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November 23, 2022

Say She She: “Pink Roses”

By: Jack Anderson

Girl groups of the 1970s. By definition, they don’t make ’em like they used to. But considering the enduring energy of golden era disco-R&B icons like Chic, Rufus, and The Supremes, someone’s gotta step up to the plate and carry the torch, right? Fortunately, three of Brooklyn’s finest continue to keep that five-decade-old disco-funk fire alive.

Spearheaded by Chicano Batman alum Piya Malik, 79.5 veteran Nya Gazelle Brown, and relative newcomer Sabrina Mileo Cunningham, Say She She adds a bit of extra heat to discodelic’s existing girlish grace. Say She She’s 4:3 ratio of instrumentalists to vocalists makes for some really fun arrangements and dynamics, not to mention plenty of killer karaoke tracks to try out harmonies on.

Amidst their ascent to the Big Apple’s crowning stem, Say She She just shared their debut album Prism last month. At just under thirty minutes, this 8-track will transport you straight back to the turn of the ’70s/’80s decade (as will their latest single “Wrap Myself Up In Your Love”, which just dropped last Tuesday), albeit with contemporary psych-soul and electro-lo-fi sensibilities. But as we kick off 2022’s holiday gauntlet, we recommend a wholesome sprig of Prism spring for your Thanksgiving cornucopia. Produced by Chicano Batman center Bardo Martinez, “Pink Roses” packs an emotional post-disco punch that champions balance after passing. So if you’re missing a few folks from the dinner table tomorrow, you can still give thanks to artists like this who know exactly what you’re going through.


December 7, 2022

waverly: “overcomplicated” (feat. mHart)

Trap-pop. It’s decidedly a young person’s game. I mean sure, you’ve got “older” folks like Drake and Doja Cat purveying it on the Billboard charts but really, the target demographic and the generation who’s going to take it to the next level are people in their teens and twenties. Which brings us to Wil Brookhart. […]


December 6, 2022

Daily Worker: “Irish Goodbye”

Austin area indie-rock/guitar-pop connoisseurs ought to be well acquainted with the legendary experimental outfit Cotton Mather. The core members of Cotton Mather have kept each other company for a little over two decades, albeit non-consecutive ones. And yet you might still be unfamiliar with Cotton Mather co-founder Harold Whit Williams’ solo endeavor, Daily Worker. To […]


December 5, 2022

July Talk: “Human Side”

You’ve heard of Christmas in July…but July Talk in December? No, your calendar’s not having an existential crisis. But if you want new music at home and live in person, today we’ve got a recommendation and premiere all packed into one. Chances are, you’ve never experienced anything quite like July Talk. For the past decade […]