Laurie Gallardo

Oh Hell Yeah

All the heart emojis go here. The word that may best describe Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim is euphoric. Two decades together and six albums, one EP and a collection of remixes later, they remain one of the most joyful and joyous musical duos to connect with live audiences. They’ve navigated an independent career of highs and lows with this contagious elation they bring to every show, every interview, something that Matt Johnson once described in a 2019 chat with Paste as a “hell yeah vibe – Kim (Schifino) comes in with more of a f%ck yeah vibe!” And it’s genuine.

The vibe is yours at Matt and Kim’s show tonight, Tuesday Sept. 12, at Mohawk on Red River on the outdoor stage. LA-based musician Vinny Earley‘s jolting garage/power punk project Vaguess (pronounced “Vegas”) starts out the night. Doors at 7 p.m. And also from LA, the electrifying Stuntdriver performs on Mohawk’s indoor stage. Badass line-up.

The Heart Is

Home Is Where

Home Is Where captures the frustration, the mindlessness, the disassociation of existing – or, attempting to exist – in an increasingly apathetic world on The Whaler, with the exhilaration of punk, hardcore, and a nod to emo. It’s a sonic transmission of one overwhelmed with repulsion, not just bursting but tearing out of the societal fabric’s suffocating expectation with an unhinged scream. Lyricist/vocalist Brandon MacDonald writes from her own experiences of anxiety and dread pervading her life as she navigates a world that doesn’t want her to exist. Or worse – a world that doesn’t give a damn.

This is the show. See Home Is Where tonight, Monday Sept. 11, at the Far Out Lounge and Stage in South Austin. The line-up includes Denton bands Homewrecker and the Bedwetters and Upsetting, and Austin outfit Lola Tried. Doors at 7 p.m.

Lola Tried

An Eastside Evening

East Austin is the place to be this weekend, specifically along E. 12th St. Not only are there a lot of great shows to catch during the Eastside Kings Festival, but creative collective PietchHouse is offering a sneak peak of the Future Front House for Future Front Texas.

The new Future Front HQ, 1900 E. 12th St., houses a community space and exhibition series for local artists, with women and LGBTQ+ creatives at the helm. As a special preview of the new location, everyone’s invited to An Eastside Evening with Magna Carda, featuring a photo exhibit, a conversation with the East Side Riders bike club, and a performance by Magna Carda. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Future Front House. Tickets are available at the PietschHouse website.

East Austin Royalty

Sean Mack McDonald and Stan Mosley

Not only is this event an annual tradition, it’s actively keeping alive a vital part of Austin’s musical history and culture that many still are unaware of. The 11th Annual Eastside Kings Festival, presented by the Eastside Kings Foundation, kicks off tonight in grand style with a party at Antone’s, featuring Terry Harmonica Bean and the Boo Boo Davis Band. The live music continues through the weekend, Monday and Tuesday, with blues, jazz and gospel artists performing at Skylark Lounge on Airport Blvd., Justine’s Brasserie on E. 5th, and venues along E. 12th St., an area that was a hotbed of blues and R&B during the post-war era.

Eastside Kings Foundation came into being in 1999 with Eastside Kings, an album recorded by Dialtone Records producer and EKF founder Eddie Stout, featuring several of Austin’s largely unknown African American blues artists. But one LP wasn’t going to cover it. An entire series of Eastside Kings albums followed, and eventually the festival was born.

This year’s festival includes Sean “Mack” McDonald and Stan Mosley (pictured above), Orange Jefferson (featured on today’s AMM), Glenda Dotson with Harry Bodine, the Jones Family Gospel Singers, Pamala Allen & Co., the Gospel Starz, Keith Dunn, and many more, including a few familiar faces in the backup bands – Je’Texas, Dylan Bishop, Hash Brown, and the Moeller Brothers with Nick Connolly.

Check the EKF website for the full schedule with set times and locations. Tickets are available at Antone’s Record Shop.

-Special thanks to Eddie Stout for his assistance with today’s AMM.

