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November 22, 2022

on being an angel: “brit boy”

By: Jack Anderson

It’s a gloomy start to 2022’s final thirty-nine steps. And in embracing the wintertime blues, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a hazy, understated, all-lowercase aesthetic. Which, here in Austin, brings us to on being an angel. For the past three years this quartet sewn seeds of pop melodies across faint fields of fuzz and gritty landscapes of ’90s-style grunge. With an outspoken preference for the tried-and-true analogue sound over its precocious DAW descendants, the latest milestone in on being an angel’s ongoing mid-fi mission is on being a tape vol. ii. Issued last Friday, on being a tape is a beautifully-flawed four-track whose heart’ll never need any digital clarity to move you. The EP wraps up with an inventive Lucinda Williams cover, but perhaps its biggest standout is the record’s penultimate track and final original. For a fully immersive analogue-and-fisheye experience, “brit boy” begs to be enjoyed alongside its black-and-white VHS-style music video. If that’s not enough, you might even be able to see on being an angel in-person, opening for The Lemonheads, Bass Drum of Death, and Juliana Hatfield on tour over the next month!


December 7, 2022

waverly: “overcomplicated” (feat. mHart)

Trap-pop. It’s decidedly a young person’s game. I mean sure, you’ve got “older” folks like Drake and Doja Cat purveying it on the Billboard charts but really, the target demographic and the generation who’s going to take it to the next level are people in their teens and twenties. Which brings us to Wil Brookhart. […]


December 6, 2022

Daily Worker: “Irish Goodbye”

Austin area indie-rock/guitar-pop connoisseurs ought to be well acquainted with the legendary experimental outfit Cotton Mather. The core members of Cotton Mather have kept each other company for a little over two decades, albeit non-consecutive ones. And yet you might still be unfamiliar with Cotton Mather co-founder Harold Whit Williams’ solo endeavor, Daily Worker. To […]


December 5, 2022

July Talk: “Human Side”

You’ve heard of Christmas in July…but July Talk in December? No, your calendar’s not having an existential crisis. But if you want new music at home and live in person, today we’ve got a recommendation and premiere all packed into one. Chances are, you’ve never experienced anything quite like July Talk. For the past decade […]