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November 27, 2023

Diddy, the Grammys, and Andre’s New Groove

By: Jack Anderson

Between P. Diddy’s salacious allegations, rumors about next year’s Grammy Awards, and of course, Andre 3000’s boldly bizarre return, there’s a lot to cover this week on The Breaks! Hear all that on top of Confucius Reads the News and Hip-Hop Facts on the latest episode.

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Confucius Jones [00:01:20] Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, Sean Combs.

Fresh Knight [00:01:23] And he had an interesting weekend.

Confucius Jones [00:01:26] For those of you that don’t know Puff Daddy, AK PD, AK Daddy, AK Brother Love is one of the probably more popular music moguls of the last, I’ll say, 30 plus years. An important pillar in hip hop community culture, he discovered Notorious B.I.G. Was seminal in the rise of Mary J. Blige as some considered one of the greatest singers of all time. It’s through him that you see the rise of hip hop becoming this billion dollar industry. Yes, this huge, extravagant videos he’s made a lot of money selling vodka.

Fresh Knight [00:02:01] Tequila, DeLeon Tequila he no longer owned.

Confucius Jones [00:02:04] Was on pace to become the first hip hop billionaire, but got passed on by Jay-Z.

Fresh Knight [00:02:08] And Dr. Dre.

Confucius Jones [00:02:09] I don’t think after his being there.

Fresh Knight [00:02:11] I not the whole one of them Apple deals.

Confucius Jones [00:02:14] Yeah, it was and then this is so off topic. If you watch the divide, what explains this? It might have would have made him one. But Tyrese s got to runnin his mouth and.

Fresh Knight [00:02:22] You right.

Confucius Jones [00:02:22] The drop the price.

Fresh Knight [00:02:23] You Right.You Right.

Confucius Jones [00:02:24] So he I think is like really 800. It’s the wildest hip hop. You know, Dre would have been a billionaire if Tyrese shut up. But so, yeah, that’s who Puffy is. If you didn’t know who he was. They say he’s produced a lot of great stuff. You know, done a lot of important things in hip hop and music in general. The man was probably on pace to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Fresh Knight [00:02:53] I still think he is.

Confucius Jones [00:02:55] I mean.

Fresh Knight [00:02:56] Considering the people who are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and their history, don’t necessarily think this incident was we were going to flesh out and get into the stops him from that.

Confucius Jones [00:03:05] Throw them all the way. But like I said last week, the lawsuit was brought against him from his former girlfriend.

Fresh Knight [00:03:12] Cassie Ventura. And artists.

Confucius Jones [00:03:13] Yeah, guys have been to her alleging multiple years. Man of abuse.

Fresh Knight [00:03:21] Sexual abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking.

Confucius Jones [00:03:23] Yeah. The court filing was 31 pages.

Fresh Knight [00:03:26] That was 35.

Confucius Jones [00:03:27] 31.

Fresh Knight [00:03:28] Either way, it was over 30 pages.

Confucius Jones [00:03:29] A lot more than more than three paragraphs. Two sentences is a lot. She filed it for $30 million. The case was settled 24 hours later.

Fresh Knight [00:03:38] Like literally 24 hours later.

Confucius Jones [00:03:42] Which is the fastest I’ve ever heard of a civil lawsuit.

Fresh Knight [00:03:44] Man.

Confucius Jones [00:03:45] When the filing happened, Puff at first comment that she had tried in the past to blackmail him and he refused it. And then that’s what led to the court filing. What’s interesting about what had happened was I was prepared for a similar situation to Megan Thee Stallion Tory Lanez where people were split on whose side they were on of. You know, people thought Megan Thee stallion was lying and other people that believe Tory did it. Of course, now Tori’s in prison for doing it. I didn’t see that with Puff.

Fresh Knight [00:04:14] No, not at all.

Confucius Jones [00:04:16] Most people.

Fresh Knight [00:04:17] Lean to.

Confucius Jones [00:04:18] That. He did it. Mainly because I lean on his side. The breadcrumbs are already kind of there.

Fresh Knight [00:04:26] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:04:28] I had people ask me, like, what? What would pose somebody with that much power to do something like that? I said, You answered your question because the powerful men in power tend to want to control everything around them. They believe money can do that for them. So it does lead credence to the fact that he probably did it because, you know, this is a woman that wasCassie extremely beautiful. And I’m pretty sure she had multiple suitors when he won an after and went after.

Fresh Knight [00:04:54] Her.

Confucius Jones [00:04:55] And he wanted to do what he could to just control her best way he could. She alleges like he was given a drugs to keep her her mind going. So he would things would happen to or she wasn’t fully cognizant. Yeah. He would make her sleep with male escorts. There was alleged that there was a time when they had split up and he had forced himself into this, I think a hotel room or how she lived in one of them and forced himself onto her. I don’t care about no money settlements. I don’t care about. No. You know, why did he go to court behind this man? You know how hard it is to come out and say that this man did this to me? Like I said, this man is an important person in this industry.

Fresh Knight [00:05:33] I feel similar. Recently, we’ve heard some women speak out about the sexual harassment they faced within the industry. A lot of spoke about how a unnamed male.

Confucius Jones [00:05:44] Artist who was.

Fresh Knight [00:05:46] Not just they just threw it on Kodak, but never really proven if it was.

Confucius Jones [00:05:50] Just I think it was go to I guess know what I heard.

Fresh Knight [00:05:52] But she spoke about how an unnamed male artist wouldn’t clear a record that he had did along with her if she didn’t give him sex. And in my mind, like you said about Cassie, you know, the courage it takes to speak out against it, because who’s to say that she named them and then she wouldn’t end up being blackballed?

Confucius Jones [00:06:12] Yeah. So which I’m pretty sure she still is. I mean, people are scared of Puff.

Fresh Knight [00:06:16] So imagine that. And then imagine somebody like Cassie saying all of these things that Diddy did and then having the courage to say finally, openly say it.Yo this man raped met? Me? It was man was drugging me or this man like somebody else tried to talk to me and he tried to blow up they car Cause yes people apparently in the in the in the in the documents he blew up, Kid Cudi’s car, allegedly trying.

Confucius Jones [00:06:45] Apparently him and Cassie were dating.

Fresh Knight [00:06:45] Were dating. And so he he attempted to unalive Kid Cudi. It was another.

Confucius Jones [00:06:51] I don;t think he was trying to kill him, I think he was trying to scare him.

Fresh Knight [00:06:52] Like you said, the breadcrumbs were there. Like when this happened, nobody there wasn’t this divisive conversation about, oh, will she could be lying? And I don’t believe he did it. A lot of people were leaning to this idea like, nah, did he did this? And then all of these stories resurfaced about Diddy’s character, about him hanging Wale off a balcony.

Confucius Jones [00:07:13] While I saw this network.

Fresh Knight [00:07:14] Yeah, I saw somebody else. I mean, it it never happened widely, but I can imagine that it happened also.

Confucius Jones [00:07:20] How would you just that something you just admit like, you know, you know Puff hung me over a balcony.Vanilla Ice still says to this day that what happened between him and Suge never happened.

Fresh Knight [00:07:27] So why would you.

Confucius Jones [00:07:29] Would you admit.

Fresh Knight [00:07:29] That?

Confucius Jones [00:07:29] I’m not admitting that either.

Fresh Knight [00:07:31] Well, all of these stories,and instances of like how like Puff’s parties get wild. and they get out of hand. Okay. Like started resurfacing. So it made it really believable. That like yeah this dude is a monster. We can believe that this guy being one of the most powerful people in the music industry, yeah more likely was doing is he more than likely was manipulating this young lady who I think when she was found was only like, what, 19, 20? Yeah, I think when “You and Me” came out

Confucius Jones [00:08:01] Me and You.

Fresh Knight [00:08:02] Me and you came out, she was like like 18, 19 so.

Confucius Jones [00:08:06] Like that you know.

Fresh Knight [00:08:08] So I think most of us saw it is like, yeah, this is very believable. I know way that Puff didn’t do all of this.

Confucius Jones [00:08:16] Of course, it’s alleged and , he has been tried and convicted. But like I said, the bread crumbs are there. You know, 50 Cent who is not the most noble man himself. He’s making jokes about doing stuff like this for years. Of course, audio resurfaced of him saying that he had got Ahold of some explicit pictures of Cassie and told Puff about it Puff’s response was how did you get these and did it in? Now looking back and find out what it was, because apparently he had been he was recording the stuff he was being done to her and using that to blackmail her to stay hip hop itself into a wider scope needs a reckoning.

Fresh Knight [00:08:49] Yes.

Confucius Jones [00:08:50] There’s a lot of stuff that we’ve let slide in the culture.

Fresh Knight [00:08:53] There’s a lot of people who have had these same, if not similar allegations on them that their chickens have yet to come home to roost. And we kind of just like brush it off.

Confucius Jones [00:09:03] Yeah. Even when there’s obviously R Kelly should have been gone a long time ago. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. I’m never going to celebrate any black man going to prison, even if they deserve to be there, because I’m not going to be allowed. Yeah, that’s when he gets up there. They’re what is supposed to be, you know, it is what it is, black men or women going. But R Kelly should have been gone long ago. Afrika Bambaata it came out that he you know, people alleged that he was basically a child molester.

Fresh Knight [00:09:31] And grooming children.

Confucius Jones [00:09:33] Don’t care about accolades. I don’t care about, you know, oh, this person is did this. That’s fine. That’s fine. But that doesn’t negate you from being a horrible person or a monster.

Fresh Knight [00:09:44] I think that raises a question that I’ve yet to ask, but I’ll ask you here with this whole situation with perfect. Does that tarnish the legacy of Bad Boy in general? Like all of the great music that came out of Bad Boy and the things he did at Uptown. Does all of that get tarnished as well? Like, do we just say, of Puff was part of this we throw that away? We’re not listening. We’re not listening to Jodeci no more. We’re not going to listen to Mary J. Blige no more. We’ve worked on it. We now listen to that.

