Let me text him right now bro. Like what are you. What are you telling me? Right. I don’t know if you’re telling me.

Fresh Knight [00:21:03] Yes, I know him.

Confucius Jones [00:21:04] No grip. Okay.

Fresh Knight [00:21:06] All right.

Confucius Jones [00:21:07] What are you telling me here.

Fresh Knight [00:21:08] Bro grip in the VIP section of the Don Toliver. So. And we chop it up. Like, what do we.

Confucius Jones [00:21:13] I’m so confused here.

Fresh Knight [00:21:15] But when it comes to that album.

Fresh Knight [00:21:19] You have it.

Fresh Knight [00:21:20] Connections. Connections, man. Connection. Amen. It’s not what you know who you know, man.

Confucius Jones [00:21:24] I’ve been here all my life, okay? Hey, man, prove me wrong once.

Fresh Knight [00:21:27] What?

Fresh Knight [00:21:27] You know who you know, man, but. Oh, that ass.

Confucius Jones [00:21:30] I knew I should watch that damn shoe.

Fresh Knight [00:21:32] Like, when you like. You say we are saying these things to deter you from reaching out.

Confucius Jones [00:21:38] I want you out of. Reach out just once again. Do a professionally. Go ahead.

Fresh Knight [00:21:41] Yeah, that’s basically what I was saying. We we were saying is so you can have a bit of frame of mind of when you’re reaching out what will elicit. A response from us, a good response and don’t expect a response like right away. We are busy. We do have things to do here at station and in life, but when you approach us and you reach out to us, have some professional decorum about it. No, don’t jump in my. It’s a DM. That don’t mean you don’t have to have some professionalism with it. No, I’m not responding to you. If you jump in and talk about some. You’re ale. What’s poppin bro? What? I don’t even have one. I don’t know you, so I’m not responding to it the way that you think I’m going to respond to it.

Confucius Jones [00:22:24] I wouldn’t be mad at people if they just, you know, even DMs saying like, hey, what’s the best way for me to get my music to you?

Fresh Knight [00:22:29] I get that a lot. And I respond to that because you at least came in a manner that is more respectable than your. Because I get that a lot too. And that’s annoying. And I slot and I delete. Yes. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:22:43] Because no yeah I don’t. Yeah. And also trying to tell us that you’re the biggest thing the city has ever seen is not going to move us either.

Fresh Knight [00:22:51] I because you know, how many times a week I.

Confucius Jones [00:22:53] Hear that say I get that at least once or twice a week.

Fresh Knight [00:22:55] I mean, I.

Confucius Jones [00:22:56] And like I said, it’s not to deter anybody. I like submissions I to submissions. And I will say the most unfortunate part is a lot of the submissions I get that are, you know, sent in well, or they follow the instructions we have on the breaks Gmail, I mean, from out of town. And it’s very disheartening because it’s like, damn, I really want to like push this. And, you know, but they don’t live here. Like there’s one guy, man. I put him into a playlist one week. We played in one time all the way in Florida. That’s like, I can’t I even, you know, wrote it back. I said, you ever gonna come to Austin sometime? He’s like, well, you know, I don’t have any money. And I want to make it for South By, but I don’t know, I’m like, I.

Fresh Knight [00:23:31] I mean, I applaud the effort. Like you said, we did hear it and we did play it on our playlist, so I applaud that. But yeah, I do. I look at submissions a lot of times the most professional, structured emails are people who are not from here or people who have a publicist or work or are paying a publicist agency, a PR agency that is sending out the music for them. Yeah. Like, you know, I don’t expect every artist here in the city of Austin to have a publicist or be working with a publicist, but man, you can construct the email properly. There is a way to do that is templates.

Fresh Knight [00:24:08] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:24:09] Oh, well that’s all. That’s all. I’m asking for a little professional decorum and like, make sure your, your song file, you send the song file one and make sure it’s named properly, meaning make sure the right.

Confucius Jones [00:24:23] If I get volume two. Master your man name, make.

Fresh Knight [00:24:25] Sure that artist name, the right artist name is on there and the correct song title, because whoever name is on that file or whatever the name of that song. You. That’s how we putting it down, bruh. Yeah, boy. And then how we going to read it on air that part.

Confucius Jones [00:24:38] But I mean keep sending ma’am just once again make sure the approach is professional because we’re always going be professional with you. So we ask you do the same.

Fresh Knight [00:24:50] Stick around for more after this quick break.

Confucius Jones [00:25:00] Hip hop facts. Time.

Fresh Knight [00:25:01] Hip hop facts, man.

Confucius Jones [00:25:02] All right, you want to go first? Let me go first.

Fresh Knight [00:25:05] You go first.

Confucius Jones [00:25:06] Elgin, genuine is really.

Fresh Knight [00:25:09] I had to remember. Realize what you talking?