Raining Cherries and Stems

photo: White LIght Exposure

One word that may come to mind when describing Magic Rockers of Texas: Irreverent. And irresistibly so, like someone grinning smugly at your discomfort while asking, “What’s your problem?” With the kind of bangers Magic Rockers puts out, it works like a friggin’ charm. Excellent stuff from the mind of songwriter/vocalist Jim Campo, with the temperature fluctuating between punk, garage rock, and an almost sickening pop sweetness that buckles your knees.

Then a most awesome curve ball is delivered in the form of Life’s A Bowl Of Cherries…And All I Got Was Stems! Wanna commiserate over a couple of Lone Star tall boys? The new album’s stories come from not so much a pity party, but as a kind of…declaration of independence, maybe? As in, “Look, I’m tryin’ here,” or “It’s not you, it’s me.” Check out the video for the album closer, “Words in a Bin,” and feel crushed as it slowly peels your heart into shreds. “Me / I’m a bottom feeder boy / and it’s all I can do to keep moving forward / I write my thoughts down / they’re only words in a bin…” It burns so good.

Why don’t more people know about Magic Rockers of Texas? Why?? Treat yourself to their album release show tomorrow night, Friday Sept. 8, at Hotel Vegas. Doors at 9 p.m. Gummy Fang starts out the night, followed by Gold Leather, then Magic Rockers, and closing out the night is Otis Wilkins.

Spaceflight Presents Skylab

Otis Wilkins. Photo: Genevieve Marie Adams.

Don’t be thrown by the words “music industry social.” Though at times it denotes an exclusive (and a bit stuffy) South-By soiree, this time around it’s a party for everybody. Austin-based label Spaceflight Records is kicking off a new residency this week at Scholz Garten, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd. Skylab: A Music Industry Social is a happy hour gathering for those in the industry and the music lovers as well. Everyone from the musicians to the tour managers, bookers to label reps, bands and the fans, all are welcome to get in some great schmoozing and check out some fantastic live music.

The new series starts with Spaceflight artist Otis Wilkins taking over Scholz’ patio stage early tomorrow evening, Thursday Sept. 7, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Catch a different artist from the Spaceflight roster same time each week, including Nemegata, S.L. Houser, Chris Catalena, Trouble in the Streets, special guest Anastasia Hera, and Croy and the Boys, through Oct. 19.

Texas River Wellspring

Lindsey Merrill of Little Mazarn. Photo: Uzumaki Eyes.

A slight change of plans for tonight’s Little Mazarn residency kick off show at Chess Club. Kindly stepping in for songwriter Sarah Lee this evening is Little Mazarn friend and Wizard Rodeo collaborator, Garrett T. Capps, always delivering killer sets with his band NASA Country, whether it’s at East Austin honky-tonk White Horse or owning the room (literally and figuratively) at the Lonesome Rose in San Antonio.

Capps starts out tonight at 9 p.m., followed by the quiet grace and wonder of Little Mazarn at 10 p.m. Rounding out the night is a badass outfit serving up a healthy dose of Chicken Fried Snake from some distant lonesome highway, Rattlesnake Milk, at 11 p.m.

On the other side of this month’s Chess Club residency coin is Precious Gems, featuring Nicole Hale and Little Mazarn’s Lindsey Verrill, taking up the reins next Tuesday, Sept. 12. The bill includes magnificent post punk madness by Ferret Noise and, bringing the light with Until I’m Light, dynamic duo Felt Out.

Howdy Gals On A Monday

Wednesday Kid. Photo: Emma Grace Stauber.

It’s a perfect start to the week, whether you’ve had Labor Day off or you’re wrapping up the day after punching the clock. Howdy Gals, the Austin-based inclusive live music booking collective, presents Howdy Gals On A Monday at Hole In the Wall tonight. This week’s showcase features Terrence Kiser’s musical project Soul Sipper; Austin artist, by way of Houston, Will Derden’s project Wednesday Kid; and folk/rock outfit Hanover. The music starts at 8 p.m.


