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May 1, 2024

Emily Shirley: “Morning Light”

By: Jack Anderson

It’s the classic end to an encounter. You meet someone new. Sparks seemingly fly. You have fun for a night. But when you wake up ready to tell your new boo you’d like to see ’em again…they’re long gone. Hell, and in the modern era, that might all happen on just on an app alone. That’s all to say that in the dating world, whether intentions are casual or not, the one who cares the least holds the most power.

A sad truth for sure, but not exactly news to seasoned songwriters like Emily Shirley. On top of membership in both The Belle Sounds and Sister Golden Hair, Shirley’s solo discography dates back to 2010. Her vocal delivery may seem nonchalant, but between expert breath control (seriously, listen to some of those long tones), pitch perfect pipes, and learned lyricism, there’s obviously a ton of passion imbued in this Austinite. And with passion comes pursuit, right?

Well, it turns out Emily Shirley’s no stranger to the ol’ post-connection cease-and-desist in interaction either. Because you don’t need to be a paranormal investigator to have questions arise over the ghosts in our lives, be it self-doubt or just wanting a sense of closure. And that’s all reflected in Shirley’s brand new bittersweet single “Morning Light”, an amorous phantom of multi-tracked vocal harmonies, spectral electric lead guitar, and an almost-incorporeal arrangement. So before you decide to block contact with your latest fling, really get a handle on how the other side feels with “Morning Light”. And for all those who’ve been on the receiving end, this tune’s a perfect approach to taking heartbreak like a champ.

And don’t forget, Emily Shirley graces the airwaves in a solo set with our buds over at KOOP 91.7FM 3PM this Saturday on The Singer & The Song.