Confucius Jones [00:25:11] Urgently rename was Elgin Lumpkin, named after Elgin Baylor, the famous L.A. Laker, according to Gilbert Arenas. Did you? I got your hands. So apparently he said give arena said he and some other NBA players with a club one night. And Ginuwine was in there and Ginuwine was buying bottles for a different section just to show respect, like, hey, you know that bottle? Obviously the bottle over there. He said he sent a bottle to an NBA player who remains nameless and NBA player took offense to it and kind of was, you know, like making gestures of genuine, genuine, kind made gestures better. Yo bro. Like what’s up? And they said, Ginuwine. I walked over there getting ready to say he couldn’t hear what’s being said. But next thing you know Ginuwine.

Fresh Knight [00:25:49] What do you say? Clearly something was say it and he.

Confucius Jones [00:25:52] Popped him in the face.

Fresh Knight [00:25:54] 8250 right?

Confucius Jones [00:25:56] So I mean, I didn’t I said, don’t let the dancing and singing fool you.

Fresh Knight [00:25:59] That’s all.

Fresh Knight [00:26:01] People did not follow from the DMV area. Well, all of them quoted him saying hey yo, he from PG County, man, we all play about it. I your man, he said. And I said the same thing you said. Don’t let the dancing and singing fool you make fun and then you want to been around some people.

Fresh Knight [00:26:15] Yeah, man.

Confucius Jones [00:26:17] Hey, man, you know, I said, man, look.

Fresh Knight [00:26:18] He’s.

Fresh Knight [00:26:18] Not from a he from on. He not from a nice part of PG County. Man there.

Confucius Jones [00:26:23] Maryland man popped him in the face. Man at me like that, man.

Fresh Knight [00:26:29] All right. Me I spilled this Roswell. This man’s name all wrong. Well, first fact is. Charlie Wilson. Some people say I’ll call him Uncle Charlie. Charlie Wilson. Charlie wasn’t the frontman of the band yet. Band album says that Bobby Brown’s hit single I wanna Rock with you was originally written for him.

Confucius Jones [00:26:54] Yeah. By Babyface.

Fresh Knight [00:26:55] Yeah, he said Babyface wrote.

Confucius Jones [00:26:57] A rewrite to the shopping song.

Fresh Knight [00:26:58] Right?

Fresh Knight [00:27:00] He said baby baby was written by Babyface. But he said when he originally heard it, it didn’t sound away that it ended up sounding with Bobby Brown.

Confucius Jones [00:27:09] I could.

Fresh Knight [00:27:09] See that. Which I like it. Like, he was like, I can see it in. And I would imagine he did, because Bobby Brown and Charlie Wilson are two different types, two different types of singers and styles of singing. So I would imagine you would have to tailor it to who is going to sing the song. Yeah, but Charlie Wilson said it. He didn’t necessarily turn the song down. I guess, like you said, Larry was just out there shopping songs, and I guess Louis went back to Babyface saying he like, yeah, he didn’t. He didn’t like the song. He didn’t want the song. So Charlie Wilson tha they called the riff between the Babyface for like 25 years. He said he saw Babyface, that Babyface would talk to him and he figured it was good because of that. So but now him and Babyface are cool and I think they finally had the understanding they like, oh no man, I heard the song. I just never got a chance to respond and say it like I wanted to, because Charlie was like, I like the song. It would have been a good song. I just didn’t get a chance to, like, actually respond and say that I wanted the song. So like, yeah, I wonder what it would have sounded like with Charlie Wilson or what that version sounded like.

Confucius Jones [00:28:16] I think that one, they were still in the mid to late 80s. Gabby was still kind of and.

Fresh Knight [00:28:21] It was just they were still doing pushing their music.

Confucius Jones [00:28:23] I don’t know what Charlie Wilson’s, drug addiction kicked in though. I know he talks in depth about that. So I’m saying, Jim, maybe I don’t know if he’s if at that time was using right mental status.

Fresh Knight [00:28:32] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:28:34] I’m sorry. By Bragg. You did stopping.

Fresh Knight [00:28:35] You top job. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:28:37] Don’t be cool.

Fresh Knight [00:28:38] He didn’t. He didn’t say Bobby Brown didn’t do a great job.

Confucius Jones [00:28:40] Bobby Crew was one of the greatest on behalf of the world. When Whitney Houston ran around. Height of her mind talking about he was the king of R&B, I didn’t argue. I said right there, you know. Have you heard? Don’t be cruel.

Fresh Knight [00:28:52] And my art was agree strongly as well.

Confucius Jones [00:28:54] Amen.

Fresh Knight [00:28:54] Look.

Confucius Jones [00:28:55] Who was that sick with?

Fresh Knight [00:28:56] Roxanne Blunt with Jamie Foxx. On my knees.

Fresh Knight [00:29:01] Right.

Confucius Jones [00:29:03] My second fact, Devin Sauer. You know that. He’s. He’s an actor. He was in Founders Nation. The first one. The main character.

Fresh Knight [00:29:11] Oh, yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:29:12] So apparently Doctor Dre was a huge fan of that movie, right? Which is why Devin Soule ended up being the main character in the Stan video for Eminem.

