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July 10, 2023

Good Looks: “Broken Body”

By: Jack Anderson

Remember our May 2022 Artist of the Month Good Looks? Well, despite a Bummer Year tour-skewing injury for lead guitarist Jake Ames – who’s also taken some time out to foster his other project The Stacks – this jangly four-piece is still going strong. Rumor has it the Austin quartet’s got a slew of new tunes for us coming in the near future, and more concretely than that, they’ll be spending the rest of July on the road.

Yes, after a “ciao for now” appearance at The Long Center last Thursday, Good Looks will be gigging across the nation and spreading their version of the Austin sound in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and beyond. But you don’t have to trek up to one of their dozen-plus summer tour stops nor wait ’til their Labor Day homecoming to get a glimpse at Good Looks’ latest piece of bittersweet indie rock gloom.

Released earlier this morning, “Broken Body” flexes Good Looks’ signature cynical and purposefully-semi-deflated sound from its very first downbeat. What starts as a spited reflection on flawed humanity and faith fizzles into a gorgeously introspective chorus, whose dreamy chord changes underline a decade-and-a-half of lost time on behalf of Tyler Jordan. Anecdotal apparitions of oak trees, dry creeks, and dragonflies provide a picturesque portrait to poignant memories of a friend’s family member before another chorus and a soft sigh of a final note, all bookended by Ames’ heavily distorted guitar and the band’s dynamic ability to perform as one. “Broken Body” definitely shares Bummer Year‘s skeletal structure and keeps Good Looks’ high caliber of tastes in good shape, which on top of our ATX love, will hopefully keep Good Looks’ path far from dark on their way back home.


July 2, 2024


Remember that expression “in the house” that was used to show enthusiasm about someone or something’s presence in close proximity? Yeah, you don’t really hear that one much anymore in the 2020s… But if you do want something that’s retro without sounding too dated, deCasa is sheer delight. Since 2019, deCasa’s Ricky Santiago-Cruz has incorporated […]


June 27, 2024

Rulitos: “Envuelto En Tus Uñas”

Rhythm, melody, and chords. Those are what make the language of music universal. And that’s why even if we can only sing along phonetically, we still appreciate the beauty of a tune, no matter what tongue it’s in – no subtitles necessary. So let’s talk Rulitos. The Chilean-American multi-instrumentalist-songwriter behind this curly-haired handle is Daniel […]


June 26, 2024

Sam Franklin: “Blanket”

If you want quality culture here in Texas, the surname Franklin has been shown to be a strong indicator. There’s BBQ pitmaster Aaron Franklin, The Suffers’ frontwoman Kam Franklin, and…native Austinite Sam Franklin. This producer/engineer/songwriter’s been formally doing his solo thing since the mid twenty-teens, and if you check out his streaming numbers on Spotify […]


June 24, 2024

Painterly: “Ok/Alright”

What’s that old stereotype about the acting hubs of L.A. and New York? Oh right. Every server you meet is actually an actor who’s just waiting tables ’til they score that sweet screen time. Which is fairly different from music hubs like Austin, where success is less about streaming numbers and more about overcoming artist […]


June 21, 2024

Fogwood: “The Mystic Valley”

Yesterday was the summer solstice, not that you’d be able to tell with how grey and rainy it was. So to complement this week’s inclement weather, we’re getting a little foggy this Friday. And that’s on behalf of Fogwood. Down to three members from the original four we heard on Fogwood’s eponymous 2022 debut, this […]


June 20, 2024

Subpar Snatch: “Juicy Booty”

In the casual hookup community, even lovers with the highest body counts (especially those outside cis-hetero norms) might agree; it’s not size, shape, presence, or lack of specific anatomical features that make the biggest impression after the act. No, the quality of your “bits” may actually come second to a sense of enthusiasm when turning […]


June 19, 2024

Daniel Fears: “Home” (Live from the Draylon Mason Music Studio)

Happy Juneteenth! While it’s now a national holiday, it’s always been a celebration here in Texas, where historically Black hubs like Houston were notified of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War’s end later than the rest of the states. And it’s Houston that gave us our July 2021 Artist of the Month Daniel Fears. […]


June 18, 2024

Luke Smith: “Jimmy”

We’re right at Pride Month’s midpoint, so just as a refresher: no matter how you identify, be proud of yourself! At the same time, it’s worth acknowledging our place in a progressive city, a quarter century into the 21st, because not every Queer person’s been blessed with those privileges; more often than not, it’s a […]