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July 7, 2023

Jamey Cummins: “Automatic from Downtown”

By: Jack Anderson

Our ability not just to create, but to contextualize our expressions in a meaningful way is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and because of that, collections have remained attractive to consumers, manufacturers, and artists alike. But since streaming numbers became one of the most-sought out metrics, musicians have regressed from the full-length physical record model to the sporadic attention-grabbing digital single model of releasing music, so those who share pieces within a plurality deserve praise. Now, Jamey Cummins is no stranger to LPs nor standalone singles. A student of styles ranging from avant garde to vintage jazz, this Iowa-raised, Austin-based singer-guitarist dropped his debut album Hinterland in 2020, stretched out his schedule with “Turn this Thing Around” and “Toenail Moon” in 2021, returning to long-form with last year’s Electric Spanish and this spring’s Incidentals. At that rate Cummins could’ve easily sated his fanbase for the remainder of the year, but despite entering the dog days of summer, Cummins just came through with a bit more than a sole single. Today Jamey Cummins and E.M.R.’s Austin Sisler released Stay Connected. At a trim three tunes, the bulk of Stay Connected is its two title tracks, the synth-pop inspired EP opener, and the extended Analog Version centerpiece. It’s pretty common practice to include a remix or two when releasing singles, so major kudos to Cummins for also rounding out Stay Connected with “Automatic from Downtown”. Following those first forays into contemporary pop radio bait and turn-of-the-millennium indie rock, respectively, “Automatic”‘s placement as Stay Connected‘s closer make the EP play like a gradual exploration into the past that stops right in the mid-’90s halfway between X and Wilco for some nuanced garage rock, full of modern production flourishes. All three can be enjoyed in isolation, but spinning it front to back is the best way to Stay Connected to Cummins and Sisler’s collective musical threads and get the most out of this nine-minute journey.


April 17, 2024

Rhythm&Truth and Sakari: “Bring It All Back”

We won’t say that successful collaborations should mandate a solo artist’s trajectory. But if something built together leaves people wanting more, it’s not a bad idea to get back together and sate those desires, right? Because what’s unachievable on the individual level often just needs to get catalyzed by some good collabo chemistry. So let’s […]


April 15, 2024

Felt Out: “Crash Inside It”

When we last geeked out over Austin’s Felt Out, we broke down their foundation as that of auto-tune innovators on the cutting edge of alt-pop. And following the first anniversary of their second full-length Until I’m Light, that’s clearly still the case for these multi-instrumentalist-producers. They still sound like a next generation Imogen Heap. Their […]


April 15, 2024

Tone Royal: “Alone” (feat. Daddy NAT)

When rappers claim to be “the best on the mic”, they’re talking about verbal skills, not their technical prowess with any specific equipment. Clearly that’s the case, since you’ll see those same people spend a whole set cupping the SM58 ’cause it turns out their mic technique actually sucks. But in terms of intimate familiarity […]


April 12, 2024

Tagua Tagua: “4AM (Acústico)”

Feliz sexta! Today we’re talking about Tagua Tagua, the passion project of São Paulo songwriter-producer Felipe Puperi. Now, Brazil is an enormous country, full of fervent creators; it takes a ton of traction to get towards the top. But in the seven years since Puperi launched off, Tagua Tagua’s become one of the nation’s most […]


April 10, 2024

Faaris: “Taken Not Given”

As our ever-evolving hip-hop scene steadily expands, so does the representation of nations, cultures, and identities from its contributors. And for some truly refreshing cross-cultural flavors that have made their way into the ATX hip-hop melting pot, look no further than Faaris. Brought up in a Pakistani household right here in Austin, Faaris brings a […]


April 9, 2024

Adam Sultan: “The Great Divide”

They say, “write what you know”. And in music, if you know something well enough to perfect its performance, that usually means you’ve absorbed the material enough to build upon it and make it your own. So let’s talk about Austin’s Adam Sultan. Sultan started off a singer-guitarist in the ’90s with Poi Dog Pondering […]


April 5, 2024

Flicker Vertigo: “Midnight Fantasies Upon Prospect Hill”

As an unabashed Pink Floyd fan, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to firing up the Atmos mix of Animals on my home theater setup when the BluRay drops next month. Sure, the full record’s been etched in my memory forever now, but through the lens of the latest mix an full […]


April 4, 2024

Mountains in Stars: “Hazards of Loving Creatures”

You’ve heard it a million times before: a picture is worth a thousand words. But go ahead and try it out if you dare. Pick a picture and start verbalizing. Yeah…you’ll give up far before you get anywhere close to a four-digit word count. Music on the other hand? Each chord carries various connotations, which […]