Fresh Knight [00:29:19] Okay, okay, okay. That’s what’s up. That’s what’s up. I didn’t know his name was Devin Soule, or I did and didn’t realize it, but.

Confucius Jones [00:29:26] I know now because I wrote it down. But if you ask me, we got a who?

Fresh Knight [00:29:30] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:29:30] Idle hands, which I like. I like idle hands, like Jessica Alba.

Confucius Jones [00:29:34] Like her first big movie. And, Seth Green, who’s in a lot more stuff that we realized. Yes.

Fresh Knight [00:29:39] Yes, he was around a lot.

Confucius Jones [00:29:42] I mean, people stand by me. That’s the first thing I remember with me. What? What do you. That. He was in it, right? Yeah. The first the one that came on TV. He was on that. He was in it. Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:29:52] Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I remember.

Confucius Jones [00:29:54] He said great, but a lot of stuff. Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:29:56] Even like it was just around in a lot of places. Man.

Confucius Jones [00:29:59] He shot Devil Sound, man. He was in stabbing.

Fresh Knight [00:30:01] You never thought I was going to go on.

Fresh Knight [00:30:03] And where my next fight involves Tupac, the late, great Tupac. I saw an old interview with him in, Bill Bellamy and Bill Bellamy asked him, like, how did, like, his first shows go? Like, how did you adjust to, like, doing shows like some of your first shows? And Tupac was like you talking about with Digital Underground or my first show solo was because Tupac was like Digital Underground. They were fun. You know, we did a lot of stuff that you can’t do even at this point in the night. He was like, we did a lot of stuff on stage that you can’t do right now. And I was like, you definitely do a lot of stuff they was doing on stage today.

Confucius Jones [00:30:38] You know?

Fresh Knight [00:30:38] But he was like his first set of solo shows as a solo artist. You know, his first real big show. He tried to like, you know, be bragging and boast about it. And he’s like, I invited Janet Jackson out. So I took this as this was when they were shooting Poetic Justice.

Confucius Jones [00:30:54] You know.

Fresh Knight [00:30:55] Black. And he was like, this is before, like, keep your head up. And I get around, like, really took off. Like, I invited Jan and I thought it was going to be out there. Like, she got really like she got, like she going to enjoy the show. And he was like, with five people in the crowd. He said his first big solo show, it was five people in the audience. And he was like, Janet was there looking around and she just left. Then he’s like, a month later is when the songs hit, like, I Get around and Keep Your Head Up. And that’s when he really took off.

Confucius Jones [00:31:26] They’d be like, that, man. I remember, bumby told a story some like of the Pepsi when they first came out. You’d be gay. And they were like, yeah, we just signed. We’re about to go back and take some do the show. This was like 20.

Fresh Knight [00:31:36] People did it. Never mind. Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:31:41] So my last fact is, Austin based friend of the show may lack.

Confucius Jones [00:31:46] Had to me.

Fresh Knight [00:31:46] Latin great singer, I believe. At one point her manager was down with score more. Yeah, let’s go more. Started here in Austin before she was a singer. I think me a lot has a years, a little mixed up, but that’s not for me to really to judge or decide. Before she was a singer. May. Lastly, she was running social media for Score More. And then she decided to start singing around 2012. Then she’s where she is now.

Confucius Jones [00:32:16] Great factory that’s not been out.

Fresh Knight [00:32:18] Yeah, that was a lot. I’m sorry. I was like, you should. I should have let you go.

Confucius Jones [00:32:21] That I should have told you what the score was. We can set that up.

Fresh Knight [00:32:23] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:32:26] That’s the day I told everybody was. I made it. And had I had it take me on, I would have been mad at you.

Fresh Knight [00:32:31] What? That’s wild.

Confucius Jones [00:32:35] My only killer, Mike, snores. I was behind him at the Wendy’s on sixth Street. Once it’s out by. You know, I told him I liked that Cupid freestyle. He was like, oh, wow. Because I could probably, like, I didn’t even do that freestyle.

Fresh Knight [00:32:43] Like, I do.

Confucius Jones [00:32:45] A great freestyle.

Fresh Knight [00:32:46] I’m digging into crates. I’m a listener.

Confucius Jones [00:32:48] List. Amen. Like I’ve been. I have some grind time. Reb gang gang gang gang.

Fresh Knight [00:32:53] Yeah, I mean grind town gang. Bang bang bang.

Fresh Knight [00:32:56] Red.

Confucius Jones [00:32:58] What you doing? When they was right, I put ribbon, but that’s a whole other story. She was on that album a lot. Yeah, I forget what it’s covered. But anyway.

Fresh Knight [00:33:07] Yeah. When did he.

Confucius Jones [00:33:08] What did he rebel a bad.

Fresh Knight [00:33:11] But.

Confucius Jones [00:33:11] Yeah. Hip hop.

Fresh Knight [00:33:12] That was all the hip hop facts.

Confucius Jones [00:33:14] Unpopular opinion time with fresh himself.

