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February 21, 2018

Midcentury: “Warrior” (Live in Studio 1A)

By: Taylor Wallace

When you hear Austin’s Midcentury, you’d swear their discog was several albums deep. Their sound is developed and carefully crafted in such a way you’d think they share neurons, and the members gel so well together, it feels like you’re listening to a band that’s had it down and together for years…just the sort of perks you enjoy when you are in a band with your buds and you have been playing together for years (in several bands). These righteous dudes stopped by our Studio 1A last week in support of their debut album Modern Nostalgia–an incredibly accurate title. Taking spheres of yacht, indie, and classic rock and funk and orbiting it around a 21st-century center of energy, the danceable grooves are augmented by Bruce Smith, Jr’s deep and carrying vocals and punctuated by the 80’s-inspired sax stylings of Leslie Matthews. Just try to sit still.

“Warrior” appears on Modern Nostalgia, out now. Check out the rest of their Studio 1A here.

-Taylor Wallace// Host, Thursdays 8p-11p & Saturdays 2p-6p; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli