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December 14, 2016

Texas Standard: December 14, 2016

By: David Brown

The countdown is on- just 5 days left until a new rule takes effect across Texas, and no one’s quite sure how to implement it. The story today on the Texas Standard

Closing in fast on 500: across the border from what was recently called the safest city in the nation, a new surge in killings could shatter records. We’ll hear the backstory…

Also, a wave of resignations and a serious shortage of police in Dallas. This, only months after reports of an avalanche of applications from would be cadets.

And its official, but as Rick Perry prepares to be grilled for a gig as energy secretary, how do his past statements rate on the Truth-o-Meter? All that and much more today on the Texas Standard.


September 29, 2023

Why homeschooling is on the rise across the ideological spectrum

Sean Theriault of UT-Austin with a look at why government shutdowns have become so common, and what needs to happen to avoid another come Sunday. The summer of 2023 was the second hottest on record in Texas. But for renters, air conditioning isn’t legally required — at least not everywhere in the state. Over the […]


September 28, 2023

How a UT professor is helping the CDC plan for the next pandemic

The Texas Education Agency is moving forward with plans to monitor problems with Austin ISD’s special education services. What did we learn from COVID-19? We’ll talk to UT’s Lauren Ancel Meyers, who has been tapped to help the U.S. develop a plan to better tackle the next pandemic. Texas tops the nation in oil industry […]


September 27, 2023

State law banning public drag performances found unconstitutional

Texas foster kids are sleeping in motels and offices, and Child Protective Service workers are leaving their jobs in droves. Sneha Dey of the Texas Tribune joins us with more. A ban on drag performances in the presence of minors has been ruled unconstitutional. We’ll hear why and what comes next. Why Mexico has replaced […]