Confucius Jones [00:10:15] This is when separating art from the parts that comes into play. So for me, it’s hard to take away his production. For example, Phil Spector music is still widely revered as this great form of music. Right. Phil Spector is in prison for murdering somebody, right? It’s fair to say I’m not going to stop listening to songs that Phil Spector produced and the fact that he’s a murderer. One of Michael Jackson’s biggest songs.This ain’t best example is You Are Not Alone, which was produced by R Kelly. Mm hmm. A lot of people know that. I don’t think it’s fair to the estate of Notorious B.I.G. To say your music that no longer counts because Puff might be a monster. I got Faith Evans or 112 or Mary J. Blige, because, you know, he produced those first two. But as far as saying I’m not listening No Way Out first album, if I would have, by.

Fresh Knight [00:11:04] Got you.

Confucius Jones [00:11:05] This last album. Nothing I barely listened to it looking at the sales so that’s fine to get rid of that and you know you can’t say there’s nothing there’s nothing wrong to say that. And unfortunately, you know, R Kelly is like someone to get where you need to be. And he’s clearly a monster. His contributions to R&B in the 90s was one of the catalysts for R&B being as big as it was. Like I said, it doesn’t negate him from being a monster. It just unfortunately it’s facts, if had he not been what he was. There’s an argument that R&B wouldn’t have been where it was because he was such a huge star. It just unfortunately, just like I say, he’s a monster. Same thing with Puff. Had Puff not done what he did, hip hop wouldn’t be where it’s at. It just sucks a lot that it has to be on the backs of people who are so horrible.

Fresh Knight [00:11:45] Right?

Confucius Jones [00:11:45] But at the same time, you have to clean house in order to allow people who aren’t like this to keep elevating to the culture.

Fresh Knight [00:11:53] I did actually see somebody ask like, Hey, y’all going to cancel Puffy? I will stop listening to his music, though. Yeah, like you say. Yeah, his albums. I already wasn’t listening to Dirty Money, so there’s nothing for me to not listen to the Dirty Money album like they do like his solo stuff. Yeah, but. And I’m not going to play Cupid by 112, I can’t promise you that.

Confucius Jones [00:12:13] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:12:14] And also, I think like for artists that were on Bad Boy, like, Wow, or Hit Men, I look at it more. So it was like, yeah, Puff is is credited as a producer, but that was the Hit Men like really working the boards and creating the music. And like Puff was in there directing traffic.

Confucius Jones [00:12:31] You take away now from Stevie J and did that because you know Puff didn’t want to Yeah so.

Fresh Knight [00:12:36] Yeah so I’m not going to negate their contribution like they were the ones that physically made the music. So like naw, I think for a while I’ve always, I’ve looked at it more so and yeah, that was D Dot and, Stevie J writing and producing all of that.

Confucius Jones [00:12:51] I don’t want who wants to get to a space where you just like I want to talk about this because the power they had like bro. That’s enabling.

Fresh Knight [00:12:57] Just like Joe Budden did.

Confucius Jones [00:12:58] Which is weird because somebody posts a clip of him at one point in time saying he would call that type of stuff because that was his obligation.

Fresh Knight [00:13:03] He calls it out. On those he doesn’t care for. Like LA Reid. LA reid went on to fire a few years back. Where it’s similar allegations and Joe was on his parking holler in there. It’s not alleged. It’s not alleged. Like if I was at Def Jam when he was there, I was we knew about all of this. Y’all knew, but nobody said nothing.

Confucius Jones [00:13:23] Nobody said nothing.

Fresh Knight [00:13:24] Yeah, I was complacent. And you only saying something because of how you were treated during Larry’s tenure at Def Jam. So now you have. And now you are want to stand tall and stand on business and now ten toes firm on the ground and call out Larry, but not go stand firm with puff. Why? Because your coo you made it his house for some parties. He was on revolt. He gave you a show like now that’s not cool. You talk about his issues and how he treated Mace, but you’re not going to talk about how he truly cares in your pocket talking about your Don’t need me to come up here and tell you all that this is disgusting. Well, no, we don’t. But that’s not what people were looking for you to say. We were looking for you to call this man out who you’ve been up here praising so hard and so much to call. Now call him out on this monsterous activity the same way you did in LA Reid

Confucius Jones [00:14:14] With Joe is not exactly clean himself so he might that’s why you might want to Joe has some allegations against him for multiple women. So. But yeah, man, I’m hoping the best for Cassie going forward.

Fresh Knight [00:14:25] For sure. For sure.

Confucius Jones [00:14:26] She’s moved on with her life. Has two kids. Married?

Fresh Knight [00:14:28] I don’t know. She had to give.

Confucius Jones [00:14:30] Yes, just to him. Is that what Her husband seemed very supportive of him. So, man, you know, shout out to her, man.

Fresh Knight [00:14:35] Yes. Shout out to Cassie

Confucius Jones [00:14:38] The Grammys.

Fresh Knight [00:14:38] The Grammys.

Confucius Jones [00:14:40] Coming up pretty soon, you know. That’s right. An actor strike so we can get back to some, I guess, decent programing. Cause boy without the writers. they were going through it, Y’all had. Nicki Minaj host the VMAS and she’s not a good host.

Fresh Knight [00:14:53] Yeah had no I didn’t watch I.

Confucius Jones [00:14:55] Just I was surprised to be amazed to happen because MTV doesn’t show videos.

Fresh Knight [00:14:58] I was shocked to I be shocked to and it used to be to I they just morphed two of them into one because I used to be video music awards in the video movie awards.

Confucius Jones [00:15:09] They still do movie awards.

Fresh Knight [00:15:09] Do. Yeah so they still to award shows that we had no idea that they put both of them together look like I am out of touch. I don’t know what the kids are doing these days.They still do it.

Confucius Jones [00:15:20] BET still got the BET awards.

Fresh Knight [00:15:21] That. I don’t know thiss Does Nicolodeonstill do the kids choice? I think so. I don’t know what’s going on.

Confucius Jones [00:15:26] I was laughing at what a clip of Katy Perry, gettind slimed they had slimed set to civil rights. And they chose the day, you know, they were trying to kill Katy Perry. She flew off to a podium.

Fresh Knight [00:15:39] Oh, man.

Confucius Jones [00:15:41] But yes, the Grammys are happening. You still on the Grammy board.

Fresh Knight [00:15:44] I ain’t my dues.

Confucius Jones [00:15:45] And I never started paying.

Fresh Knight [00:15:47] Paid my dues, but I was I was in it.

Confucius Jones [00:15:51] And Fader had an interesting article that said rap’s masochistic relationship with the Grammys.

Fresh Knight [00:15:57] I think that’s a great way to put it.

Confucius Jones [00:15:59] I’m a read some quotes from it so you get kind of feeling of this “conventional wisdom dictates that the Grammys are doomed when it comes to rap. But hip hop fans keep tuning in. It’s tempting to chalk up a particular masochistic iteration of Stockholm Syndrome word to Charlie Brown. But hope isn’t totally misplaced. The Grammys can and do get things right. And I don’t just mean picking the nominee. I personally like the best in good years, quote unquote. The logic of picking X over Y for best rap album feels pretty clear cut, even when the Academy skews towards commercial success over artistic merit. Eminem’s Relapse winning Best rap album over Mos Defs the eclectic, the Ecstatic. I’m sorry.

Fresh Knight [00:16:39] That.

Confucius Jones [00:16:40] In 20 and doesn’t reflect my personal hierarchy, but it’s hard to argue with him. In front of 2009 singles, which is true and also says, But those good years are hard to appreciate when the bad year is so egregious. The 2024 Grammys will mark ten years since Macklemore’s infamous sweep at the 2014 ceremony winning Best rap album over Yeezus. Good Kid Mad City. Nothing was the same. And Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Fresh Knight [00:17:03] You know, I’m ashamed of that year.

Confucius Jones [00:17:05] It was pretty.

Fresh Knight [00:17:05] Wild because I was on I was on social media defending it. Looking back on it now. Yeah. I’m sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. Yo.

Confucius Jones [00:17:15] And they say, “And more frightening because the number of democratic overhauls to the Wards nomination battling process this year’s nominees are fairly insipid. It goes on to say that Rob Kenner from Vibe spoke about his experience at the Grammys. He says, I quote, I soon learned another unwritten rule during private conversations with other committee members. Be careful about greenlighting an album by someone who is really famous. If you don’t want to see that album win a Grammy. Because famous people tend to get more votes from Clueless Academy members regardless of the quality of their work. This is especially true in specialized categories like reggae and to a lesser extent, hip hop, where many voting members of the Recording Academy who tend to skew older than the demographic for rap music, may not be well acquainted with the best new releases in any given year.

Fresh Knight [00:17:57] Because you know why? Voting in general in general works off name recognition. I keep telling you people this If you do not know anything about anybody that is in any category, when you are voting, when you see a name that you recognize, even if you don’t know who that person is, you just see the name and be like, Oh, that looks familiar. I’ve seen it before. I’m going to vote for them because I know that this looks familiar. That’s how it works, Which is why I came over here and say, you know, Gary Clark Junior has toquit being nominated for the music Awards because that’s literally unfair to everybody else in the category, because if nobody else knows anybody in the category would. Gary They know Gary and they recognize the name Gary.

Confucius Jones [00:18:36] With.

Fresh Knight [00:18:36] You. They just vote for Gary and black PUMAs as well. They just vote for black. Or Willie Nelson. Like, that’s rather unfair.

