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March 24, 2020

Corduroi: “Cherrywood Spring”

By: Jack Anderson

There’s been a “synth scene” slowly burgeoning here in town over the last few years, and although we can certainly point to Soundfounder‘s Exploded Drawing label as a major catalyst, we could never overlook the output from native Austinite Cody Wilson. Since his formative post-college days as Thelonious Krunk (and intermittent years with Grundle in the Bronx) Wilson’s retro-inspired bleeps, bloops, and natural sense of production has been heard in Sip Sip, as one half of all-analog duo Trax Rebo, briefly through a one-off stint as Battle Toad, and most notably under his own moniker, Corduroi.

Corduroi’s got a huge discography that hops between dance-y, aggressive, and chill, going back to the beginning of the past decade, so tracking his various styles, interpolations, and tastes won’t be too tricky. However you’d probably miss the fact that Wilson is an outspoken advocate for a lot of resources in the Austin music community, and though his songs tend to lack lyrics, Corduroi’s never missed a reasonable opportunity to donate proceeds from his album sales in support of local establishments.

Last week Corduroi dropped Wind Your Spring, a collection of twenty previously-unheard songs from the past five years whose disjointed yet immersive atmosphere will surely take your mind off the news for the record’s duration. Corduroi’s offering Wind Your Spring for whatever price you can afford, so show some love if you can and enjoy an intrinsically Austin title, “Cherrywood Spring”!


May 23, 2024

Grandma Mousey: “When I’m Not There”

Ever since we first caught sight of them in 2022, we’ve continued to make room for Grandma Mousey in our wheelhouse, even after their initial nest expanded from three members to five. Yeah, Granny M’s grown on us so much over the past couple of years, that we don’t mind ratting on their talent again […]


May 22, 2024

Carson McHone: “I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face”

No matter how much success a young artist finds down the line, there’ll always be opportunities to pay respects to their predecessors and contemporaries. Whether it’s an early choice (Nick Cave & The Bad Seed’s Kicking Against the Pricks), a mid-career reset (Souxsie and the Banshees’ Through the Looking Glass), a later vocation salute (Bruce […]


May 21, 2024

Indoor Creature: “Cross The Line”

Although we’re bound to find a silver lining eventually, when we take the time to really look at the world we live in – gross injustices, grievous atrocities, shared struggles and all – it can make staying inside super appealing. And for sonic creators, as long as the bleakness doesn’t make the music meek, the […]


May 17, 2024

Barbara: “For Good Measure” (co-prod. Briana Harris)

Save for those with seemingly disposable resources, often nonprofits get stuck in their original stomping grounds. So when a local endeavor expands enough to inspire, incorporate, and impact folks far beyond their initial reach, it’s cause for celebration. That brings us back to Project Traction, spearheaded by our personal favorite philogynist audiophile – Spoon drummer/Public […]


May 16, 2024

Stephanie Rodd: “Stronger Than Ever”

For us uncultured Americans, we tend to invent a caricature when we hear about a “French songstress”. Yes, we let our assumptions automatically paint a picture of a smoky nightclub against a traumatic war torn backdrop, a slender figure in haute couture wardrobe, cigarette in one hand, microphone in the other, and lyrics toutes en […]


May 15, 2024

Wild Wren: “I’M A BIRD”

Back in the day, if you were to walk around downtown, you’d hear one predominant sound spilling out of at least every other 6th Street venue: blues rock. But as the landscape of the “Live Music Capital of the World” has evolved and diversified, frankly, so has the state of blues rock itself. And if […]


May 14, 2024

Genuine Leather: “Getting Used to the Feel”

For a lot of self-made bedroom producers, lo-fi isn’t just a creative choice; it’s a necessity. Yeah, not everyone has the technical prowess, access to equipment, or funding to match the pristine masters of their commercial radio contemporaries. But when lo-fi folks like that gain the resources to make the leap up, it’s hard to […]


May 13, 2024

Big Bill: “Emotions”

If you’ve kept posted on Austin quartet Big Bill, you know they’re in somewhat of a post-pivot position. Yeah, after years of establishing their space in the oddball-deadpan-art-punk sector, Big Bill pulled off a risky switch to more of a ’90s-style indie rock sound with their Summer 2022 full-length Public Freakout Compilation. And while we’d […]