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November 17, 2020

Ghost Funk Orchestra: “Little Bird”

By: Jack Anderson

Halloween may be over, but for one set of sonic specters the urge to get a little ghastly isn’t tied to any one holiday. Solo-project-turned-ten-piece Ghost Funk Orchestra has continued to float across genres, ushering in an aura of mystery and intrigue not heard in most ensembles of this size.

Last Friday GFO conjured up their sophomore full-length, An Ode To Escapism, with an astonishing seventeen tracks that incorporate a bit more jazz and fuzz than their 2019 debut A Song For Paul, while still leaning heavily into salsa, psych, soul, and of course, funk. The arrangements are more complex, the drums bang harder, and the experience (pauses and all) is unparalleled. But don’t take our word for it; instead let “Little Bird” increase your mood’s altitude.

Photo: Jeanette D. Moses