Laurie Gallardo

Transdimensional Fiesta

Surely you have your own definition of a mystical experience. Aside from (one obvious choice) the power and brilliance of music, consider including the exhilaration of cake frosting in one’s hair. Something like that.

Perhaps it was more sticky than exhilarating, but chalk it up to a productive day for SMiiLE songwriter and front man Jake Miles, following a video shoot for one of SMiiLE’s new tracks, “Mystical Experience,” featured on today’s Austin Music Minute. That, along with “Someone Who Can Do Both,” make their official debut with SMiiLE’s double-single release party tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 901 Red River. And this is one hell of a bill, darling, featuring PR Newman, Van Mary, and Christelle Miller.

Doors open at 9 p.m. You need to check out all of these artists. Plus, double points to all involved who included the description  “corybantic celebration” in the Facebook invite for this evening’s soirée. Totally recommended.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

That Need To Bleed

First things first. You know by now your friendly neighborhood Austin Music Minute host is active in clarifying some universal points. Case in point: SINE, the Austin-based rock/electronic outfit extending its figurative outstretched arms toward a beguiling but deadly abyss, is fronted by songwriter, drummer and vocalist Rona Rougeheart. This is where we transcend the now outdated and utterly useless term “female-fronted” band. SINE is, quite simply, a badass band. Period. This one happens to be led by Rougeheart. And, in a recent review comparing Rougeheart’s drumming style to that of The VandalsJosh Freese (nailed it), it should also be clear one is dealing with a dark, rhythmically rich and alluring sound that’s not to be trifled with.

It’s been a nerve-wracking journey, but Rougeheart is poised to unleash her latest creation. The pulsating frequency and grooves of SINE’s debut album INSOMNIÆ create an irresistible ominous undercurrent of unsettling moods, unraveling into depravity. What’s about to happen?

Something wicked this way comes. SINE presents their album release listening party tonight at Elyisum, 705 Red River, featuring DJ sets by AusuraSunil, (of KOOP’s Darkest Before Dawn), dark-eternal badass Curse Mackey, and the magnificent Candy Whiplash. Night fiends, gather at 9:30 p.m.

And you will dance. So recommended.

-Photo/art by Rona Rougeheart.

Swan Dive

Your friendly neighborhood Austin Music Minute has your Thursday evening sorted. Swing by the Swan Dive for another great mix of talent on the bill:

-Starting out the evening at 8:30 p.m. is Otis Wilkins, the more stripped-down solo project of hard-shredding Otis the Destroyer front man Taylor Wilkins.

-Making her way from Beaumont, lo-fi folk-pop songwriter Ariel Bush unhinges 21st century psyche-psych from her release, Alter Me.

-Only one way to go; “To the Stars.” Rounding out the night, it’s Austin pop-rockers The Big Fix.

It’s all tonight at the Swan Dive, 615 Red River at E. 7th. Check ’em out.

-Photography by Kate Blaising.

Hive Mind

Livvy Bennett is unwavering in her vocals. There’s a wisdom in her tone, compassionate but adamant, as she sings, “It doesn’t seem just to me/to expect exclusivity…” in Mamalarky‘s track “Nonmonogamy.” Listen carefully. It goes beyond eschewing a traditional relationship standard dictated by society, and more into the importance of communication and honesty.

You’ll find that gorgeous track (as well as today’s dreamy AMM selection, “Much Better”) on Mamalarky’s debut EP, Fundamental Thrive Hive. And, following their recent Studio 1A debut on Taylor Wallace‘s show, you can see Mamalarky tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 901 Red River. Another excellent bill to soak up, including sets by more AMM faves Being Dead, Lolita Lynne, and Indoor Creature. The music begins at 9 p.m.

Ah, the affairs of the heart. Very recommended.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

In Full Effect

It’s one of the best Saturday nights around, music nerd. Going from Rick McNulty sweeping you off your feet with all manner of rock ‘n’ soul classics on Uptown Saturday Night right into dynamic duo Confucious Jones and Fresh shaking things up with massive hip-hop, rap, funk/soul/R&B and then some on The Breaks on KUTX 98.9. And it’s always live. That spontaneity keeps it real. But now, it’s time to take it up a notch.

The Breaks Live is KUTX’s new residency at Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St., featuring all the fantastic track selections and candid conversation you hear on The Breaks, live and in person. The new show launches tonight with a performance and interview with special guest, Houston hip-hop artist Doeman Dyna. Doors open at 9 p.m. Send in an RSVP to get in free before 10 p.m.

Get on up. The Austin Music Minute recommends this one double time.

-The track featured on today’s AMM is “Ms. Compton,” from the self-titled album by Jake Lloyd.

Love the Crazy Ride

Greetings. Your Austin Music Minute maven has returned from a two-week break, with this rec to remedy your Monday blahs. Where to begin? Ah, yes: The song of the heart.

There’s nothing wrong with poetry. Nothing at all. However, for Austin-based songwriter Michael Booher, there’s no desire to mask the scars with flowery rhymes and alliteration. The former Zykos frontman’s debut solo album Funny Tears unveils a soul buried in uncertainty, yet warm and inviting, an open heart surviving the roller coaster journey into the vast emotional unknown. But hear the man out; it can’t all be bad.

Don’t miss Booher’s performance tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1501 E. 6th. Also on the bill: The Carribean vacation headspace that is Austin Leonard Jones, and party folk songwriter David Israel. Get there round 9 p.m. Recommended.

-Photography by White Light Exposure.