Confucius Jones [00:18:42] Yeah, it’s true. You’re right. Because, you know, it’s the same people when a lot of the same hip hop categories you’re in off the music awards, too. And it’s not taken away from anybody’s talent.

Fresh Knight [00:18:50] Not at all.

Confucius Jones [00:18:51] But yeah, the bigger demographic of people who listen to music in Austin and both of these things don’t know the artists that we champion all the time. It goes back to that you had to call to be one for invasion of privacy. You know, she was up against Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle and Pusha T, and everybody was like, How does she win? But yeah, if you look at it, she was probably had the biggest name recognition out of everybody.

Fresh Knight [00:19:10] Those people who were like the article and Rolling Stone said,the percentage of the Grammy Voting board members who aren’t really familiar with the hip hop genre and the people in that category, they weren’t going to look at Mac Miller and be like, Oh, you know what? He had a really spectacular album. I’m going to vote for him. They know they kept seeing this name, Cardi B everywhere, and they kept hearing Cardi B everywhere. So when they saw it on paper and it looks familiar, I think I know who that is. I’m going to give them the vote. And that’s just how they go.

Confucius Jones [00:19:43] That’s why, you know, you see a lot of times the same artists winning the same awards over and over again. That’s why you have Adele beating a Beyonce, because while Beyoncé culturally, in our opinion, is the bigger star, the most known worldwide at that moment is Adele.

Fresh Knight [00:20:01] Which is why I think the whole Beyonce and Taylor Swift argument is kind of null and void because like you say to us culturally, Beyonce is Beyonce. She’s the queen. How dare you? Like you come up here. How dare you go against her? But to the other side of it, they look at Taylor Swift the exact same way and think, well, how dare y’all compare her to Taylor Swift? Yeah. And if they had to see and if they were to see Taylor Swift name on their paper, they probably would look at him like, Oh, I know Taylor Swift. And check Taylor Swift’s. That’s just how the human mind works, y’all.

Confucius Jones [00:20:34] Naw facts, if I want to see something here. B and C, B and C, So four was the album that has your song of the century Single Ladies on it. I’m trying to see how many Grammys it won. And because I think this one won the most commercial Grammys for if I want to make an argument for it.

Fresh Knight [00:20:59] I mean, even regardless, I think the argument there, she’s the most decorated. That’s right. Yeah. Like 32 this last year at the Grammys. She got, like 30. She became the most decorated like, female artist.

Confucius Jones [00:21:10] But she never wins.

Fresh Knight [00:21:11] Like she never was, like by album of the year and record of the year and all of that.

Confucius Jones [00:21:16] Actually, no. Just won two for best traditional R&B performance and something else.

Fresh Knight [00:21:23] Mm hmm. That’s such a shame.

Confucius Jones [00:21:25] See the famous story of Michael Jackson doing Off the Wall and only winning R&B albums pushed him to make sure that thriller was this huge thing now.

Fresh Knight [00:21:33] I’m a show y’all.

Confucius Jones [00:21:36] And that’s why you see Macklemore winning over Kendrick Lamar, because granted, Kendrick Lamar did have the better album. It was more critically acclaimed. But Macklemore had a huge year.

Fresh Knight [00:21:45] He was everywhere.

Confucius Jones [00:21:46] Should he have won? No, even he said he shouldn’t have won. But yeah, yeah. Think about it. For a demographic of voting, members of the Academy who don’t really know rap when they’re asking, maybe their kids, like, who do you think? Macklemore.Us rap purists. Yeah, Kendrick Lamar should have done that. I also, to be fair, I don’t think I’m not on that side that Cardi B should’ve worn Invasion of Privacy was a good album.

Fresh Knight [00:22:06] It was a good album.

Confucius Jones [00:22:07] I know people like you because once again, sometime we turn into these hip-hop purists. It’s like, Oh, Pusha T should Have won. It was great album too

Fresh Knight [00:22:14] Was in 2018.

Confucius Jones [00:22:15] My Name is My Name.

Fresh Knight [00:22:17] I think I like that now. That also was what, Birds for Travis?

Confucius Jones [00:22:22] Yeah, Birds got nominated. He didn’t win.

Fresh Knight [00:22:24] And Mac Miller’s that year had to be a divine feminine. And I think.

Confucius Jones [00:22:28] I think it was circles.

Fresh Knight [00:22:29] Circles. Okay.

Confucius Jones [00:22:30] That was, I suppose, posthumous one because when Cardi be won she said she’ give it to him.

Fresh Knight [00:22:34] Got you. Got you. Got to get, you got.

Confucius Jones [00:22:36] For that year. Yeah. My name is my name. No it wasn’t — Daytona.

Fresh Knight [00:22:40] Oh. Oh. 2018 is the year This album is for the year before. Yeah. All right. I’m here.

Confucius Jones [00:22:45] I’m in Daytona.

Fresh Knight [00:22:46] So you’re right.

Confucius Jones [00:22:48] And Nipsey album was really good. It was amazing. Sucked, you know, this last one but but I think Cardi should have won Cardi’s album still has a lot of replay potential not saying that other ones don’t. But yeah if you’re hip hop purist like, man, you know, just got to give it to Cardi, man. Call it what didn’t make no throwaway album.

Fresh Knight [00:23:04] Yeah, I’m not I’m not mad.

Confucius Jones [00:23:05] And I put out a second one so fast.

Fresh Knight [00:23:07] Like I said before, I am not going to say she didn’t deserve the win, as people like to argue. I’m not going to say she deserved to win. What I’d like to see Nipsey win. Yeah. What? I like to see Travis win. Yeah. What I like to see Pusha get that. Yeah. I would have liked to seen other people in their take home that Grammy. But I think no matter who won, people were still going to argue Somebody else in that category should have won as they do every single year. Yeah, Nas won his first Grammy and people will holler, man for a new album should win for Alfredo. Yes. Argument that Alfredo was a better album than what King’s Disease. The Nas got it there. Nas won for. But at the same time, also was Nas’ first rap Grammys. So you can’t really be mad at that. His first Grammy period, becausedespite what y’all say he didn’t write enough to get the Grammy for Getting Jiggy with it. He said that himself. So leave that alone.

Confucius Jones [00:24:00] So I was wrong. And I’m thinking of with Single Ladies Beyonece was Sasha Fierce. It was nominated seven times, one sixth setting a record. That was she won everything. So that kind of leads ingredients of single ladies being such a huge song. The Academy is like they kind of finally got it right with Beyonce.

Fresh Knight [00:24:16] It was everywhere. So they saw the names was like.

Confucius Jones [00:24:19] Oh, yeah, we actually like this song.

Fresh Knight [00:24:21] Yeah, we like this. So they probably were like, Oh, my wife, like this song. I like that. I love. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:24:25] So that was, you know, that one year when she put her hold out on the Grammys, that was. Yeah, yeah. Oh, she was nominated for album of year that you do what she’s also a nominee for album of the year for lemonade.

Fresh Knight [00:24:34] Which was.

Confucius Jones [00:24:35] Lemonade was.

Fresh Knight [00:24:36] Nominated for last year.

Confucius Jones [00:24:38] Lemonade. But see and that’s the that’s the unfortunate part. I don’t think Beyonce has I think Sasha Fierce was herThriller, kind of like this is the album show you all like, I can really make these huge international songs.

Fresh Knight [00:24:49] I think so.

Confucius Jones [00:24:50] That y’all can’t deny how good I am.

Fresh Knight [00:24:51] I think so.

Confucius Jones [00:24:52] But then after that, that’s when you start seeing her kind of to be like, I’m going to do my own thing and what comes with it.

Fresh Knight [00:24:56] I’m gonna do what I want and what I feel like and what feels right for me.

Confucius Jones [00:25:00] If you remember, Lemonade was a movie. The videos kind of started trickling out little by little after the fact, but it wasn’t no like video that pops up and you have to have HBO time, right?

Fresh Knight [00:25:10] I remember.

Confucius Jones [00:25:11] So I can see why the Academy might be like, Wait, what? What, what, what? It was this again? What? Like, what was the because think about what was the big thing from Lemonade. It wasn’t no big like Single Ladies was huge. Like they pushed the crap out of singles.

Fresh Knight [00:25:24] Yeah, I know. That’s why it was my Unpopular Opinion.

Confucius Jones [00:25:28] And Amelia, who works up here to try to say Gangnam Style? I mean, I get it.

Fresh Knight [00:25:32] I mean, I get it.

Confucius Jones [00:25:32] But you brought K-Pop to America. But, you know, single.

Fresh Knight [00:25:36] Ladies with undeniable.

Confucius Jones [00:25:37] Head to toe.

Fresh Knight [00:25:39] Formation was the big single for lemonade.

Confucius Jones [00:25:41] It was for me.

Fresh Knight [00:25:42] That’s what she did. The Super.

Confucius Jones [00:25:43] Bowl. Yeah. But, you know.

Fresh Knight [00:25:44] Video that had what what it.

Confucius Jones [00:25:46] Was a video for.

Fresh Knight [00:25:47] They had white Americans saying well yeah because she did the whole Katrina.

Confucius Jones [00:25:50] Katrina thing. Yeah. Well yes she debuted to bow and.

Fresh Knight [00:25:54] Had a white America in shambles. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:25:58] Even in I thing you could tell it wasn’t that. Yeah. No, it was too much in there. They wasn’t going to get Single Ladies push. Nah, it was too much of that right wing campaigning thing was happening to you with him.

Fresh Knight [00:26:07] Yeah, I think that’s what hurt that I think that’s what ultimately the Grammy board heard that out.

Confucius Jones [00:26:12] Yeah, it’s not going anywhere. But yeah, the Grammys, do they have a problem with. And that’s why, you know, a lot of us tried to get into the academy. We did, we just didn’t pay our dues I do try to offset that, but.

Fresh Knight [00:26:23] It’s not cheap man

Confucius Jones [00:26:25] Got real bills that I.