Fresh Knight [00:33:17] So. Unpopular opinion, man. This was inspired by a movie I watched this past week.

Confucius Jones [00:33:24] What movie?

Fresh Knight [00:33:25] Die. The Austin area rapper died. Sent me a clip of a movie called havoc. Came out 2005. It stars Anne Hathaway. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Confucius Jones [00:33:39] He’s been a lot of stuff to.

Fresh Knight [00:33:40] Channing Tatum, some stuff that you don’t need to mention, like this movie. And, Mike Vogel. It’s about these suburban L.A. kids coming from well-to-do, rather rich families, and they just get bored with their teenage life and start to engulf themselves into the street life of East L.A.. And it’s a it’s the a rather unknown independent film. In the clip I saw. They had the whole lingo, I guess, what they would call a quote unquote urban lingo. You know, they were wearing the baggy clothes, sagging their pants and all of it. It was hilarious. When I saw the clip. I was like, yo, what is that like? Is that Channing Tatum? Is that Anne Hathaway? I was like, oh, I gotta watch this. Early in the movie, Anne Hathaway saying in word from saying in two parts, how do you want it? She said it twice. I was like, hey, yo, what is this? Then I realized it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt with this horrible voice that he was using in oh my God. Channing Tatum barely had Aladdin, and you only had like, maybe three lines in the entire movie in the collective, probably like ten minutes on screen. But it was crazy and it got me thinking about something later on in the movie. And Hathaway is engulfed with this East L.A. Hispanic gang right now, 16th Street. And she’s in this hotel, this motel room with them. And I don’t know if they were playing Yahtzee, shooting dice or what.

Fresh Knight [00:35:16] They had a.

Fresh Knight [00:35:17] Cup and like seven dice, and I was like, they playing Yahtzee? I had the Waze character I was off at, like, you know, how do we be down with the crew? How do we be down with your crew out of you? How do we do this? And. The do tell a will know how to do it the way that all the women that you see here like get down with it. And it was a sexual act. It was a sexual act. We’ll get into details about it when they go into the room.

Confucius Jones [00:35:43] That’s what you start with the date.

Fresh Knight [00:35:46] They go into the room and then whatever transpire, everything that transpires transpires. And you do.

Confucius Jones [00:35:52] See a popular opinion.

Fresh Knight [00:35:54] I’m getting to it to do tells the news.

Confucius Jones [00:35:57] Trailer.

Fresh Knight [00:35:57] And to do to Anne Hathaway’s character is I don’t know where you belong, but it’s not here. Like whatever it is that you think you got, you don’t like, you don’t have it and you don’t really have real. You got everything that you think this is from music and from TV.

Confucius Jones [00:36:13] I have to say The Last Dance.

Fresh Knight [00:36:15] And then I got it. And that’s what inspired my unpopular opinion that music and film does, in fact, influence someone’s. Mindstate in everyday life and how they live their life. I’m not saying it inspires every single person that listens to a rap song or a country song, or sees an action packed movie, and they can go out and be terminated. I’m not saying it. I’m not saying that every single person who sits down to play GTA v, they can live the life of GTA, but. However, there are some people. Who see that, who hear the music, who see the movies, who play the video games and think, I could do that. Let’s see. Real fun. And that’s all that they thinking it is, is fun and that they see that. And so I could go out, do that and then don’t ever really be happening. And then like in the movie, they end up in a very real situation where there are very real consequences. Like she ended up being arrested for crack, like being out running around with little 16th Street Gangster and being locked up and her parents being infuriated. And like I say, she came from these very well-to-do home and everybody was trying to figure out like, why are you doing this? Another part of the movie was it was this other character, and he was kind of making a documentary. Well, I think like a class or something. And he was filming all of these and. When Channing Tatum juggles character Mike Vogel’s character, find out what happened to a head that was kicked in a frantic little motel room. Do they want to be big gangsters and grab guns? And Eddie going looking for these East L.A. gangbangers? And that’s what’s started really getting real. And like I said, it got me thinking. You see on internet about all of these kids who come from suburbia and they come from these world to do two parent income households living a nice life. But for some reason they are fascinated with and want to live this life of someone who comes from a not so great area or a not so great side of town, that people that come from living in housing projects and from low income side of town, and people who live a street life not because they thought it’s cool, but because it’s out of a necessity. Because and this is how I eat. I didn’t chew and wake up one day just say, oh man, I had to be. I had to be a drug dealer. This is something that was thrusted upon them in a circumstance they call for. Or they at least Dean call for it. And you have these kids who listen to the rap music and who watch these movies, listen to.

Confucius Jones [00:38:59] The rap.

