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July 12, 2019

Plastic Picnic: “September Second”

By: Jack Anderson

The heat is climbing and the ants are hungry but if you’re still hankerin’ for an indulgent indie rock outing, it might be time for a Plastic Picnic. Although their members share ties to the Pacific Northwest, the New York setting of a separate-duo chance meeting established Brooklyn as Plastic Picnic’s home back in 2016. The rippling synth-guitar pop heard on Plastic Picnic’s self-titled debut has already earned their songs spots on Homeland and Shameless, and next Friday they’ll be exploring their second chapter of sound progression.

Plastic Picnic’s sophomore EP Vistalite takes a more reflective and naturalistic approach than previous releases, thanks in no small part to Father John Misty and Fleet Foxes Producer Trevor Spencer. Vistalite is warm, spirited, and organic and even though it’s not out for another week, you can still make like Yogi and unpack the basket with a confessional single that premiered today, “September Second”!