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April 15, 2020

Dr. Joe: “Believer”

By: Jack Anderson

When he’s not scraping plaque and admonishing your flossing technique, Joe Sparacino moonlights here in town as the passionate, throaty, and ivory-pounding Dr. Joe. During his formative years in pastoral Kansas, Sparacino’s early discipline on piano and young exposure to blues fusers like Leon Russell, James Booker, and Ray Charles lent itself to the heavy-hitting beast that is now Dr. Joe and his backing band. With a sturdy horn section and the frontman’s proven doctorate in rocking out, Dr. Joe’s had little trouble getting deep into the gums of the local scene, and with only three tracks to their name as of yet, the group’s already managed to work alongside six-time Grammy winning producer Vance Powell, as well as Adrian Quesada and White Denim‘s Austin Jenkins.

Last weekend Dr. Joe graced Good Friday with his own sense of sonic spiritualism by way of his third-ever single, co-produced by KUTX favorite Abhi the Nomad and mixed and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, “Believer”!

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