Fresh Knight [00:38:59] Music and indie and know how they sound. But you have these kids who listen to the music and watch the movies and think that, like that, life is so engulfing and cool to be a part of and then try to be a part of it all up until something real transpires. And now they don’t want to be a part, and now they realize they don’t want to be a part of that. But at the end of the day, they get to run back to their regular life that they was living like nothing ever happened. Like, you spoke about Miley Cyrus and a lot of white artists, they stand next to the rappers. They want to do all the rap rap artist things. They want to wear all the jewelry. They want to stand in the video, they want to work with the rap producers. But as soon as something gets too real or the album didn’t sell the way they want it to sell, or they start being looked at a certain way, they run away from it and they go right back to being whatever it was they were before. We’ve seen it with Miley Cyrus, we’ve seen it with Post Malone saying, if you really want to feel something, don’t listen to rap music. You got to listen to somebody like Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan’s great, but don’t tell me rap music doesn’t invoke any type of feeling. We’ve seen Justin Bieber do it. He wouldn’t hang around twist no more. Twist got arrested and beat up the.

Fresh Knight [00:40:14] Audience starts with it.

Fresh Knight [00:40:18] But you see it happen in real life. And you see these kids from suburbia and not just white kids as Black kids and Hispanic kids. They grow up in very well to do neighborhoods, but they all of a sudden get engulfed in think that this lifestyle, this certain lifestyle is so fun and, you know, I’m bored over here. I’ma go over here and slum it, or I’m like, I could be a gangster. I can be out there in the streets. And you go out there playing in the streets, they going to play right back with you. And you’re not going to like the way that the game goes. But they have the privilege of being able to run back to this nice, safe suburban neighborhood. In his mind. Part of the p. Washed our rambling.

Confucius Jones [00:41:07] I live for it. I think if you watch a movie or listen to a song and influence you to make bad decisions, you’re a straight up idiot.

Fresh Knight [00:41:20] I don’t disagree, but it happens.

Confucius Jones [00:41:22] I think people just need to take responsibility. I did it cause I wanted to. I don’t think it influenced people as much as people think. I just think that when it does happen, it’s so extreme. Then it becomes like this singular thing. I’m always careful to say stuff like that, but then you start saying like, see the laws, Tucker.

Fresh Knight [00:41:37] And like.

Confucius Jones [00:41:39] You know, like rap music is destroying the youth.

Fresh Knight [00:41:42] I don’t think rap music.

Confucius Jones [00:41:43] Got about Elvis Presley shaking his hands was destroying the youth.

Fresh Knight [00:41:46] Wow.

Fresh Knight [00:41:46] So I don’t think that. If you know me, you know I don’t have fur. I’m one of the furthest ones from believing that rap music is destroying the youth. I do, however, think that certain people like you say, yeah, they hear and they are idiots and won’t admit that they’re idiots, but I think they listen to it and think they like this lifestyle seem so enticing that I could do that, man. I could go out there and beat it and it won’t. Nothing ever happened. And then something ends up happening. And now you got to deal with those consequences.

Confucius Jones [00:42:19] When it influences something good. People kind of brush it under the rug when it’s bad. It’s this other thing, and I. I kind of put it into the same category of when people say that, oh, rap artist rapping about violence is shows their character. Like, I know a lot of older people think that Black or white, whatever.

Fresh Knight [00:42:37] I’m sure I know some.

Confucius Jones [00:42:39] But nobody says Denzel is being ultra violent. He’s made three equal out of movies, and he killed 100 people in the last one. That’s very violently. Yeah, that was very bad. I liked movie very bad. But, I just don’t like the argument that it influenced me. I’m not saying you’re saying that, but I know people who really, like, lean into that. Like, especially me as a DJ, places where they’re like, hey, man, you got to be careful playing song to talk about killing us that N-word, because it makes Black people get, you know, violent.

Fresh Knight [00:43:05] Like what? Racist?

Confucius Jones [00:43:06] Yes. Very racist.

Fresh Knight [00:43:07] That’s racist.

Confucius Jones [00:43:09] And so I’m always like, man, I’ve been so many plays and seen fights break out to whatever kind of music. And it’s funny that people always equate violence to rap music when there’s so much footage of rock fest and just people losing their minds. But yeah, I don’t, I don’t know, I just feel like people who watch that kind of stuff are getting influenced by we’re going to get it. They were just looking for a reason. They were going to do it anyway.

Fresh Knight [00:43:31] I can agree with that. I, I just don’t discount the influence that that was something that they saw in whether they were going to do it or not. They saw that any kind of help pushed him toward making that final decision or whatever.

Confucius Jones [00:43:44] Idiots. So.

Fresh Knight [00:43:47] And now let’s get informed on the current events of the week. Here is confusion. Reads the.

Confucius Jones [00:43:57] News. News time. Yes, yes, yes. I was looking at the news this morning. It helped me avoid traffic. Going somewhere this morning.

Fresh Knight [00:44:04] Oh, look at that.

Confucius Jones [00:44:05] People. I don’t know why you watch the news. You’re an idiot.

Fresh Knight [00:44:08] Whether.

Confucius Jones [00:44:10] I enjoy knowing things that are happening. Supreme court is now listening to arguments about Trump’s eligibility on the Colorado ballot because they took him off for inciting an insurrection. So I’m guessing Trump is going into this thinking, you know, I point, I live here, I’m good. But I you know, it’s.

