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June 20, 2024

Subpar Snatch: “Juicy Booty”

By: Jack Anderson

In the casual hookup community, even lovers with the highest body counts (especially those outside cis-hetero norms) might agree; it’s not size, shape, presence, or lack of specific anatomical features that make the biggest impression after the act. No, the quality of your “bits” may actually come second to a sense of enthusiasm when turning what could’ve been a vapid interaction into an unforgettable encounter. You know…”the motion of the ocean” and all that.

Sorry. We’re not trying to give anyone the ick. We just needed a little foreplay before introducing you to Subpar Snatch. First off, “Supbar Snatch” ain’t a bait-and-switch…like if a middle aged man named Richard were to go by “Mid Dick”; check their labian logo lest you misinterpret the band’s handle. Secondly, this Austin ménage à trois of mania and talent has managed to standout in the turbulent world of punk and garage shows which, whether in liminal concrete spaces or on sticky dive bar stages, are usually messy encounters full of technical missteps, sloppy techniques, hair getting caught in things, and performances so short they often climax before the crowd’s hardly half-cocked.

Haven’t slid into Subpar Snatch live in concert yet? Let ’em satisfy you this Pride Month with a gig next Wednesday at Still Austin Whiskey Co. for Gay Heat: Benefit for Equality Texas and a single and music video release show 11:30PM tomorrow night at Chess Club, with openers Sunspite at 10 and Bat Lips at 10:45, plus closers Hell Fury a quarter past midnight. And that new single, “Juicy Booty” is one of the trio’s most aggressive and accessible to date. With a pristine mix that preserves that in-garage gusto, a start-and-stop instrumental riff that’ll make you pull something in the pit, a half time bridge breakdown that edges towards a big finish, and individual intensities that layer together perfectly, “Juicy Booty” is a succulent, stimulating testament to what makes this three-piece anything but subpar…and why denying naughty song titles is plain asinine.


July 12, 2024

Sir Woman: “Never Gonna Give Me Up”

Self love. Loss. Disco balls. You’ll feel the freeing energy of all three across two neat little packages later this year. We’re talkin’ about Austin’s secret soul weapon, Sir Woman. This week Sir Woman broke the news about an upcoming twin release – two full-lengths set to drop this fall – If It All Works […]


July 11, 2024

Margo Scout: “Otters”

Ready for something brand new? We got you! Take our paw, lean back, crack a clam open on your belly, and float downstream with some fresh ATX talent. Introducing Margo Scout. This the inaugural indie rock project of Austin singer-songwriter Rachel Pierron, who just graduated from UT. So sure, Pierron may still be young. But […]


July 10, 2024

Passiflora: “Backyard Birds”

Feeling the heat and humidity outside for just thirty seconds confirms it: we’re well past the season of birds and bees. Yet even as cicadas steal the atmospheric spotlight with that iconic, steamy soundscape of theirs, birdsongs never really go out of style – Cindy, ornithological vocalizations, or otherwise. So let’s talk Passiflora. Having only […]


July 9, 2024

Amy Annelle: “East Texas Son”

When you look past the vast sea of love lyrics out there, songs inspired by natural phenomena are just about the greatest equalizer across music’s history. And it makes sense; there’s something so primal and timeless about evoking the rumble of thunder, the whip of wind, or the roar of the ocean. Sure, you can […]


July 8, 2024

Karima Santi: “Arizona”

Short attention spans and TikTok sensations. That’s one of the biggest pairings in modern media today. So you can’t really blame younger creators for taking the quantity-over-quality approach and just cranking out singles, essentially playing a numbers game for potential traction. But let’s be honest. You’d rather hear something from a patient perfectionist than an […]


July 5, 2024

Foxglove: “Sunday Highs”

Craving some musical soul food for this weekend? Treating yourself to some Foxglove ought to be a good fit! Since 2022 this Austin six-piece has scattered their musical remedies through fields of funk, soul, and R&B alongside forays into indie and hard rock. And as heard on last October’s Ephemeral Daydreams EP, Foxglove forgoes the generic formulas in favor […]


July 4, 2024

Counterfeit Cowboy: “20 Beers”

Happy Fourth of July! As with every Independence Day, you know people are gonna be celebrating loudly, music blaring. If you’re set to watch fireworks from Lady Bird Lake, from experience we can expect a cacophony of sonics from the sea of individual bluetooth speakers. But by and large, across the Lone Star State, we’re […]


July 3, 2024

The Brothers Burn: “Stepped In Gum”

What happens when you possess all the technical prowess to make a modern record and a newfound abundance of time, but you’ve never tried your hand at music? Best get crackin’, right? At least that’s the backstory behind Austin producer Scott Osborn, better known by his creative alias The Brothers Burn. Sure, Scott’s already in […]