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January 27, 2020

Glassio: “Are You Having Fun Without Me?”

By: Jack Anderson

For everyone who wants disco a little darker, new wave more nuanced, and pop a bit more perse, set a course for Queens and look no further than Sam R., AKA Glassio. Moved by elements of ’70s rock, ’80s funk, ’90s house, mid-2000s hip hop, and all the sounds nestled in between, Irish-Iranian songwriter-producer started Glassio as a duo about five years ago before adapting it into a strictly solo venture. Glassio’s combo of indie-friendly electronic tones and unbridled, intimate storytelling has garnered a ton of praise, most notably surrounding the 2019 sophomore EP Age of Experience.

2020 is off to a good start for Glassio, who just put out another impressive entry into his catchy, retro-centric catalogue and promises a debut full-length later on this Spring. “Are You Having Fun Without Me?” premiered last Thursday and as implied by its vibrant vocal harmonies, this lead single is bound to be joined by some more greats in the near future.

Photo: Katelyn Kopenhaver