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January 3, 2024

The Midnight Stroll: “You Can Escape”

By: Jack Anderson

Often the main ingredient in supergroup concoctions is a set of sonic similarities between the members’ preexisting independent projects. Other times, their territories barely border on each other, and yet the chemistry between the individual players is too good to pass up. So no, we’re obviously not talking about Lulu.

Instead, it’s The Midnight Stroll, a somewhat unlikely union between Ghostland Observatory frontman Aaron Behrens and Heartless Bastards lead guitarist Jonas Wilson. The Midnight Stroll began ten years back as a strictly solo venture for Behrens while GLO was on break, but after recruiting Wilson as producer and music director, it dawned on the pair to lean on their strength as equals. Wilson’s idiosyncratic interest in analog and homemade technology helped dictate the duo’s rock sound on 2015’s Heartbreak Boogaloo and 2017’s Western Static, before Ghostland beckoned Behrens back in 2018 and Wilson took up six-string duties with the Bastards. In the six years since then, we haven’t heard a peep from The Midnight Stroll. That is…until today.

This morning Wilson and Behrens rejuvenated the jaunt with “You Can Escape” a standalone single shared by Wilson’s own Mr. Pink Records. Its simplistic percussion rhythm lays the groundwork for Wilson’s grunge-ingrained guitar, stargazing synths, and Behrens wiry, weightless vocals, all for an empowering piece of retro-style alt-rock. So if Hump Day’s got you feeling like the walls of life are closing in on you, take this three-minute break to remind yourself…you can escape.


July 16, 2024

This Is My Thing: Sword Fighting!

On this episode of ‘This Is My Thing,’ we’ll talk with Anna Beard about her love of swords and sword fighting.


July 4, 2024

The Secret Life of Ethan Finlay

Austin FC winger Ethan Finlay talks about managing familial relationships as a young athlete, what his back up plan was before he went pro, and his work with the MLS Players Association.


July 1, 2024

Jenny Parrott: “When I’m In Need of a Loving God”

Omnichord milestones seem to come once every couple decades. Just look at the space between Eurythmics’ “Love Is a Stranger”, Gorillaz’ “Clint Eastwood”, and Meshell Ndegeocello’s Grammy-winning The Omnichord Real Book from last year. From those big three alone, we think it’s fair to say this kooky little electronic contraption’s not just a novelty. Instead […]


June 28, 2024

Ray Prim: “The Joker”

You can be a valedictorian classically trained vocalist. You can work with the best producers. You can run circles around your songwriting contemporaries. But one thing you can’t fake, no matter how much work you put into it, is a natural sense of soul. That’s why Ray Prim is such an Austin treasure. Heck, he […]


June 25, 2024

SPRY: “All In Good Time”

It’s our Summer membership drive! And to help say thanks for all of your generous contributions, we’re giving back with some KUTX-clusive premieres for the rest of the week, starting off with a rockin’ rebrand. If you’ve kept up with Austin outfit Mohawk Bends, you might’ve caught wind that they’ve recently called it quits…at least […]


June 13, 2024

Rival Waves: “Time’s Up”

When you’re in the high seas, you’re at the mercy of rogue waves. When you’re in Texas during the summertime, you’re at the mercy of heatwaves. But if you’d prefer to get thrashed around and work up a sweat without ever facing the sun or leaving port, here in Austin we’ve got Rival Waves. Starting […]


May 10, 2024

Tobias Lund: “Let Me Know” (feat. Phono Magic)

Everyone’s got their favorite blue-eyed soul artists. And sure, it’s technically a derogatory term, but if you’re after some super blue-eyed soul…like so blue-eyed it’s Scandinavian, then look no further than Austin’s Tobias Lund. This is the third time we’ve talked up Tobias, and long story short, the keyboardist-singer’s already shown a ton of talent […]


May 3, 2024

UT Austin says protesters carried guns and assaulted people. Prosecutors haven’t seen proof.

Despite UT Austin’s claims about weapons and assaults at the recent campus protests, Travis County Attorney Delia Garza says her office hasn’t seen a single charge. She joins KUT’s Jerry Quijano to discuss the ongoing situation.