All About The Jaguar Sound

El sonido, tan rico. Las melodías, tan hermosas. And let us not forget those badass beats. To think it all emerged from the depths of a soul-crushing pandemic…

Adrian Quesada spent those isolated days on long bike rides, followed by late nights in the studio experimenting with practically any sounds that came to mind, from hip-hop beats to snippets he recorded from the natural world. Eventually, this sonic journal capturing a specific moment in time evolved into twelve tracks of alluring, cinematic instrumental brilliance and a (virtual) gathering of epic talent that became Jaguar Sound. Such a superb follow-up to the sultry Boleros Psicod​é​licos, Quesada’s enamored homage to the Cuban bolero, with those signature soul and psychedelic touches.

Tonight is the night to experience the magic live with Adrian Quesada’s Jaguar Sound, taking over Dell Hall at The Long Center, 701 W. Riverside Dr. Once again, it’s an all-star band including special guests Mireya Ramos, Angélica Garcia and Clemente Castillo. ¡Qué magnífico! The show begins at 8 p.m. And word is, tickets are disappearing. Jump on it.

Kids At The Border

Urban Heat

This weekend marks the return of Kids At the Border, benefitting El Centro, CA-based nonprofit Border Kindness Bondad Frontera, founded in 2018. Though the organization is based in California, its work is making a broader, more universal impact upon vulnerable populations from Central American countries. This includes providing humanitarian aid, education services, legal services and day laborer outreach to migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

Leave it to creative collective The Artlands and Austin musicians to represent in a major way. Kids At The Border happens tomorrow night, Saturday Sept. 2, at Hotel Vegas, on the patio stage and inside the venue. Doors at 8 p.m., with the sickest line-up taking over – Urban Heat, Sailor Poon, Lord Friday the 13th, Norman Ba$e, and Gus Baldwin & The Sketch. The event includes a silent art auction, exclusive merch and more.

*Special thanks to Sandy Martinez for her assistance with today’s AMM.

Jets and Fire

Photo: Patrick Hagenow.

Welcome to a double dose of Mamahawk on KUTX – not that you’ll mind in the least. Today’s AMM puts the spotlight on their single “Walk In the Fire,” as cool and invitingly pop/yacht rocky as the vibe off 2019’s Brain Invaderz!. And there’s today’s KUTX Song of the Day with their newest track “Fighter Jet,” more down tempo but plenty of rocket fuel in this jazz-prog burner. Both tunes will be on Mamahawk’s forthcoming LP, and chances are pretty good you’ll hear the new music and even get your Brain Invaderz! fix at Mamahawk’s show tomorrow night, Friday Sept. 1, at Sagebrush. An excellent bill starring magnificence personified, Aubrey Hays, and purveyor of powerfolk, good ol’ Sammy G. The line-up rules, the music is gorgeous, and it all starts at 10 p.m. Go for it.

A Cooler Summertime Breeze

A tip o’ the hat to Lonesome Heroes‘ songwriter/vocalist Rich Russell for describe the recording of his band’s new single “Summertime Breeze” as a heartfelt Traveling Wilburys moment, creating some golden magic with an end-of-summer song, despite feelings of dread over a seemingly endless summer.

The new single is from the forthcoming album Seasons Change, out in November, and it’s far more cool and sublime than the fiery hell temps roasting Austin as of late. “Summertime Breeze” is officially out tomorrow on all platforms, and you can treat yourself to a live performance of it when you see Lonesome Heroes tonight, Wednesday Aug. 30, at Sahara Lounge, 1413 Webberville Rd. It’s part of the Lonesome Nights country showcase series presented by our colleagues at KOOP Radio. Doors at 7 p.m., and the line-up features Armadillo Road and South Texas Tweek.

Introducing Courtney Santana

This is an introduction, but the the fact is, you’ve probably heard Courtney Santana sing before. Many times. Take some wisdom from 20 Feet From Stardom and know this: You never know the fire behind the scenes. And now it’s time for the center stage.

