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February 7, 2019

Daisy O’Connor: “Ether”

By: Jack Anderson

We’re knee deep in Love Austin Music Month and today we’ve got a local artist that makes people grin no matter where they’re at. A glowing beacon of how all humans should be, Austin’s Daisy O’Connor is the epitome of a good heart mixed with killer musical talent.

Daisy’s 2017 debut album Lightchasers showed off her genre-inclusive songwriting abilities and quirky queer personality, followed by last year’s equally impressive EP Mixtape. On her upcoming fan-funded EP Ether, O’Connor’s feminine force catalyzes into a dreamy, genre-jumping solvent to her personal struggles. And despite its name, the sounds on Ether are far from volatile, instead offering a balanced blend of pleasant and raucous. Ether is out tomorrow and the release show is this Sunday at Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden. Today’s Song of the Day and the title track from Ether finds Daisy at her very best, and there’s even a Phoebe Bridgers shout out!