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June 5, 2013

Big Broadcast: Texas Garage Rock

By: David Brown

Few musical movements can be said to have started with a specific event…and ended just as rapidly.  But during a brief period between The Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the ‘Summer of Love’, hundreds of kids picked up guitars and drumsticks across Texas and began making music that would reverberate for decades…though the songs themselves would be almost lost. Join us on the next Texas Music Matters, where we talk with veteran music journalist (and former Wild Seeds frontman) Michael Hall about the lost nuggets of Texas garage rock. Friday at noon and 11 pm on KUTX 98.9, and Saturday at 11am on KUT 90.5.




September 3, 2013

Big Broadcast: The Texas Trinity

On the next edition of Texas Music Matters, it’s the stories of the Texas Trinity: The Bard of Corsicana, The Master Craftsman, and The Troubled Troubadour.


August 8, 2013

Big Broadcast: Pirate Radio

For much of the 20th century, radio was the voice of the establishment, selling not just detergent, but a whitewashed, idealized vision of America. But that wasn’t entirely true. From the early 30’s until the early 70’s, late at night, strange sounds would skip across the stratosphere, filling the air over America with the howls […]


August 1, 2013

Big Broadcast: How Long Must I Dream

Of the many Texas music musicians who’ve made a major impact on the American songbook, one of the most often overlooked is Roy Orbison.