Fresh Knight [00:44:28] Not how it works.

Confucius Jones [00:44:29] Especially when the Supreme Court realizes we’re gonna be here longer.

Fresh Knight [00:44:31] You also we outlive the president.

Confucius Jones [00:44:34] So apparently, Chief Justice Roberts is signaling some skepticism over arguments from Trump’s challengers. Do I think that they will they will uphold Colorado’s decision. No, I think to reverse it partially. I’m on the side of they should only because I’m all for Trump losing the old fashioned way. The way he lost last time just having less votes. So we’ll see how that plays out. Nikki Haley came in last place in the Nevada primary. It’s a nonbinding primary, but the person who won the Republican primary in Nevada was none of these candidates. Well, people selected that did. They did Nikki Haley. It also didn’t feature President Donald Trump. He wasn’t on that ballot.

Fresh Knight [00:45:13] Wait wait.

Fresh Knight [00:45:14] Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

Fresh Knight [00:45:15] Wait wait. They select all of those people selected none of these candidates.

Fresh Knight [00:45:21] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:45:23] Basically, Trump wasn’t ordinary. Trump was kind of his bypass. You know, like that. I understand why there’s no book. It’s not a binding primary. Who cares? Nikki Haley was on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. Now, you don’t say that tonight. But one last, she opened the, opening. No, she did the cold open. That’s what I call it. Cold. They were mimicking a town hall with her asking Trump questions. Not a fan of that. I’m trying to normalize. I understand said our lives, things like we always dive into politics. But I tried that when Trump was running in the. You end up regretting it. So I’m a fan of keeping certain people away from. Big platforms, but they go off. Do you, do you? Speaking of things that shouldn’t happen. Coke has a new flavor.

Fresh Knight [00:46:06] Again?

Confucius Jones [00:46:07] Yes. Coat spice. Zero sugar raspberry.

Fresh Knight [00:46:10] Look at me. They come out every other six months with a zero sugar, zero calorie diet drink.

Confucius Jones [00:46:16] Yeah, it, it’s trying to appeal to younger drinkers. What I say, and I’ve been saying it for years. We’re going to realize in like 50 years that soda’s probably one of the leading cause of cancer, because there’s no healthy qualities about soda in any way, shape or form. The same way people thought cigarets were cool back in the 50s. They realized, wait a minute. So a lot of cancer going around here. These kill from my my lung. So Black. Oh, that’s going to be sold at some point. So I think Coke knows that like this is really first of all, let’s just be honest here people. If you think Coke is any part healthy, you’re just clearly delusional. Hot Coke can take the corrosion of a battery, a car battery. So what’s that? What is inside your body? What you think it’s doing? So I think Coke try to realize like, yeah, we’re going to end up losing the youth at some point. Let’s make a new hip flavor. Because lord knows when you’re thirsty you ask yourself, Does Coke everything new out?

Fresh Knight [00:47:09] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:47:09] No coke in a smile. Marketing campaign. Bingo.

Confucius Jones [00:47:12] Bingo. Say, man, you came in the time when we had to invent a machine with the big buttons on it. We’re like somebody said when you came out of the machine, it’s not like it was shooting at you. So.

Fresh Knight [00:47:21] Du du du.

Confucius Jones [00:47:21] Du du du du du du. Like hot.

Fresh Knight [00:47:22] Dog.

Confucius Jones [00:47:23] Where’s the soda? Coming out.

Fresh Knight [00:47:24] Somebody shooting it. Reload! No!

Fresh Knight [00:47:26] You okay?

Confucius Jones [00:47:28] Oh. This one. All this for a soda? And anytime I go to the vending machines, I never saw all the new options. Like, now I’m going to have to be great, bro. I’m not having anything.

Fresh Knight [00:47:36] I’m here for what? I know.

Fresh Knight [00:47:38] Jimbo doesn’t.

Confucius Jones [00:47:39] So good luck on that one. Coke. I’m all for it, man.

Fresh Knight [00:47:41] I mean, I guess, but like I said, every six months they come out with something with zero sugar or zero calories or. No, no like they are. They got this just like a new Diet Coke. They got like eight of those.

Confucius Jones [00:47:52] Oh, what was that? Was the new Coke they dropped. What was that? Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:47:56] New girl, like New Coke. And it was like, that was like zero sugar. Oh, like half a half the calories in, like, bro, is this. Yeah. I was just taking Diet Coke and just put a different label.

Confucius Jones [00:48:05] Oh, it’s like when they do, some cigarets. The supposed to be, like, healthier, not menthols. It’s.

Fresh Knight [00:48:11] I have no idea which is on a cigaret.

Confucius Jones [00:48:13] I forgot what it’s called me because I don’t smoke cigarets, obviously, but it’s something they try to advertise. Like it’s healthier, like bro. Still cigarets.

Fresh Knight [00:48:18] The cigarets. Right?

Confucius Jones [00:48:19] I know people who have, like, issues with their sugar that they can’t say no to soda. Sorry, blue. I got zero sugar Coke. I’m like, just don’t drink soda. Yeah, like, how about you just stop doing that?

