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November 18, 2019

Graham Reynolds: “Highway 67”

By: Jack Anderson

For those that haven’t spent a lot of time in the Live Music Capital, it may be tricky to get a quick grasp on all of the accomplishments accrued by Graham Reynolds. Well, without going too much into it, this composer-bandleader-improviser has lent his music to radio, television, film, and theatre, including soundtrack work for Richard Linklater and Netflix. Reynolds has collaborated with a ton of major Austin players over the years, all without losing his own voice or passion for multimedia disciplines.

This Friday Graham Reynolds shares an ode to one of his all time favorite towns, MARFA: A Country & Western Big Band Suite, and at just shy of a dozen purely instrumental songs, its inherently Texas tone stays unadulterated by lyrics. The result is one of the best cruising albums to ever grace the Lone Star State, and before you catch the MARFA release show 8PM this Saturday at The Highball, adapt back to the workweek with some classic Western swing, “Highway 67”!