Fresh Knight [00:26:26] Was.

Confucius Jones [00:26:27] Making my life out of both of you keep your lights low.

Fresh Knight [00:26:32] Well, I like how they put it. This masochistic relationship that rap has with the Grammys, because it is kind of like a very Stockholm syndrome thing is something they we complain about and we irk and we moan and groan about every year, about the treatment that rap, hip hop and black art receives during the Grammys. But every year we look looking for those nominations and see who was nominated. And every year we sit down and we watch whether people say, I’m just watching to see who’s going to perform. You sit down and you watch. You give them your viewership and. Every year we say this is what we needour on stuff as if the BET Awards don’t exist. I hate when people say I hate that argument now because y’all don’t want to BET awards like I used to either. But granted, that’s because the BET awardss kind of going down a little bit. I need a better host, I need better joke, dare I say bring back Steve and say, Yeah, but I don’t know at what point do we as a collective in hip hop just say we really just don’t care and we give the middle finger to the recording academy and just say we we really don’t care. You know, I’m pulling my like Drake do yo, I’m pulling my album from being nominated. I don’t care. I just like this doesn’t mean as much to me as y’all want it to mean.

Confucius Jones [00:27:48] According to this article, the author said “the biggest change to the Grammy process came in April 2021, when the Academy announced it will be dissolving its nominations review committees. Initially established in the mid-nineties, these opaque committees would massage and adjust the nominee list before final voting. In a 2020 complaint by ex-CEO Deborah Duncan. These same committees were said to be regularly swayed by the Grammy board, who pushed nominations for artists who they either want to perform at the ceremony, have relationships with, or both.”

Fresh Knight [00:28:15] I mean, we knew that.

Confucius Jones [00:28:18] According to documents they paid, they paid the board also lip sync, which is not supposed to do at the Grammys. So.

Fresh Knight [00:28:24] I mean, we I think we all knew that. But that’s good. I guess that’s growth.

Confucius Jones [00:28:28] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:28:28] So this girl, I mean, little by little.

Confucius Jones [00:28:30] It’s awards man we’ll see and all these artists that say the Grammys don’t matter and they weren’t able to smile and cheesin. And so.

Fresh Knight [00:28:36] Another might they do like nobody’s giving a Grammy back.

Confucius Jones [00:28:40] Except for Mili Vanilla.

Fresh Knight [00:28:41] That’s totally different. They had to.

Confucius Jones [00:28:43] Do anything.

Fresh Knight [00:28:44] With the.

Confucius Jones [00:28:44] Grammys. Ask for it. They asked me I’d say I’m not giving back Jack. That’s y’all fault for not knowing. Shoulda done more research playa.

Fresh Knight [00:28:51] Especially if we paid you.

Confucius Jones [00:28:54] You gonna give us that money back too paya?

[00:28:54] .

Fresh Knight [00:29:00] We’ll be right back after this quick break.

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Confucius Jones [00:29:23] Hip hopFacts time.

Fresh Knight [00:29:24] Yeah. I mean let’s get to these facts. Let’s learn some new things. Or educate or educate people on new things. All right. Why don’t go first. So let’s go. We’re talking about Diddy earlier. So let’s just get this one right out of the way. I thought this was hilarious.

Confucius Jones [00:29:37] It’s slander, so I can’t. I’m not. I’m not.

Fresh Knight [00:29:39] This was hilarious. So the movie Any Given Sunday, one of my favorite movies.

Confucius Jones [00:29:43] Oliver Stone. Yup.

Fresh Knight [00:29:44] Yes. The Oliver Stone directed film is starred Jamie Foxx’s Yellow QJ, Al Pacino. Bill Bellamy. Bill Bellamy. Yeah. I mean, he did good and he was a star. I mean, at the time, was it Terrell.

Confucius Jones [00:29:53] Owens in that.

Fresh Knight [00:29:54] Too? He did have like a cameo on Feel. Yeah, Somebody.

Confucius Jones [00:29:57] Else is in there.

Fresh Knight [00:29:58] Lawrence Taylor is in it.

Confucius Jones [00:29:59] Lawrence Taylor.

Fresh Knight [00:29:59] James Woods. James Wood.

Confucius Jones [00:30:02] Charlize Theron not.

Fresh Knight [00:30:03] Cameron Diaz?

Confucius Jones [00:30:03] You would escape.

Fresh Knight [00:30:04] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was a Charlize Theron. Charlize Theron. Cameron Diaz.

Confucius Jones [00:30:09] So the most random kid. The great movie, though.

Fresh Knight [00:30:13] Bill Bellamy on his podcast talks about this isn’t the first time we talked about any given Sunday. But this time he says that while Jamie played, Willy Bean initially got the role for Willy Beam and Jamie audition. But there was also somebody else who auditioned for the role of Willy.

Confucius Jones [00:30:29] I thought, okay, go ahead. Go ahead.

Fresh Knight [00:30:30] And that person was Diddy.

Confucius Jones [00:30:33] Now, Sean Combs.

Fresh Knight [00:30:35] Sean Diddy Combs. Sean Puffy Diddy Combs. Audition to be the quarterback Williw Beamen. Now, Bill Bellamy says there’s no way you could have done this movie without being some type of athlete or have been some type of athletic. So when you said that I knew this was going to be hilarious because I never saw Diddy do anything athletic except for running in the Victory video. And I’m pretty sure that probably was not him.

Confucius Jones [00:30:59] That he ran that marathon that one time

Fresh Knight [00:31:01] But this was well after any given Sunday it came out. So Bill Bellamy says they’re like, you know, doing an audition, you know, you had to like Bill It it was like I was a wide receiver, so, you know, I had to for the audition, you I had to prove that I could run and catch the football. Yeah. So he was like, for the quarterback position, you had to prove that you could run and throw the football and throw it accurately. Bill Bellamy says, you know how to way. You throw which of hand if you’re left handed. And he was talking to Gary Young was a year. Jones was like, Yeah. And he was like, Well, that was Diddy with his strong hand, with his right arm. He said Diddy. He was horrible at throwing the ball. Even when Oliver Stone, the director, and the rest of the crew, tried to get him training on how to throw the football, he still couldn’t do it.

Confucius Jones [00:31:52] Bill Bellamy said Puff was the original choice from the bat, like Oliver Stone, like, Yo, I want this guy to be like he. He encompasses what I want Billy Beaman to be like. Oliver Stone apparently was willing to wait to get Puff Train to be a quarterback. They said he had no athletic ability.

Fresh Knight [00:32:10] He just had.

Confucius Jones [00:32:11] No.

Fresh Knight [00:32:11] Incomes. Jamie Foxx, who was in high school, all of that probably.

Confucius Jones [00:32:15] Because, of course, Jamie Foxx was good at everything.

Fresh Knight [00:32:18] He was a high school, all-American football and basketball player. So yes, he is Willie Beeman.

Confucius Jones [00:32:24] Which is wild in hindsight because when I heard that, I was like, wait, Had Puff acted before that. I know.

Fresh Knight [00:32:31] No monsters ball was after that.

Confucius Jones [00:32:31] That. Yeah, whatever you did Raisin in the Sun or whatever.

Fresh Knight [00:32:34] That was after.

Confucius Jones [00:32:35] That. So you and Oliver Stone had never seen him act granted, to be fair, up to that point, if we’re really being if you really think about it, Jamie Foxx hadn’t been in anything that had proved how talented he was as a serious actor.

Fresh Knight [00:32:47] Yeah. All about. So he hadn’t done anything.

Confucius Jones [00:32:49] Serious.

Fresh Knight [00:32:49] Work. Black comedy. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:32:51] So that was like his first serious role.

Fresh Knight [00:32:53] But he’s Jamie Foxx. So like you said, everything. Everything good at everything.

Confucius Jones [00:32:57] So yeah, like things all American football star. So it was no problem doing throw the ball.

Fresh Knight [00:33:02] Like oh.

Confucius Jones [00:33:04] But it’s his wild to think that you Oliver Stone like that goes back to what he said about the gravy you know jack squat about hip hop and you Puff and you was likey. This is my.

Fresh Knight [00:33:12] I’ll do it.

Confucius Jones [00:33:14] Beaman.

Fresh Knight [00:33:14] He’s my Williw Beaman at me. I think what got me.

Confucius Jones [00:33:17] In shape.

Fresh Knight [00:33:18] I think what got Oliver Stone if I had to guess or I don’t want to say assume. What if I had to guess was. The way he carried himself. I think he looked at Daddy and saw Willie Beaman.

Confucius Jones [00:33:30] Well, if you think back to the movie and how Willie Beeman acted once he got famous, yeah, I can see some of that.

Fresh Knight [00:33:35] And that’s what I’m saying. I think that’s what rapping.

Confucius Jones [00:33:38] And.

Fresh Knight [00:33:38] I think that’s what Oliver Stone was like. He’s Willie Beeman. But the other part of that was actually being able to run and throw the football.

Confucius Jones [00:33:50] He said Puff had no athetic talent.

Fresh Knight [00:33:51] And Larry is to me, I was like, what he said. You know, he thought, which of it is bad? He was like, that was tough. But what is throw him throwing the football? I was like, Yo.

Confucius Jones [00:34:02] That’s hilarious.

Fresh Knight [00:34:03] That is he is doing is kids and really throwing a football, bro. Hip hop one.

Confucius Jones [00:34:08] I know six year old right now that could make pop.

Fresh Knight [00:34:11] I know. Six, six, seven, eight year old throw the ball 30 yards and Puff couldn’t throw it twn.

Confucius Jones [00:34:17] I know it was training with Will Smith solely with Young, was it?

Fresh Knight [00:34:19] What do you mean?

Confucius Jones [00:34:21] It was. My son played.