Fresh Knight [00:48:30] It is an addiction. Caffeine is a drug is an addiction.

Confucius Jones [00:48:33] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:48:33] Yeah, I know some people that have been fighting it and finally, you know, able to like I’m cool, man. I don’t really need a soda. You take a while, you drink it every day.

Confucius Jones [00:48:44] This is the only time I try to bring them this person, but they just an idiot. So I’ve got to dive into it.

Fresh Knight [00:48:48] Christian rock. Oh my God.

Fresh Knight [00:48:51] I have every iteration of her name muted on Twitter.

Confucius Jones [00:48:55] Same, same. It’s not even close. Like hashtags. Name everything.

Fresh Knight [00:48:59] Yeah, I don’t want your name spelled together. Name cell spirit I got Sean and Chris muted I don’t want to see none of that.

Confucius Jones [00:49:05] But I got to get into Amanda’s news. So recently she was on Instagram lavish. She said that the Palestinians are going to what they’re going through because they don’t believe in Jesus. So that’s why it’s happening, right? Like all of them people bowing down with their carpets that’s on the floor. They’re praying down to God. They said to worship his son, to accept his son first, and then they making big palaces out of it, like they really standing and sticking behind it like they made laws about their religion. She also added, Where Jesus was born, that they over there believe in something that totally have nothing to do with them because I seen videos where they pray that there’s cockroaches and infested with what is God trying to tell us?

Fresh Knight [00:49:41] oh. My goodness.

Confucius Jones [00:49:43] I’m sorry bro. I mean, you did. I get it two weeks in a row. I’m gonna get this off.

Fresh Knight [00:49:49] You’re an idiot. That’s fair. That is fair.

Confucius Jones [00:49:50] She’s an idiot. Whatever side you on with this Israel and Palestine conflict. Please, God, don’t ask for anything else.

Fresh Knight [00:49:58] I knew she wasn’t bright.

Confucius Jones [00:50:00] I mean, she has a whole man’s face tattooed on her.

Fresh Knight [00:50:02] Cheek, but I didn’t know that she was the dullest highlighter in the box. Like the dried, the the most dried up doll.

Confucius Jones [00:50:11] You don’t have to show up his knife to draw. She’s the spoon. Like it’s like that goes to the candlestick. When that Dave Chappelle famously said about you, I rule 911. Who gives a F what Keyshawn thinks? Why y’all ask her about anything?

Fresh Knight [00:50:26] Why do I care what she thinks about the Palestine, Palestinian and Israeli?

Confucius Jones [00:50:31] I wouldn’t ask for directions up the street, let alone about a conflict in the Middle East. Are you.

Fresh Knight [00:50:35] Crazy? How to make Kool-Aid?

Confucius Jones [00:50:39] They don’t worship you. You know, if you want a good biblical, you don’t get tattoos, right? Especially if somebody’s face on your cheek and on your throat. Man, don’t get me started.

Fresh Knight [00:50:47] You don’t get biblical, you know? You know, no Islamic people believe in Jesus, too, right? You know, he mentioned in the garage.

Confucius Jones [00:50:54] More than he is.

Fresh Knight [00:50:55] But like.

Confucius Jones [00:50:57] Man, don’t get me started.

Fresh Knight [00:50:58] Oh my goodness.

Confucius Jones [00:50:59] Idiot. Speaking of people who don’t seem to be that smart, the Republicans, you know, this whole thing I talked about this last week, the border crisis. They originally submitted a proposal that Biden eventually got behind one of the most far right border proposals in recent history. Biden got behind it super strict. But what ended up happening was. Donald Trump got wind of this and told Republicans shut that down because I’m not trying to have this bad get a wind when I’m trying to run for reelection. So some Republicans torched their own bill when it came time to vote for it.

Fresh Knight [00:51:35] They are going to get something that they want it. And he said, hey, yo, he can’t get one win while I’m running.

Confucius Jones [00:51:41] Yep.

Fresh Knight [00:51:41] And they put it in the trash can, he said.

Fresh Knight [00:51:45] Yeah. Some dummy Republicans I.

Fresh Knight [00:51:49] Had to win like you had. That’s that’s literally like being on the fast break in a basketball game, having the.

Confucius Jones [00:51:57] Fans go back for three points, having a.

Fresh Knight [00:51:58] Clear break away. Dougie, I was saying no, no no no no no, back up, back up, back up to the three. Back up to half court.

Confucius Jones [00:52:03] And you go and you go back to the three point line of defense. Had now has time to get back in center Steph Curry.

Fresh Knight [00:52:07] Steph Curry it.

