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February 7, 2020

Golf Lexapro: “Craigslist”

By: Jack Anderson

Whether or not you take SSRIs or have an interest in carting around the green, if you like indie rock and guitar pop in the same serving, then you need a prescription for Golf Lexapro. Fronted by James Rainis on vocals, synth, and guitar, this Brooklyn four-piece may have all the standard accoutrements of your run-of-the-mill dive bar band, but Golf Lexapro’s kooky lyrics and erratic arrangements make the group stand out, though they still draw comparisons to indie icons like Pavement and The Strokes and current contemporaries such as Jay Som and DIIV. Golf Lexapro first gave us a dose of the goods with their 2017 eponymous EP, and today they share the four-song Washed, a record that explores the almost-inseparable role corporations has on humanity today.

Go ahead and self-medicate yourself into the weekend with Golf Lexapro and take a quick soak in Washed with “Craigslist”!