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July 11, 2019

Julio Nickels: “Local Support”

By: Jack Anderson

Between Polite Sleeper, The Yellow Press and more recently with Total Heels, Jason Orlovich is a tried-and-true six-string sensation. And after decades of recording and touring the globe, Orlovich has adopted a fictional persona for his new solo project: Julio Nickels. The alias occupies a solitary world filled with lowly bar staffers and music venue wallflowers, unabashedly interpreted from Orlovich’s longstanding personal observations in those environments.

Julio Nickels comes to life tomorrow on the debut album, Feeling Fickle, an experimental rock-oriented nine-track completed in France with the help of Thurston Moore producer Johannes Buff. For today embrace the abstract absurdity of Julio Nickels with a song that wraps up the first third of Feeling Fickle, “Local Support”!