Confucius Jones [00:52:10] Yes. And it basically says what happened is what’s funny is in my opinion Biden gets a win no matter what. Because if you torpedo it which they did, then back and say look I, I get this, I was out before. Y’all have been on my butt about the border foot since I got here. And I’m giving y’all and in and saying, okay, look, I’ll blast what you’re asking for. But then I shut it down. But I also had they pass it through. He can say, well, look, I didn’t. I’m strictly on the border anybody’s ever been. I can use this against me. But, you know, like I said, the GOP is so loyal to Trump is it’s. Yeah, it’s funny because there was, Senator Lankford on the House floor said it. He said, we can not do this because if Biden would get a win, he said verbatim.

Fresh Knight [00:52:47] So see, that’s where loyalty is detrimental. Yeah. That’s when loyalty being so loyal to somebody is just detrimental. You had to win. And like you said, nobody can say, oh, well I was there, I was I was for it. I was going to sign it. We was there we you y’all had to win. And then y’all y’all torched you.

Confucius Jones [00:53:07] Also, the Republicans were trying to impeach the guy that’s over the border Patrol. I forgot his name. I forgot the name of the title, too. That’s my fault. I should look that up. But they were planning to impeach him because they expected that Democrats would have all the votes to block him. But the one vote Democrats needed Senator Al Green from Texas, who was having surgery that day, who they thought would not be there. They wheelchair his ass right on in there. Take that vote.

Fresh Knight [00:53:30] Stealing no show to.

Confucius Jones [00:53:33] That that.

Fresh Knight [00:53:34] Every no I know, man.

Confucius Jones [00:53:36] But, yeah, they with him in there. He was able take the vote. Mike Johnson, the speaker of the House, said, you know, we just anticipate that all the Democrats would be there, which in turn, Hakeem Jeffries, who the Senate minority leader, say it ain’t no job to be there, not to say no injury report. Would you like to.

Fresh Knight [00:53:51] See us when.

Confucius Jones [00:53:52] You got there? You going to be there.

Fresh Knight [00:53:54] Saying, quote, we ain’t got to tell you what witness is going.

Fresh Knight [00:53:56] To be. Exactly.

Confucius Jones [00:53:57] So that impeachment didn’t go through because Republicans can’t get they still get Nancy Pelosi got on TV and said, don’t be on the floor if you ain’t got the votes. That’s how this work.

Fresh Knight [00:54:04] Is.

Confucius Jones [00:54:04] Not seen. Schoolhouse Rock.

Fresh Knight [00:54:07] Let.

Fresh Knight [00:54:07] People have it.

Confucius Jones [00:54:08] Yeah. And then finally, Mo’Nique was on stage with Shannon Sharpe.

Fresh Knight [00:54:11] I didn’t even change the name.

Confucius Jones [00:54:13] Yeah, it’s weird, but it wasn’t as controversial as people made it out to be. A lot of stuff she said she’d already said before calling out Tyler Perry for messing up career and her grievances with Oprah. I agree with you on the sense of over bring it. You bring it on. My brother, who? You know, there’s some things to me as a child. I don’t think that’s cool. And then you bring my mom and dad on there, like, come on, you do a lot over that. Tyler Perry’s never been the allegations. But yeah, you know, I understand Monique’s point of view more so now than I did in the past, saying I do think, like, she still had issues with D.L. Hughley did that. You know, she was supposed be the headliner here, the headliner, whatever. I just don’t agree with that because she brought his child, you know, to drag my family to come wherever you want to be. You got it.

Fresh Knight [00:54:54] You know, this don’t have nothing to do with them.

Confucius Jones [00:54:55] You know, try to use my child’s trauma as a way that.

Fresh Knight [00:54:58] Yeah, that was me. That was low.

Confucius Jones [00:55:00] But I’m a fan of hers, and I understand she’s coming from what her point of view? The Janet shop is actually a really good interviewer. Charlamagne to God also apologize Mo’Nique for give a Donkey’s day years ago saying he’d fully understand the situation, but it was good interview. Like I said, I was begging people give him credit for that. He had a country accent that he can’t interview, but he’s he’s better than DJ envy.

Fresh Knight [00:55:19] Like you say on it. I understand Monique’s point of view more now than before, and I do a lot of I do think, like she said, only a lot of people just looked at it like, yeah, this is a great message and a great sentiment that you pushing, but we just don’t want to hear from you. Yeah. And I think that’s just really what it is, is sometimes you just don’t want to hear something from certain people and. What can you do? Right?

Confucius Jones [00:55:41] And when he has a, you know, flowers and everything. But you know it was good interview. I appreciate it and it changes job because everybody thought, oh well you can’t say that. No, my friends, you go, there you go. We get it, chance. You know people I’m trying to he just she’s like, you should get over a Tyler Perry on. He said I know Monet not coming over here. See daddy, come right here, bro.

Fresh Knight [00:56:00] Definitely.

Confucius Jones [00:56:01] No, you maybe get Tyler, but.

Fresh Knight [00:56:04] Even a maybe.

Confucius Jones [00:56:04] Well, Kevin, I got him. Kevin. How can it be for Jake?

Fresh Knight [00:56:07] Well, Kevin Hart doesn’t have anybody else coming on a disparaging here.

Fresh Knight [00:56:11] So big facts.

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