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January 26, 2023

Bennett Dampier: “I Hate You”

By: Jack Anderson

Based on one fossil of a film franchise, we’ve pretty much come to belief that most archaeologists have some sort of a side hustle. And although they haven’t had escapades like Indy’s quite yet, today we’re digging into Austin’s Bennett Dampier. Dampier recently wrapped up his Master’s in Archaeology at Texas State, which is impressive on its own but doubly so considering he split that time writing and recording his debut album.

Produced by David Ramirez/Big Bill drummer Jeffrey Olson and Heartless Bastards/Star Parks bassist Sam Pankey, Multiverse Tirade stacks nine tracks into a neat little package. The LP’s chock-full of Dampier’s friends for a real “who’s who” of Austin talent from projects like PR Newman, Annabelle Chairlegs, CAPYAC, Motenko, Batty, Jr., and more. Conceptually a break-up record, each arrangement, each choice of players corresponds with a specific stage of post-relationship coping, collectively into one heck of an emotional experience.

So while we await Multiverse Tirade‘s release date, Dampier’s given us a galloping skiffle-orchestral original to tide us over ’til next week. At just over three minutes, the folksy psych harmonies and melancholy trot of “I Hate You” make it sound like an unreleased B-Side from the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, albeit defined by Dampier’s own McCartney-esque charm.


March 29, 2023

Small Engine Fire: “Ruin Everything”

Between the 30th anniversary of the Waco siege and the tragedy that just occurred on the border, the word “fire” might understandably turn some Texans off right about now. But for those who continue to rock out through the pain of the world’s ongoing, encircling dumpster fire…this one is for you. It comes courtesy of […]


March 28, 2023

Andy Aylward: “No Surrender”

Whether its a stubborn molecule of toxic masculinity, a frank reflection on the fragility of life, or just a brash rock ‘n’ roll stereotype, “getting soft with age” is an oft-repeated adage, especially in the world of music. In the decade-long natural maturation of tastes between one’s preteens and post-grad explorations, there can be an […]


March 27, 2023

Evergreen: “Step”

Since our late great radio icon John Aielli passed away, KUTX’s airwaves have largely veered away from classical music. But some of the best things about classical music are its timeless universality, its enduring ability to be adapted, and its ripe potential for renewed relevance post-re-interpolation. That’s also is a big part of what drives […]