Fresh Knight [00:34:22] Sports Oh hisoldest son.

Confucius Jones [00:34:24] No this is jaden.

Fresh Knight [00:34:26] Oh, I thought you were taling about his oldest son.

Confucius Jones [00:34:31] Not the one that don’t live in the house, the other one.

Fresh Knight [00:34:32] The other one.

Confucius Jones [00:34:36] All right, My first fact, hot boys, for those know the hot boys are . This is mainly because B.G. just got out.

Fresh Knight [00:34:41] They don’t fire.

Confucius Jones [00:34:44] Anybody. So many people don’t remember that, which is wild to me, but I get it.

Fresh Knight [00:34:48] Sad.

Confucius Jones [00:34:49] You know? I mean, think about how boys So the Hot Boys are a rap group in Louisiana. They consist of Big Turk, Juvenile and yes, the famous Lil Wayne. Yes, they were group in Cash money. The last time they put that album was back, I think 99. So that’s why they’re not, you know, known as they are. And also they’ve gone their separate ways and had prison since B.G. just got out late last month.

Fresh Knight [00:35:12] After a month and a half.

Confucius Jones [00:35:14] I’m like that ten plus years, I think.

Fresh Knight [00:35:15] Yeah, yeah. Like a 13 year sentence. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:35:18] And so when they originally formed, they did not like Manny Fresh beats. Manny Fresh is the only producer at Cash Money.

Fresh Knight [00:35:28] You.

Confucius Jones [00:35:28] Know we talking about Puff having a Hit Man and a lot of producers no limit Mater P had beats by the pound is like 3 or 4 of them Cash Money All they have was Manny Fresh. You made out of beats and whatever they had. They first sat down and met with him according to baby and juvenile baby say they didn’t. They they write what we can’t rap over these beats and Baby basically had to tell them. I tell him. Yeah, they got no choice. He’s all we.

Fresh Knight [00:35:49] Got.

Confucius Jones [00:35:50] Fuck you. I better figure this out.

Fresh Knight [00:35:52] I been work with.

Confucius Jones [00:35:53] It and he would do it now, like. Yeah, basically we had to figure it out and we got it. But he said at first we did not like his beef, which is funny because Manny fresh because it’s famous for, you know, Back that Thing uUp and Bling Bling, all the Cash Money Song you love

Fresh Knight [00:36:05] Love Project.

Confucius Jones [00:36:06] Jake brought out.

Fresh Knight [00:36:07] I need a hot girl.

Confucius Jones [00:36:09] But they just said babies like they did not like speed. It beats it for you. You got no choice. Well, we got.

Fresh Knight [00:36:15] End up being one of the most one of the more critical sounds of the self. Seminal, I will say, critical seminal sounds of the self. Oh, man. That all of it.

Confucius Jones [00:36:24] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:36:25] All right. Let’s stay in New Orleans. Let’s stay in New Orleans as they my Master P, the first rapper to make it into the NBA when he played with he tried out for the original Charlotte Hornets and then was cut and then ended up making it onto the Toronto Raptors. Carmelo Anthony says massive he tried out for the Denver Nuggets his rookie season mind you mind you Carmelo Anthony was drafted to the Denver Nuggets third overall in the 2003 NBA draft He.

Confucius Jones [00:36:59] Was third bought out with.

Fresh Knight [00:37:02] Belichick He got a ring. Larry Brown probably wouldn’t play them, but he would have got a ring.

Confucius Jones [00:37:07] He showed Darko Belichick with number two.

Fresh Knight [00:37:09] After he didn’t play it didn’t play a lick.

Confucius Jones [00:37:11] They didn’t play a lick.

Fresh Knight [00:37:13] You know.

Confucius Jones [00:37:13] What? They would take it in Detroit.

Fresh Knight [00:37:15] Carmelo right there. Yeah that’s that’s crazy.

Confucius Jones [00:37:17] Just won the National anyway.

Fresh Knight [00:37:19] Yeah, that’s what everybody at home was thinking.

Confucius Jones [00:37:22] What’s the draft? I’m like, What’s happening?

Fresh Knight [00:37:24] I watched the national championship and the draft. It was like.

Confucius Jones [00:37:27] Okay, you got to go. Okay. I keep going back.

Fresh Knight [00:37:29] But oh yeah. Carmelo Anthony says Master P tried out for the Denver Nuggets his rookie season, and he was like, Man, you know, it was a lot of people there, like Master P there. He was trying now he was like, Gary Payton will just come in and trying to work with him and, you know, working with us and working with the team, you know, he was like it was a lot of people that was just there at the workouts. And Master P was one of them. Trying to make the cut

Confucius Jones [00:37:51] Random person to be there.

Fresh Knight [00:37:54] When I heard that, I just been trying to figure out how old was Master P in 2003 for him to say if I still got it.

Confucius Jones [00:38:02] I mean, I guess, you know what, You can’t take away Master P confidence to him. He did play. He had played NBA before.

Fresh Knight [00:38:07] He had.

Confucius Jones [00:38:07] Yeah. Like he would just, you know, just like one of my bucket list.

Fresh Knight [00:38:10] He wasn’t fresh like he had like you said, he had been in the league he had played before. He had tried out for two teams, cup for one, made another one. So I mean, likeMaster P can hoop, you know.

Confucius Jones [00:38:21] Like he was ready for that one by now. All right. But my next fact. Swizz beatz, if you have one to. His name came from K-Swiss shoes. Apparently growing up in the Bronx and in New York, in Atlanta, that’s where he learned production.

Fresh Knight [00:38:34] Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:38:35] He’s always wore K-Swiss. And so they called him Swizz. And then he put Beatz at the end of it.

Fresh Knight [00:38:39] Oh, okay. All right. I mean, I didn’t know that.

Confucius Jones [00:38:42] But I didn’t know that either. But I was like, that’s where they came from. I mean, it makes sense when you think about it, but yeah, he’s always taking.

Fresh Knight [00:38:49] Take the ss of and put z.

Confucius Jones [00:38:50] Swizz beatz.

Fresh Knight [00:38:52] All right. Rico Love.

Confucius Jones [00:38:54] Go, go, go.

Fresh Knight [00:38:55] Let’s go to Lights On. Rico Love Look, we talked about bio. We were speaking about Beyonce. I discovered by Usher. Very true. And Usher gave he gave us we gave him his first big break on the Confessions album.

Confucius Jones [00:39:07] That.

Fresh Knight [00:39:08] You gave to him on Confessions. Oh, that’s not the fact, though. Rico Love. He wrote for Beyonce because Rico Love. And of course you do.

Confucius Jones [00:39:14] Yeah, I know he did. Sweet Dreams because turn lights on.

Fresh Knight [00:39:17] Yes. So Rico Little says before he gave the song Sweet Dreams to Beyoncé, he flew out to where she was because he was like, I’m flattered, Beyonce. Well, he was like, I’m all about making sure an artist is comfortable in their zone. And he was like, So I flew out to where she was and he was like, It just so happened that Jay was going to be in town while on tour and obviously she’s going to attend the show. So Rico says she came to the studio and he had a whole nother song that he had written about a house. And each room was like an emotion. And he was like, you know, before she got there, he was like, Yo, this is the song. This is going to kill, and she’s going to love this. She walked into the studio and he played the song and she said, I mean, that’s cool. But yeah, and he was like, Well, I just wrote this other one. Like, I just did it before you walked in, not really finish. And she was like, Well, I don’t really have any time to do this. And he was like, I just want to want you to hear and just play for you. And he said, Press play. And it was sweet dreams. She just heard the doom doom. And she was like she looked over to her sister, who also was her cousin at the time. It was like, How much time do we have? And we got about like 20 minutes. Rico said. Beyoncé went in there and cut sweet dreams in 15 minutes. I don’t believe that. And what he said is that she went in there, he was like Beyonce. He walked in the studio and like full Beyonce say, galore. He was like makeup, hair, doing like she had on a nice dress. Diamonds is everywhere. He’s like she went in there and sweet dreams.

Confucius Jones [00:40:55] Jay-Z’s wife man.

Fresh Knight [00:40:55] He’s like, she’s winning sweet dreams, 15 minutes flat. And then he was like, when she walked out the booth, she was like, Oh, wait, I did say, turn the lights off. And she went back to turn the lights out. So she went back in and cut the beginning of the song to say, Turn the lights on, which is his tag, his producer tag. And he was like, That’s what got him high. He was like, If you go walk back in the studio, say, I will be your slave. And she went back. You did it in a gave Rico another hit. I don’t know. She really did. In 15 minutes. He said she did it in 15 minutes flat. I mean, Jay-Z’s wife credit, the song was already written, so. And the beat was there. Jim Johnson produced it. Rico Love wrote it. So, I mean, a, if anybody could do it in 15, I believe Beyonce can do it in 15.

Confucius Jones [00:41:43] I believe I will get to my last fact because it’s hilarious if this goes something that is not known by the masses. But if you’re a hip hop historian, like I would argue me on Fresh are. You know this person, nobody to play with. Emcee him.

Fresh Knight [00:41:55] Hey, Stanley. Burial that boy Stanley from Old Town.

Confucius Jones [00:41:59] Y’all know him from can’t Touch this and Too Legit to Quit and Addams Family theme song had his own cartoon at one point.

Fresh Knight [00:42:04] That’s why we pray.

Confucius Jones [00:42:05] Pray.

Fresh Knight [00:42:05] He had his own doll. He was the first.

Confucius Jones [00:42:07] Rapper to have a.

Fresh Knight [00:42:08] Doll. Yeah.

Confucius Jones [00:42:09] Now, apparently he was one of the most terrifying people in hip hop. So I’ve.

Fresh Knight [00:42:12] Heard.

