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August 6, 2018

Jonathan Something: “Happy Day” [PREMIERE]

By: Jack Anderson

Are you constantly blanking on people’s last names? No worries. Connecticut singer-songwriter Jonathan Something makes that easy to remember, even before you listen to the first downbeat. A master of many instruments, Jon Searles has been teasing this self-produced project with a few singles beginning in June. Today the anticipation finally ends with the release of Jonathan Something’s debut record Outlandish Poetica. The nine tracks behind Outlandish Poetica melt along a meshing of rock and roll, baroque pop and realism, where Searles takes the gravity out of his influencing genres, all the while showing off their best narrative and sonic attributes.

Check out Outlandish Poetica in its entirety when you get a chance, and make your Monday a bit better with a lil somethin’ somethin’  from Jonathan Something, “Happy Day”!

Photo: Gabby Jones