Texas Standard: October 23, 2015

Football games cancelled, and weather officials warn ‘we’re just getting started’ as a flood threat stretches statewide- the latest on todays Texas Standard. Raids on planned parenthood centers across the state. What are investigators looking for and why? Also saving the streets of Laredo: old buildings at the center of a fight between progress and preservation. And the self described queen of speed tries to go where no man has gone before this weekend … a record setting attempt atop a BMW bike….plus a hot tip for a weekend getaway, the week in politics and much more on todays Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: October 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton wins an endorsement from a Texan some think might share the ticket…who’s in the running for number two–that’s ahead today on the Texas Standard. The grandson of one president who’s also nephew of another is shaking up what he calls the biggest state agency Texans have never heard of. Our conversation with Land commissioner George P. Bush. And outside big cities, cheap land for sale: some say its the American dream- others call them instant slums. The pitch and the pushback. Plus your guide to the annual Texas book festival, the week in Politics and much more. Its the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: October 2, 2015

The Oregon shooter, and the online screed no one bothered to report. The wild west of digital speech and the dangers. Plus -a flurry news pushes Syria off the front pages, but a former NSC analyst in Texas warns there’s much more to Russia’s gambit there than meets the eye. We’ll discuss. Also, in the game of East Texas hold em known as patent trolling, the tables are turned in dramatic fashion… Hey twitter, what are we outraged about today? Making the case for and against so called slacktivism. Also the week in politics, mums and garters and lots more, today on the Texas Standard:

Higher Ed: Liberal Arts, Democracy, and the Media

What happens when you mix together liberal arts and democracy and then throw in a little media coverage? You get a fascinating discussion about the intersection of those three storied institutions. In this episode of KUT’s podcast Higher EdKUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger discuss how liberal arts learning habits can help us navigate our democracy – especially when political discussions in the media sometimes seem more contentious than civil. In this episode, Ed and Jennifer talk politics – or more specifically, they talk about talking about politics. They also hash out the solution to the latest math puzzler about truth-tellers and liars. How can you tell them apart? Listen on for the creative solution.

Texas Standard: September 11, 2015

During the cold war many Cubans fled to Miami. Now that there’s a thaw…why are Cubans flocking to Texas…and why so many? Also- Boca Chica we have a problem—Residents of a tiny gulf coast village now wish wish that Space X would take off…we’ll hear why. And Attention shoppers, Texas A&M thinks its developed a better tater- we’ll hear about the Reveille Russet. Also the rise of adult coloring books, make that -coloring books for grown-ups…Plus the week in Texas politics, and much more.

V&B: Molly Ivins

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Ivins’ long-time friend and author of Stirring It Up with Molly Ivins, Ellen Sweets as well as Pullitzer-Prize winning political cartoonist Ben Sargent and Ivins’ personal assistant Betsy Moon  in a discussion on Molly’s approach to politics, her life, the significance of satire, and of course food.

Texas Standard: August 10, 2015

Another officer shooting, another unarmed black man- this time in North Texas. The case of Christian Taylor today on the Texas Standard. Also, the Obama Administration was ordered to shutdown Texas immigrant detention centers. But the justice department is asking to keep them open…we’ll hear the rationale. Plus, he may be trumping the rest of the pack when it comes to media attention, but is he really all that unusual as a presidential candidate? We’ll revisit the original outsider and his not so small impact on presidential politics: here’s a hint–he’s got a Texas twang. Its Texas Standard time:

Texas Standard: July 3, 2015

Efforts to step up awareness of possible threats on this 4th of July weekend…just how serious are security concerns? We’ll explore today on the Texas Standard. Nearly 800 million dollars coming to Texas to compensate for the worst oil disaster in history. But how’s that cash gonna be used? And who’s minding the money? Also, a safety net for shale drillers set to expire and a warning about the economic implications.
NPR’s John Burnett joins us to preview his new series on a hush hush crackdown on corruption in South Texas. Plus, the week in Texas politics, your holiday must do list and lots more.


So far there are 19 presidential hopefuls for 2016, and most of them will make Texas a major stop on their campaign trail. That was the inspiration for this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem by David Fruchter.

Texas Standard: June 19, 2015

It’s marked across the US and beyond but it got its start here in Texas 150 years ago today…It’s Juneteenth and this is the Texas Standard. A day of celebration overshadowed by tragedy. Today our commentator calls for a 21st century civil rights movement. Also, The president’s vision for a coal free power grid…how close is Texas to meeting his goals? Closer than you might think. As a new pixar blockbuster heads for the big screen, we’ll do our best to turn the premise “Inside Out”. All that plus the week in Texas politics and more.

Presidential Hope

Texas is likely to have several representatives in the 2016 presidential election. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is stumping and it’s been announced that former Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce… that was the inspiration for Typewriter Rodeo’s Sean Petrie this week.

Green Room: Amazing Grace

Texas just lost one of its most powerful women in politics. And yet, not only did you never cast a vote for her, chances are good you don’t even know her name. But political strategist Harold Cook says that considering her impact, you probably should.

V&B: What is an American?

Do you define yourself as American? What does that mean to you? What kind of messages are we getting about patriotism, nationalism, and “foreigners” from the media and how does this affect our sense of self?

Listen back as KUT’s Rebecca McInroy talks about what it means to be “American” with UT Anthropology Professor John Hartigan , The Department Chair of Radio-Television-Film at UT and Documentarian Paul Stekler, UT History Professor Frank Guridy and writer and educator Sarah Rafael Garcia!  We dive into a wide range of perspectives on the history of shaping an American identity in the political realm, in popular media and in the face to face interactions we have daily.

KUT Weekend – April 4, 2014

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