Santana’s 35-year career spans across the entertainment industry, from live music to theater to dance. She’s a featured singer on more than 28 LPs and has performed with Hootie and The Blowfish, Robert Randolph, Jessie Dayton, Patrice Pike, Wendy Colonna, Nakia, Shinyribs…the list continues to grow. In addition to touring the globe with bands and as a solo artist, Santana has performed in musicals such as Dreamgirls, RENT and Porgy and Bess.

Santana, a member of Sonic Guild‘s Class of 2023-2024 artist nominees, is ready to release her debut solo album Epiphanies of A Butterfly next year. And before heading out to the She Rises Festival in Taos, NM at the end of this month, you can see her perform at 9:30 p.m. tonight, Tuesday Aug. 29, at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul on S. Congress. Stick around for Grooveline Horns at 10:45 p.m.

Venus in Furs

Sterling Morrison (1966)

Admittedly, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” was the easy go-to for today’s AMM about the Sterling Morrison birthday celebration tonight at Hotel Vegas. Maybe the featured track should’ve been the closer of their debut LP The Velvet Underground & Nico, in all of its entire seven minute-plus glory. “European Son” was cowritten by Lou Reed, John Cale, drummer Moe Tucker and Morrison, an improvisational love/hate song dedicated to Reed’s former mentor, poet Delmore Schwartz. Still…it’s been said Morrison’s favorite Velvet Underground track – of all time – was actually “Venus in Furs.”

Though Morrison never released any solo work, it’s widely acknowledged that his contributions were essential to Velvet Underground’s distinctive sound. Then in 1970, Morrison took up studies at UT Austin and earned a PhD in medieval literature. His last Velvet Underground show was August 21, 1971 in Houston. Following that performance, he informed the band he wouldn’t be returning with them to New York – just before they boarded their returning flight.

Sterling Morrison’s Birthday: A Tribute To The Life and Music of The Velvet Underground honors the legend of the multi-talented musician with performances by a badass cast of local faves, including The Black Angel‘s Jake Garcia, Queen Serene‘s Sarah Ronan, Jason McNeely, Nolan Potter, DAIISTAR‘s Misti Hamrick-French and many more. Doors at 9:30 p.m.

Yes, Morrison’s birthday is actually tomorrow. They’re just getting a head start at Hotel Vegas. Dig.

Legend and Legacy

If you know about Third Root, or the Austin Boogie Crew, you know DJ Chicken George (Jeff Henry). He’s originally from Houston. Austin is damn lucky to have him.

His innovative style, technique and unpredictable grooves have granted him sessions across the U.S. and around the world. But he’s much more than a club DJ. This is an individual thinker often regarded as the very embodiment of hip-hop, a fearless artist, a master collaborator with impeccable tastes.

Last year, Henry was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). He’s received some treatments that are helping, but he’s also dealing with the resulting fatigue and low energy that’s putting a halt to his DJ gigs. However, friends and supporters have come together to help him out. In addition Austin Boogie Crew partner Danny Spence starting a GoFundMe campaign, several others have organized various events like A Benefit For DJ Chicken George, happening tonight at Empire Garage. It’s a family affair with Riders Against the Storm, Blackillac, Third Root featuring the scholar emcee himself Bavu Blakes, a DJ set by Adrian Quesada, Vocab and Da Shade, and the phenomenal Gracie Chavez and her Bombón crew. Doors at 8 p.m.

Nothing but love here. Mad respect, DJ Chicken George. And here’s to the future.

Todo El Dia

Photo: Rafael Cardenas.

And now, a couple of recommendations for your music collection. Obviously, you need to add III, the aptly titled third studio release from East LA dynamic duo Tropa Magica, which includes today’s featured track “Todo El Dia” and AMM personal picks “Price of Life,” “Cumbia Mamon” and the album closer that would leave the cucuy beaming with pride, “Wampiro.” But make sure you give several spins to Tripiando al Infinito en Mi Rec​á​mara, in which los hermanos Pacheco (guitarist/vocalist David and drummer Rene) built a dazzling homage to a multitude of styles that shaped their sound.

