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January 8, 2018

Lolita Lynne: “Enslaved” (feat. Yvonne Lambert)

By: Jack Anderson

It’s Monday. We’re officially one week into 2018. It may already not feel quite like your year so far. Thankfully the latest warm stylings of Austin’s Lolita Lynne are coming to a stage near you this week! Founded in 2016 around the titular frontwoman and her propensity for Latin-influenced arrangements and compelling vocal melodies, Lynne is now backed by guitar, bass, drums and keys. Lolita Lynne recently followed up their debut album In The Dark with a release at the very end of last year – their sophomore six-track Fools Moon.

Engineered by Adrian Quesada, Fools Moon packs a punch in terms of production, sonic clarity and composition, even from the get-go with the first song – one which features The Octopus Project’s Yvonne Lambert – “Enslaved”. Check out the record release show for Fools Moon is this Friday at Barracuda and listen to Lolita Lynne on KUTX in the mean time.

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