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June 29, 2021

Palms Station: “I Don’t Know The Way To Your Heart”

By: Jack Anderson

Back in the ’90s, L.A.’s Hillel Tigay gained a reputation as ‘Dr. Dreidel’ in the satirical hip-hop group Member of the Tribe. Needless to say, some time has passed and some tastes have changed. Tigay’s since moved up from MC of M.O.T. to Musical Director of L.A.’s IKAR and has even more recently taken a leap further, transitioning into his solo singer-songwriter project Palms Station.

Though Tigay’s only got two tracks out as of yet, Palms Station gives you an instant commute back to the soundscapes of the ’80s and cools you off with modern psych-pop flourishes in the same ilk of Tame Impala or Dear Boy. With a new animated music video for his sophomore single out today, Palms Station is clearly capable of keeping cool in the summertime, so treat yourself to the breeze with “I Don’t Know the Way to Your Heart“!