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July 12, 2018

Human Touch: “Promise Not To Fall”

By: Jack Anderson

Oakland-born Natalia Rogovin spent a good portion of her California days fronting the indie rock quintet Social Studies, but lately she’s adopted a new pop persona. Rogovin’s alter ego Human Touch found its origins in a forested home off the grid, where she spent months writing and recording in isolation. After a personnel-recruiting pit stop in L.A., Rogovin ended up with an album chock-full of ’80s-era synthesizers, silky guitar lines, and a hodgepodge of electronic and organic beats backing up her vocals.

Back in her new home of Portland, Rogovin has completed Human Touch’s debut dream pop full-length, Promise Not To Fallset for a late September release date. The album’s title track has already caught some exposure on 13 Reasons Why, and you can enjoy a free download well before the release date right now!