Confucius Jones [00:42:13] Emcee Search if you know. Emcee Search. He is. He’s one half of third base. He also discovered Nas.

Fresh Knight [00:42:19] Year.

Confucius Jones [00:42:19] I found this fact about my article about it. It kind of explains everything better. So Emcee Search of New York’s third base has claimed repeatedly that M.C. Hammer put out a hit on the group over Lyric in their song The Cactus. The line in question, quote, The cactus turned Hammer’s mother Out was reportedly played on the title of third base, His 1989 album, The Cactus Album. And Ham was record from the same year Turn This Mother out in 2015.

Fresh Knight [00:42:43] Big hit.

Confucius Jones [00:42:43] Yeah. “Well, is Search told the Ed lover show about receiving death threats from Hammer’s Brother Lewis burial in the middle of a flight to Los Angeles when the air third says. And Cameron Watson, who was the president of Def Jam at the time, picks up the phone and hear someone say it’s third base on the way to L.A. She goes, Yeah. And the voice says, Good,they’re dead. This is Lewis Burrell.

Fresh Knight [00:43:04] Yo. And he gave his name.

Confucius Jones [00:43:06] Search claimed the $50,000 hit was confirmed by fellow Def Jam artist Eric B and was supposed to be carried out by the Los Angeles Crips. In a later interview, Third said fear and anger over the incident has never left him. He says, I’m not good. I’ve been through 25 years of therapy three times a day, three days a week. I am not good. I wish I could be good. But when somebody tries to kill you over a rap lyric understand what it feels like to not know that you can turn a corner without somebody to try to kill you for $50,000. Now, before you add to that, what I did fine is to short opinion on this, to show it said, I don’t believe that story only because they would have tried to kill him for free because I believe they definitely will try to get him. I don’t believe MC Hammer paid a paid for it, if they would do if they did it for free. Said y’all don’t know how connected Hammer is out there.

Fresh Knight [00:43:49] Look, man, look, man.

Confucius Jones [00:43:51] That’s Too Short’s the back what he said, I think they were the.

Fresh Knight [00:43:53] First I’ve heard. Start talking about that. I didn’t know it was for that song, though. The times I’ve heard Sarge talk about it, he just said, like, yo, ambition to take us out. And I thought it was for what?

Confucius Jones [00:44:06] Tried to take us out of that.

Fresh Knight [00:44:07] What I thought it was for a gas face. Because at the end of it, he was naming everybody that doesn’t get a gas face and name of people that shoot you when it ended. As long you like him, see you hammer He gives the gas is real. So I thought it was like, oh, I didn’t quite get it back, though, so I thought it was. I just always assume it was for that. But I yeah, I did some place on one album cover, You Tube. Right. I’m going to show.

Confucius Jones [00:44:33] You a bit of my.

Fresh Knight [00:44:34] Mother. I’m going to give you a gas. Right.

Confucius Jones [00:44:38] But yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:44:39] To.

Confucius Jones [00:44:39] To show us response to the flood. He said, But I did that for free. I don’t know about the any person.

Fresh Knight [00:44:44] I ask you over the earth, what’s the name of the song? I know in the video? I can’t remember the name of the song for the life of me right now. But in the video they dress somebody up like Hammer and they have like a hammer standing next to him and they kicking it over and they basically say, You win like, yo, he’s a sellout and they like, jump on him in the video. So I would assume that’s why Ice Cube is always.

Confucius Jones [00:45:07] True to the game. There you.

Fresh Knight [00:45:08] Go. That’s what it is.

Confucius Jones [00:45:09] That’s what it. Yeah. But I mean, they say that he pressed them and Ice Cube told them I’m sorry. Yes, sir. Whatever. I don’t know. But like I said, everybody from the bay, including E-40 too short, have confirmed it. Muhammad was definitely out there. Do not play with him.

Fresh Knight [00:45:22] I so I was again read me and said.

Confucius Jones [00:45:25] I think we got we definitely got to go. Somebody posted a clip of our case talking about somebody mentioned our case. And Andre said, man, if they help each.

Fresh Knight [00:45:31] Other and said, I’m going.

Confucius Jones [00:45:33] To quit.

Fresh Knight [00:45:33] Play it.

Confucius Jones [00:45:34] It’s bad.

Fresh Knight [00:45:36] Well, that is something that we hurt like because I guess I look like I was closer to the West. This was something that we heard about.

Confucius Jones [00:45:42] There was no Internet, so we started planning. Rachel. Staley Burrell man to play with that.

Fresh Knight [00:45:51] Woman and to play with.

Confucius Jones [00:45:59] Now it’s time for unpopular opinion with fresh himself.

Fresh Knight [00:46:03] All right, man. This unpopular opinion is not one that I subscribe to myself.

Confucius Jones [00:46:09] Why are you saying it?

Fresh Knight [00:46:10] Well, I think. I think. I think. I think. I think. I think it’s good for the show. And that’s why I’m presenting it, because there’s an argument that I have seen before now, Andre 3000 one half of the greatest rap duo of all time.

Confucius Jones [00:46:27] According to Em Sales, they are 13 men on one album.

Fresh Knight [00:46:29] Big Darling ain’t got three. And they got the Grammy for.

Confucius Jones [00:46:33] A two year high school rap album of all time.

Fresh Knight [00:46:36] One half of the greatest rap do of all time, Outkast. Andre released his first full length album in 17 years with his new, I must say, jazz album, Everybody just calling it the flu album. But I’m going to call it a jazz album because that’s what it comes off to me. Like it comes off like a jazz album. I didn’t really see the issue, and it is entitled New Blue Sun. I’ve seen a lot of I won’t even say mixed reviews. I’ve seen a lot of people just straight down the album. And yes, I did listen to it. And I will say it is ambient is hell. I fell asleep. Now, that’s not me knocking it because I am someone who falls asleep during a lot of stuff.

Confucius Jones [00:47:28] I’m not going to baptize.

Fresh Knight [00:47:29] Yeah, I fall asleep doing a lot. So me saying that I fell asleep doing Andre’s album isn’t a knock against album. What I heard I got do is nine songs. I got through at least four of them, so a little less than half, I will say. And what I heard I liked, which I would just say why I say is a jazz album. It could use some drums. I wouldn’t say that. It could have used some drums. I didn’t need an 808, but it could use some drums and the titles of the songs. A while. He felt like he fried chicken on that one about how being turned into a Panther in Hawaii was. Just let me know. Andre was really trippin, like really on a trip. But with that release, that album, I seeing this conversation resurfaced about Andre. My unpopular opinion is does Android 3000 deserve the same energy we give Lauryn Hill? Hey, yo, now. All right, there’s your stance. I know your stance. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean the ridicule we give Lauryn Hill about showing up to shows that is well deserved and warrant. That’s all I’m saying. I’ll leave it alone. I will bring anybody’s in anyway. Keep it pushing. The reason why I think this question is asked is he deserved is Andre deserved the same energy given to Lauryn Hill because Lauryn Hill has been propped up on this pedestal as being why I’ll say this I have no idea. The greatest female rapper of all time and I’ll just be like, Yo, Kim is right there. Like Nicki as much as as much as we talk about Nicki on this show, she probably will go down as the greatest female rapper. Like when it’s like she above Kim. And that’s to a lot of people. Yeah. So when people say that about Lauryn, I’m just like, what makes you I’ll say it. And then they bring up the miseducation of Lauryn Hill. And argument is always, when I wasn’t a rap album, she rapped and what do I.

Confucius Jones [00:49:29] Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:49:30] You know, like do all the rest of that was very, very. R&B But my thing with Lauryn Hill is do it again. If everybody’s claiming that you are so great. Do it again. And everybody argues, Well, she did it with Unplugged and Unplugged without her doing her own rendition of the songs that were on Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. We’d like 2 or 3 new songs thrown in there and then her crying on the microphone. How old are you? I’m not going out into all of that.

Confucius Jones [00:50:07] So how does it relate to Andre?

Fresh Knight [00:50:10] So Lauryn Hill was propped up on this pedal steel off of this one seminal album, by the way, a great album. It won like seven Grammys that night. I’m like, did I.

Confucius Jones [00:50:19] Think she had the record? Yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:50:20] Yeah. So I think when it comes to Andre, everybody looks at Andre as this great rapper, and everything he did with Outkast was great. But we want to see you do it by yourself. And then I would argue Willie did the Love below. That was his solo album because they were meant to be two solo albums pegs together because Andre wanted to jump in on the tail end of it. That’s how L.A. Retail. So I think after the Love Blow, people just want Andre to do it again. They wanted a falling album of Andre being Andre. I don’t even necessarily think just rap, but they want Andre to be Andre. And then Andre a few years later just jumped out. They just started doing guest features everywhere. Everywhere he was, he would hit no man. And I think he was teasing people because most often when you see artists start doing guest features all over the place, it means something is coming. And they know that never came. And then people felt like, well, your place in this guy on this pedestal is saying he’s top five, which I definitely would argue that he’s a top five rapper. But most people would say you can’t be top five without the body of work. The argument will be, Well, okay, I have five albums. Yeah, but he was doing that alongside somebody. So y’all got him on his pedestal and we don’t have a real body of work from him solo wise doing it by himself, proving that he’s a top five rapper. One I would argue he doesn’t need to prove that he is a top five rapper by rapping by himself. But I do see the argument because if we say, well, Lauryn Hill, do it again, man. All right. He was with the Fugees. Yeah, I did two albums. Yes, they have two albums. Yeah. I just know. Listen to that first one.

Confucius Jones [00:52:10] With a blend of reality.

Fresh Knight [00:52:11] Yeah. Blend it, reality or something like that. They have two albums and after that we were like, We’ll do it without Wycliffe Flat.

Confucius Jones [00:52:20] No. Did they perform anything before?

Fresh Knight [00:52:21] So no, I don’t think so.

