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February 4, 2022

Harry & Emmy: “Starseeds”

By: Jack Anderson

Bassist-guitarist-vocalist Harrison Anderson was a fairly common sight around town in the mid-2010s, performing with Austin groups SMiiLE and Dreamboat, and has since grown into a confident and charismatic solo act. As for singer-guitarist Emily Whetstone, she’s also enjoyed some stripped-down sets outside of her fronting/chief-songwriting role in Van Mary, whose track “Hug” has been a KUTX rotation favorite since it dropped. Well, after one fateful night of karaoke duets, these two star-crossed collaborators discovered an undeniable chemistry between them, and their eponymous duoHarry & Emmy was born.

Harry & Emmy ditch theBud Light pop-countrycommercialism in favor of some old-fashionedwell-whiskey twang. It’s as if the prime-era voices ofKitty Wells and George Strait stitched themselves together across the decades and harmonized without even trying. Their natural gravitation towards midcentury-style classic country has made for a rowdy residency at Hole in the Wall over the past weeks, but that’s all been a warm-up to Harry & Emmy’sfree indoor show 8PM tonight at Radio Coffee & Beer along with Batty Jr.. So don’t be cruel to Harry & Emmy as they mark the occasion with their first-ever studio single release, “Starseeds”.