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July 10, 2019

Mary Bryce: “Lemon Trees” [PREMIERE]

By: Jack Anderson

Although she’s shied from calling herself “chief songwriter” for her collaborations, there’s no doubting the sheer talent and fronting presence that Austin’s Mary Bryce possesses. You’ve heard her vocals in SMiiLE, before that with Dreamboat, and you can’t forget about Bryce’s killer one-off with CAPYAC. But every once in awhile when she’s not having a blast with the best friends that double as her bandmates, Bryce pours her heart into her solo project.

Bryce shows off incredible vocal command when it comes to performance and arrangement, plucking only the finest tones to match her compositions while leaving plenty of space to appreciate the instrumentation. Her idiosyncratic brand of feminine folk jazz hasn’t been heard solo since 2018’s “Flowers”, and Bryce’s gorgeous voice returns front-and-center with the premiere of a new single. Here’s a KUTX-clusive listen to the genuine, sweet, and dynamic “Lemon Trees”, produced by SMiiLE’s Jake Miles and co-produced/recorded by Dan Businski, who’s engineered Molly Burch and Jess Williamson!