Confucius Jones [00:52:25] Was I go, Oh.

Fresh Knight [00:52:27] I think people think we’re doing what we’re doing without Wycliffe. And then she did it without Wycliffe and that was the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. And then it was like she got on stage wherever she was talking about. Nobody asked her to do a second album, which Lauryn I don’t believe it. I don’t think anybody believes that. And when you understand how a contract works in the music industry and you were on a major label, you definitely had control. You definitely had an obligation in that contract to do more than one album. But that’s another topic for another day. But the people want it. Lauryn Hill, to do it without who was the who was the people? Newhart. Well, like the group of the producers and the writers, it ended up sooner.

Confucius Jones [00:53:04] I think so.

Fresh Knight [00:53:04] There was new art people, all I would do without them, and then they never came. So I think that questioned Lauren Hills greatness in her place upon his pedestal in which people have set her. So I think when it came to Andre, it was very similar. Yeah, bro, you rapping? You doing all these features. But we want to album, do this on an album. We want to see you really do this on the album. And then we just never get the album. Meanwhile, Big Boy over Here just has not stopped the big sleepovers. Great album, by the way, but Big Boi has a staff and is just like Andre. We just see you at the most random places with the flute and then we hear you with Frank Ocean, and then we hear you with Travis Scott. And then we hear you, Anderson. Paak Yo, bro, do this on album. We want an album. And people are beginning to argue, you can’t beat top five without this body of work. Solo wise. Y’all can’t put him in that position, amongst other solo acts, without him having this body of work solo. So people feel like you give him that same energy. Y’all give Lauryn Hill because he hasn’t shown us that he could do it by himself again, or quote unquote enough times to say, Yeah, he top five, bro, he’s top five. I think it’s a good a rather good, fairly good argument because I would like to see a solo Andre album of him being melodic, rapping, all of that. But do I feel he needs to give that to us? No, but I can see the argument where people say, Yeah, bro, he kind of deserves some of that energy. We give Lauryn Hill bro, like an hour. You didn’t drop the whole album just playing the flute. Come on, bro. You could have rapped somewhere on air for something. I’m like, and you didn’t. I can see why people give him the same energy that they give Lauryn Hill. And then we go.

Confucius Jones [00:54:59] So you think these people should have the same energy for him? They do for Lauryn Hill in terms of. Letting what he already has speak for it based. What you’re saying is people can’t complain about this album because he has put out something already. It has a great body of work, like one who can actually do a and hill like other. I actually agree with it.

Fresh Knight [00:55:20] That it’s true.

Confucius Jones [00:55:22] Like I’ve said, that when people complain about alcohol, some like one you mention of food is right there. First, I would lean on reality. What you were talking I was looking at the track listing. They don’t perform any of those songs. Maybe nappy headed. That’s the closest they get.

Fresh Knight [00:55:33] I don’t think they do that.

Confucius Jones [00:55:35] I’m saying I don’t think they do that anymore. I’m talking about maybe when they were kind of steel to probably.

Fresh Knight [00:55:38] Sound like Yeah, but.

Confucius Jones [00:55:39] Now they do Killing me softly and how many mikes and get the hell up out of there. Well the.

Fresh Knight [00:55:42] Mona Lisa from.

Confucius Jones [00:55:44] The school.

Fresh Knight [00:55:45] Yeah, I’ve seen them do Mona Lisa. What? I did intimidation pills.

Confucius Jones [00:55:48] Like what.

Fresh Knight [00:55:49] Did you mean.

Confucius Jones [00:55:51] By that? Instead? If I can.

Fresh Knight [00:55:52] Work, do it.

Confucius Jones [00:55:53] But. And then you have the school, and then you have. Now I’ve got Lauren. Okay. I’ve had five albums. If you include out a while to six.

Fresh Knight [00:56:01] I count. That’s not.

Confucius Jones [00:56:02] Break out.

Fresh Knight [00:56:02] I got that.

Confucius Jones [00:56:03] Drink and.

Fresh Knight [00:56:04] I think Big Boy Counts.

Confucius Jones [00:56:05] And then you have now Andre’s album. So yeah, if you give Good Lord is still riding the wave of Miseducation. Granted, education was a really good album.

Fresh Knight [00:56:13] It was.

Confucius Jones [00:56:14] But yeah, if Lauryn Hill can do shows B Lady, I still go to him and Andre can play the damn flute. You’ll be okay. It was crazy asking somebody on to to argue and basically yell at your top five, do this deal. Just say that like he doesn’t put out verses. He just had a verse on fight as an engineer, don’t kill him like that, which came out a few months ago. And apparently there’s an eight minute version of him rapping on it. And it never came out, according to Charlemagne.

Fresh Knight [00:56:34] Which that was the I guess this New Blue Moon is the album killer Michael was talking about when he said Andre got an album coming and then everybody got hype and assumed he would be.

Confucius Jones [00:56:42] Rapping. Yeah, and it hit my head. The back is eight and what drew the only thing which would be interesting later on is if what category his album falls into an agreement.

Fresh Knight [00:56:53] That’s how I say yes.

Confucius Jones [00:56:54] It should be.

Fresh Knight [00:56:55] I think.

Confucius Jones [00:56:56] It’s going to be rap what.

Fresh Knight [00:56:58] I was just about to say, because.

Confucius Jones [00:56:59] That’s what the charting it is.

Fresh Knight [00:57:00] I think when it comes to artists, that was how to creators great when he won Best Rap album for Ego and he was like, It’s not really a rap album, which I’ll put me in this box, in this out of line here.

Confucius Jones [00:57:11] One for Rafael.

Fresh Knight [00:57:12] And this isn’t and that’s why people categorize it like this, because I think that’s how the industry views them, is like.

Confucius Jones [00:57:20] That’s what you came from.

Fresh Knight [00:57:20] Yeah. This you come from is you been. Is this just what you are to us? And you can’t break that. You’re not going to break them all. You’re not coming outside the box because Alan was pretty pissed about nearly double back again and when I think for.

Confucius Jones [00:57:35] This last one.

Fresh Knight [00:57:37] Yeah the one with D.J drama and he won again. He didn’t have the same great. But he was like, Yo yo, this was an actual rap album and I needed to prove more. So did that prove that? Because I could show you I can make a rap. But yeah, I won’t be surprised if they categorize Andre as a rap album. But this is a jazz album. New Blue Moon is a jazz album. Messages like if you’ve ever listened to jazz, this is jazz.

Confucius Jones [00:58:03] So yeah.

Fresh Knight [00:58:03] Like I said, I’ve.

Confucius Jones [00:58:04] Rolled one here, one fall, R&B. Okay, That’s what I want to hear. But it’s funny cause people say his last rabbi to win a Grammy. And one year it was canceled. Or any of us had. Well, in my opinion, only one, because.

Fresh Knight [00:58:16] That was that wasn’t a rap.

Confucius Jones [00:58:17] Album because every so every award she won outside of Best New Artist was best R&B song, best female R&B vocal performance and best R&B album.

Fresh Knight [00:58:23] While she got best artist. Want to ask you nominee for best new artist. You the whole group.

Confucius Jones [00:58:28] But but she turns around and you can’t say that. Your last rap album, Miseducation. Grammys are listed as a rap album, so we’ll see. But, you know, Dre deserves it. And, you know, that was is doing stream was very well delivered. Glad for you.

Fresh Knight [00:58:42] So I don’t I don’t listen to or care what Vlade had to say anyway.

Confucius Jones [00:58:48] Not on Twitter at least.

Fresh Knight [00:58:50] Now it is time for us to be informed. Here is Confucius reads the news.

Confucius Jones [00:58:57] Oh, time to read the news, man. Look, you know, news at this point in time is just very depressing. So I try to make it lighthearted as I came for. It gets depressing.

Fresh Knight [00:59:04] I appreciate that.

Confucius Jones [00:59:05] So let’s get this. Is that super? Like positive, but it’s positive for the most part. But it involves by the past day, Robin Williams, one of his most famous movies is Mrs. Doubtfire. I love Mrs. Doubtfire.

Fresh Knight [00:59:16] Great movie. I like Mrs. Doubtfire, according to some would say movie theater.

Confucius Jones [00:59:20] I know. I saw it a few times. According to director Chris Columbus. There is over 2,000,000ft of film of that movie because Robin Williams improved majority of it.

Fresh Knight [00:59:30] Who measured that? Don’t know.

Confucius Jones [00:59:34] I don’t know. And on the 30th anniversary, director Chris Columbus recalled making the comedy classic, which also starred Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Firestein, Amara Wilson, Matilda. He told Business Insider that Williams improvised so much on set they ended up using almost 2,000,000ft of film early on in the process. He went to me. He said, Hey, boss, the way I like to work, if you’re up for it, I’ll give you 3 or 4 script to take, and then let’s play. By saying that what he meant was he wanted to improvise. He would have exactly what was scripted, and then Rob would go off and it was something to behold. So if you know Robin Williams, you’ve heard any stories about how he was known to improvise. He was an improv actor. And so it’s not surprising that there’s 2,000,000ft of.

Fresh Knight [01:00:13] Him because I think most of his role as The Genie was also.

Confucius Jones [01:00:17] Improvised.

Fresh Knight [01:00:17] Improvised.

Confucius Jones [01:00:19] But I didn’t know Chris Columbus said, is that Robin would give you the scripted version, like, okay, we’ll do the script first. I will do what I want.

Fresh Knight [01:00:26] They’ll go do my version. I am going to do this just because you’re the director and it’s on the paper, but after it is, we’re going to do what I want to do.

Confucius Jones [01:00:36] So make sure the driveway was made. Mrs. Doubtfire was a great movie that I remember. Heard rumors that before he passed, they were talking about doing a second one, which.

Fresh Knight [01:00:43] I remember.

