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June 4, 2024

Meggan Carney: “Ketchup”

By: Jack Anderson

Despite the already-blistering temps down here in Texas, Summer doesn’t officially start for another couple weeks. And with exactly one month to go until Independence Day, Hot Dog Season is coming up quick too. But you can’t have hot dogs without ketchup, right?

Well, we’re set to have plenty of ketchup on deck over the summer thanks to our November 2018 Artist of the Month Zettajoule’s frontwoman Meggan Carney. These days Carney’s up north in New Jersey raising a family with her fellow Zettajouler Matt Sheffer. It’s a big life update and a gargantuan undertaking, but that hasn’t made Meggan forget about her musical roots. Nope, a full decade removed from her last EP BOMBZ AWAY, Meggan Carney’s finally back pursuing her passion in solo songwriting.

Perhaps inspired by her now-two-year-old son, and consequently any toddler’s favorite condiment, Meggan Carney will be sharing a sling of singles over the upcoming months that’ll be bottled together as The Ketchup Chronicles. The Ketchup Chronicles‘ first dab – aptly titled Ketchup – came out a month back. “Ketchup” doesn’t attempt to be overly fancy in its phonics; instead it relishes in the lo-fi indie folk psychedelia that’s always made Meggan such a treat to listen to. But with production provided by Sheffer himself, “Ketchup” is a huge step up in sound from Meggan’s pre-existing discography, retro sensibilities aside. Seriously, “Ketchup” sounds like a long lost tape from the ’70s, that, just like ketchup packets, enjoys zero listed expiration date.

So what are you waiting for? Catch up with Carney and The Ketchup Chronicles before your plate gets too full.


June 21, 2024

Fogwood: “The Mystic Valley”

Yesterday was the summer solstice, not that you’d be able to tell with how grey and rainy it was. So to complement this week’s inclement weather, we’re getting a little foggy this Friday. And that’s on behalf of Fogwood. Down to three members from the original four we heard on Fogwood’s eponymous 2022 debut, this […]


June 20, 2024

Subpar Snatch: “Juicy Booty”

In the casual hookup community, even lovers with the highest body counts (especially those outside cis-hetero norms) might agree; it’s not size, shape, presence, or lack of specific anatomical features that make the biggest impression after the act. No, the quality of your “bits” may actually come second to a sense of enthusiasm when turning […]


June 19, 2024

Daniel Fears: “Home” (Live from the Draylon Mason Music Studio)

Happy Juneteenth! While it’s now a national holiday, it’s always been a celebration here in Texas, where historically Black hubs like Houston were notified of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War’s end later than the rest of the states. And it’s Houston that gave us our July 2021 Artist of the Month Daniel Fears. […]


June 18, 2024

Luke Smith: “Jimmy”

We’re right at Pride Month’s midpoint, so just as a refresher: no matter how you identify, be proud of yourself! At the same time, it’s worth acknowledging our place in a progressive city, a quarter century into the 21st, because not every Queer person’s been blessed with those privileges; more often than not, it’s a […]


June 17, 2024

Alexi 8bit: “You Don’t Have to Be Alone Anymore”

In the world of singers, acting cutesy doesn’t necessarily negate sophistication. Like, we’ve seen a lot of success in going north of mere infantile novelty and co-opting that puppy love naivety in a way that’s accessible to all age groups. And while we can point to a major movement of such with jazz-pop hits from […]


June 14, 2024

Molecular Steve: “Wolfman”

Depending on who you ask – a coworker, a friend, or a family member – they’ll all have slightly different takes on your “character” based on previous interactions and observations. But what about those parts of our identities that never reach the surface? Those personality traits that stay buried deep within us? Well, we won’t […]


June 12, 2024

The Wild Kindness: “No One Belongs Here More Than You”

Random acts of kindness: we can’t recommend ’em enough. Because it’s those little gestures you catch in the wild that help us make new connections (no matter how brief or passing), break past malaise and monotony, and recognize the world as a more compassionate place. And new connections are also a key component to what […]


June 11, 2024

Mark Hallman: “Bright Star”

When you’ve spent decades making great records for other people, you’ve got all the tools to do it on your own, right? Yeah, although producers often get relegated to a “man behind the curtain” position for other artists’ critical success, at the end of the day they’re some of the strongest shapers of sound. Take […]