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March 18, 2024

Nick Teale: “Half Genius”

By: Jack Anderson

We’re not really squealing on ourselves when admitting that we here at KUTX love yacht rock. And given our ties to the university, it’s also no secret that we like to shine the spotlight on UT alum. So today we’re giving y’all the best of both.

We’re talkin’ about singer-songwriter/guitarist Nick Teale, a former longhorn now based out of Louisville. Teale’s proven a steal in terms of widespread appeal, thanks to his zeal for everything from Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. That said Nick primarily refers to his sound as “indie jazz rock”, further informed and made unique by the sonic treks to Middle Eastern territory Teale began taking in grad school.

This year, Teale’s been putting together a new reel to follow up his 2022 debut Still in LimboGlitterfingers, out this summer. Just like the name suggests, Teale graces every genre on Glitterfingers‘ roster with his Midas touch of talent…and he got really steely for us Dan fans last Friday with the LP’s latest lead single, “Half Genius”. Unconventional Fagen-like vocal intervals, Becker-esque guitar work, unstoppable chord progressions, intricate arrangements and all, “Half Genius” is a no-brainer for any yacht rock playlist.