Confucius Jones [01:00:44] And glad that it happened and that everything needs a sequel.

Fresh Knight [01:00:46] I’m I’ve been trying to say that they keep doing it.

Confucius Jones [01:00:49] I’m a quote Tim Burton, when he was asked recently about Do a Nightmare before Christmas, he said, I’ll be the old guy alone. Get off my property. So, no, I did not need that political news. Back to the Trump snitching stories. Jeffrey Mcconney took the stand this past Wednesday for the fourth day of the Trump Organization New York Trial of civil fraud trial. You got to stay and start crying. If you ever want to know that you probably are going to jail, are going to lose. The case is when the person that testified against you get on the stand and starts crying. Quote, He said, I just wanted to relax and stop being accused of misrepresenting assets for the company that I love working for. I’m sorry. And he’s apologized on the stand, too. Are you going to jail? Jail? Granted, this is just a civil lawsuit, so he’s not going to jail. But what you got before trial with. I tell you. Anybody else start crying. You better make some arrangements. If me and Fred committed a crime and I go to trial, he’s on the stand crying. I’m like, Oh, man.

Fresh Knight [01:01:47] We lost, bro.

Confucius Jones [01:01:49] I bet food they give you in there. I’m sorry. Oh, no. He brought Rachel everything.

Fresh Knight [01:01:55] You think he has your back?

Confucius Jones [01:01:58] You have a shower and shave. So she had to. Everybody joined Thanksgiving. If you had a hard time finding green beans inside the truck carrying 40,000 pounds of green beans crashed in Fayette County earlier Wednesday.

Fresh Knight [01:02:09] Oh, no, no. Green bean casserole.

Confucius Jones [01:02:12] The French County Sheriff’s Office posted about the crash on their social media. 2:15 a.m.. The most surprising part of that story is that the Fayette County sheriff has a social media account is not that big. It happened on the westbound Interstate ten at mile marker 673. Deputies say the 18 Wheeler left the road and crashed into the creek. The driver is said to be okay. So tell me, that’s a bunch of green beans in a creek somewhere in Fayetteville County.

Fresh Knight [01:02:36] Meaning green bean and expired, bruh.

Confucius Jones [01:02:40] There’s some homeless people out in Austin right now that are like, Damn, I should have been out there.

Fresh Knight [01:02:45] Yo, that’s crazy. Oh, the green bean shortage. Well.

Confucius Jones [01:02:51] I mean, it was a stretch for sure. I told you about earlier, and nobody listened to me until people popped up, you know? That’s right. So I told the gentleman to show.

Fresh Knight [01:02:57] Up for one of the things that I use on my food. So I’ll be I wouldn’t care.

Confucius Jones [01:03:02] If you also didn’t know. BMI is a. The station, not not stations mainly in Austin, but they have a base here. Mm hmm. Mitch. Especially going to Asia using the BMI stage. If you were backstage. BMI, you saw me a fresh back, a drinking accord.

Fresh Knight [01:03:18] You were enjoying the festival.

Confucius Jones [01:03:19] So was our producers. Our she was back. It was as well. According to New York Times, though, BMI has been sold to New Mountain Capital. The sale is expected to be closed at the first quarter of 2024, and it still has to be approved by shareholders and undergo customary regulatory approvals. According to New Mountain. New Man is an ideal partner because they believe in our mission and understand that the key to success for our company lies in delivering value to our affiliates. That’s according to Michael O’Neill, who is the president of BMI. We’re excited about the many ways new Madden would accelerate our growth plan, bringing new vision, technological expertise, and an outstanding track record of strengthening businesses, all of which will help us build an even stronger future for BMI songwriters, composers and publishers. When I read stuff like that lets me know BMI does not have the money. They thought they did go ahead and sell it off. Sorry, I still love you, but I hope you’re okay out there, bro. Besides, somebody owed some debt. They had to find somebody to buy it.

Fresh Knight [01:04:14] You know, here you just call BMI, bro. I mean.

Confucius Jones [01:04:17] Why. Why would you sell? I mean, granted, just because you sell it doesn’t mean.

Fresh Knight [01:04:20] You want waterberg also.

Confucius Jones [01:04:23] And food does not taste the same.

Fresh Knight [01:04:25] You know what? My ticket steers was a little short. Like the three Monday. Monday. I order tickets today were like they. They was like, man, it was so big. And I was a little out of the box and was mad. Disappointed in the size of them chicken strips.

Confucius Jones [01:04:41] See, man. Huh. So, you know, she had to be a model Hope. Hopefully things go for the best. They represent the vast majority of artists in the world. They do well, especially United States. I hope the best for them. I’m just cracking jokes. Guys, don’t be mad at us.

Fresh Knight [01:04:56] If you still will still rock, which I still love you.

Confucius Jones [01:04:59] Yeah, I still need access to that backstage, man. Hopefully out there next year. Next year, because I’m not paying for drinks next year. That’s not happening. I don’t have $20 for a can of beer. It’s not just that happening.

Fresh Knight [01:05:08] I don’t have 34 cocktail breaks.

Confucius Jones [01:05:13] For those of you out there who are fans of Blue Beetle, Yellow Fake is hell because the movie didn’t do well at all, but apparently is doing well on streaming. Whatever suicide rate is in that movie. Susan Sarandon, the legendary actress. She was dropped by her talent agency, United Talent Agency, for making pro Palestinian remarks at a rally, the one that took place on November 17th in a video taken by The New York Post showed Sarandon saying to the crowd, There are a lot of people that are afraid of being Jewish at this time and are getting a taste of how it feels to be Muslim in this country. And that prompted her to be dropped by her talent agency. Let’s fast forward to an agent who was dropped by her company she worked for because of pro-Palestinian remarks. She also represented Tom Cruise, which prompted Tom Cruise go to that talent agency and say, I’m standing with her, so you better move accordingly. Like, I don’t understand what she said I didn’t like. I’m sticking with her. Also, an actress who names Mrs. May, who starred in the last two Scream movies and were supposed to be in Scream seven, was fired from the film for making pro-Palestinian remarks on her social media.

Fresh Knight [01:06:14] She can play last year in Scream six.

Confucius Jones [01:06:16] Yeah, 6.5. She was the older sister.

Fresh Knight [01:06:19] Oh, honey, she’s mad. And we’re saying check this playing right away. No. Okay. I’m doing this in.

Confucius Jones [01:06:24] My name is Melissa Barrera.

Fresh Knight [01:06:26] Okay. Okay.

Confucius Jones [01:06:27] Five From screen Due to rhetoric that they claim flagrantly crosses the line into hate speech. She made comments comparing what’s going on in Palestine to genocide and ethnic cleansing. And so she was fired by Spyglass, who was the company involved in it. The director of Scream seven basically was quoted as saying, I’m not happy about it. I have nothing to do with that decision. All I’ve said on this, because this is a very touchy subject, is I hope humanity prevails. I don’t like the loss of his life when he decide people are going to lose their jobs behind their opinions on it. It’s crazy times, man.

Fresh Knight [01:06:59] Yeah, man. Because of her, we live.

Confucius Jones [01:07:01] In her good five inch screen, seven yard. I got rid of Dave Campbell. What else? And I’m pretty sure what’s the name is Wednesdays Never last much longer. She’s a huge star now.

Fresh Knight [01:07:09] So I didn’t see your being in the next week. No way.

Confucius Jones [01:07:13] And people say I can’t care to move along. So I want to tell you, I don’t know what to tell you.

Fresh Knight [01:07:19] Courtney Cox, was it in Scream?

Confucius Jones [01:07:20] Yes, she was in Scream six. She got stabbed, but she lived.

Fresh Knight [01:07:25] She got shot. The one before that. She gets to go through a lot.

Confucius Jones [01:07:28] And she survived all that. Me David Arquette got killed in five. So.

Fresh Knight [01:07:34] Yeah, yeah.

Confucius Jones [01:07:34] Yeah, yeah. So, yeah. Did you have anybody left?

Fresh Knight [01:07:38] I mean, I don’t have any Duane Martin.

Confucius Jones [01:07:43] It’d be so against his character if he does. He left it at the beginning of Scream two. He came back at the end.

Fresh Knight [01:07:48] He’s only the cameraman.

Confucius Jones [01:07:50] He did what everybody else little black would do. Man, I’ve got a killer who. Again, I’m out. Oh, man. That was Jada Pinkett. Don’t we get it?

Fresh Knight [01:07:57] She dyed her hair on my lips.

Confucius Jones [01:07:59] Everybody do it. The other got nobody. They have kept saying she’d come back after I tried to lowball. What if. The seventh, which is good.

Fresh Knight [01:08:07] Which is while.

Confucius Jones [01:08:08] Every one of these how you lowball me is.

Fresh Knight [01:08:10] Built over her. I’m saying they go to.

Confucius Jones [01:08:13] Lowball Jamie Lee Curtis for Halloween. You’re crazy. But yeah. So you know, since Randy’s dropped from a Dallas, which I mean, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care. She’s like, she’s already established that, you know, she makes some money, You get picked up by somebody else.

Fresh Knight [01:08:25] Yeah, for sure.

Confucius Jones [01:08:26] Tom Cruise standing by his agents out to him for that likes. So regardless how you feel about it, you know Tom Cruise by the feel like, look, she does good work.

Fresh Knight [01:08:32] She ain’t harming me like you say he probably like I’m not like he’s like I’m a Scientologist.

Confucius Jones [01:08:37] I’ve heard worse.

Fresh Knight [01:08:38] So I’m basically in a cult.

Confucius Jones [01:08:42] Well, she said it bother me, so. But yeah, that’s Confucius reads the news. I’m a fat no bother me. We got jokes. The whole fat back episode about me.

Fresh Knight [01:08:52] I don’t care.

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