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September 5, 2022

Thieves’ Tales

By: Laurie Gallardo

Each tale on Alex Dupree‘s latest album reveals the hustler and the con, the man behind the curtain, a series of illusions kept alive mostly out of survival. And every character is unable to cope with the dose of reality they’ve been dealt.

Thieves itself was born from Dupree’s own challenges and struggles, and in a way, these fictional individuals are an odd parallel to his life experience. Though every character is different, the album sounds almost autobiographical through Dupree’s singular voice.

Don’t miss Alex Dupree at his next show tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 6, at Hole In the Wall. He shares the bill with songwriter Adam Ostrar and Small Cool World host T.J. Masters‘ music project Guma. Doors at 9 p.m.


September 26, 2023

Miles and Miles

Put the go-to retro label aside for a minute. The Heavy Heavy moves beyond that with a multi-layered ‘60s sound on their debut EP Life and Life Only. The way Georgie Fuller and Will Turner channel psych and mod influences with folk and soul in a timeless shimmer feels more instinctive than imitative. Then again, […]


September 25, 2023

Zachariah…And Pamela Anderson

Truth be told, your nerdy AMM host is drooling like a goblin over Hyperreal Film Club‘s upcoming scary October screenings at Hotel Vegas. This Austin-based film lovers’ club, formed in 2016, does badass pop-up screenings of independent films of every genre at various spots around town, and provides a platform for guest columnists to write […]


September 23, 2023


The humor is just as beautiful as the damn album, and the album is gorgeous. It starts as soon as you drop the needle on “Girls Bugging Me” on BOOTCUT. You clearly hear Afie Jurvanen, better known as Nova Scotia-based artist Bahamas, attempting to record something, but his young daughters are not having it. “…Can […]