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August 13, 2019

Daddy NAT: “1Night”

By: Jack Anderson

For someone who’s fed up with the same old six strings, run-of-the-mill love songs, and the gentle baking of flannel under dive bar spotlights, it’s not too hard to believe that they’d say, “to hell with this,” take a hard left turn and aim to become a pop star. That’s the case with seventh generation Texan Daddy Nat, who moved to Austin after a decade of performing strictly rock n’ roll in East Texas and New Zealand. And it’s here that Daddy NAT linked up with Mobley co-producer Lonely Child, a collaboration that’s proved fruitful in 2019.

Following the deep-house inspired “Nineteen”, Daddy NAT recently shared his second single of the year, a bass-heavy, horn-laden, and above all, intoxicating pop-fusion banger, “1Night”!