The descriptions given to Tropa Magica run the gamut, from psychedelic cumbia punk, to a combo of cumbia, classic rock and grunge. It’s all of that and more. Combining these influences has been a way for the Pacheco sibs to reconnect to their culture and define their identity as Latinos, while tying in the many different music genres they grew up with. They’ve described it as “an eclectic mashup,” or creating a synthesis of everything they love.

Do not sleep on this one. Tropa Magica will be in Austin for a show tomorrow night, Saturday Aug. 26, at The 13th Floor on Red River. Doors at 7 p.m., and DJ Tropicana Joe brings the exotica-tropicana-cha cha cha to the party. Samba, bossa and balanço, baby.

Hello, Neighbor!

That’s right, talking to YOU, neighbor. The AMM is giving you a heads-up about an early show tonight at Hotel Vegas, featuring two Austin bands with new music on the way. BOOHER, the project led by songwriter and former Zykos front person Michael Booher, recently announced the release of the new track featured on today’s AMM, “Neighbor.” And Gilded Lows releases two singles next month, “Brave” and “Last Cowboy,” from their forthcoming album out Oct. 13.

New music in abundance! Catch BOOHER and Gilded Lows at an early show tonight, Thursday Aug. 24, at Hotel Vegas on E. 6th. Doors at 6:30 p.m., and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.

Introducing Lost Patterns

Beth Chrisman and Silas Lowe. Photo: White Light Exposure.

Facts. Beth Chrisman and Silas Lowe are two of the most well-respected, in-demand talents in the realms of folk, bluegrass, country and far beyond. If you’ve had the pleasure of working with either musician or both, you know the mad skills you’re dealing with. They’re songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and vocalists who’ve performed together since first meeting in 2006. So, it only makes sense that they would collaborate on a project like Lost Patterns. Chrisman and Lowe bring this endless wealth of knowledge and experience to their new self-titled LP, a soundtrack winding you through the back roads to the back porches, with a bit of high lonesome and a lot of sweet harmonies.

Lost Patterns performs tonight, Wednesday Aug. 23, at The 13th Floor on Red River, starting at 9 p.m. It’s a line-up featuring songwriter Wil Cope and Doug Walseth at 10 p.m., and Sparkle Grass at 11 p.m.

The Magician

Jordan Moser reveals a quiet force building beneath a pensive exterior on his 2023 LP Peril. And to be blunt, the cast of musicians in the album credits reads like a who’s-who of awesome badassery, including Lindsey Verrill and Jeff Johnston (Little Mazarn); producer Dan Duszynski on guitar and percussion; vocalist Natalie Jane Hill; Dailey Toliver playing all of the things, basically; and pedal steel extraordinaire courtesy of Bob Hoffnar.

In certain ways, like Moser’s previous release Long Night, Peril has a contemplative, understated feel, but there’s nothing understated about the emotion coursing through its multi-layered veins, leaving you mesmerized by a very engrossing storyteller. Moser continues his residency at Hole In the Wall with a show tonight, Tuesday Aug. 22, starting at 8 p.m.

-Special thanks to Tony Presley and Keeled Scales for their assistance with today’s AMM.

It’s Golden

Uplift. Amplify. And inspire. It’s all gold, and artistic expression that Austin-based artist Goldie Pipes intends to share with others, the way his own musical influences have done so over the years. From Bobby “Blue” Bland to Marvin Gaye to James Brown, as well as the gospel music his grandparents listened to, and classic hip-hop, the Houston native took it all in and discovered his own voice in the grand scheme.

You could say that tomorrow night’s show is a celebration of the way music shapes the soul and the world. GP’s Golden Gathering is bringing together local artists to shine like the gold they are, including soul music outfit UFO Radio, avant garde jazz/soul fusion artist R1tual, and featured on today’s AMM, Anastasia Hera and the Heroes. The Gathering commences tomorrow, Tuesday Aug. 22, at Antone’s, 305 E. 5th St. Doors at 7 p.m.

Anastasia Hera