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January 29, 2021

Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter: “Strawberry Milk”

By: Jack Anderson

Acoustic instrumental is one of those sounds that’s perfect to just zone out in a hammock too. And if you’re hard-pressed for some hammock fodder these days, look no further than Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter, two Texas guitarists who adore the Lone Star State and its natural gifts.

After an inspiring trip through the Trans-Pecos, Knowler and Winter recorded their album Anticipation largely over the course of a single nine-hour session, with several of the songs completed in their first take. An exceptional eight-track of soothing six-string, Anticipation will certainly live up to its name in the coming weeks, but well before the LP’s release on March 12th, you can pour yourself a hefty helping of “Strawberry Milk” and enjoy some sweet instrumental tryptophan going into the weekend.


April 16, 2021

Ley Line: “En Busca Del Agua”

Austin's world music scene has been slowly growing for decades now, and while it's nowhere near as robust as in places like Chicago or New York, we've still got some seriously impressive artists. Multilingual acoustic quartet Ley Line definitely sits around the top of that list, not only in terms of consistent quality, but frequent output, overall focus, and an innate ability to market themselves beyond the realm of singles and record sales. Having already launched their eponymous Following Ley Line podcast in March, these Studio 1A alums are set to unveil a new visual album in mid-May, which'll come…


April 15, 2021

No-No Boy: “Imperial Twist”

Without getting too much into politics, I think we can all agree that the Asian-American experience has recently been catapulted into the national spotlight. And in concern to the historical context of that experience, nobody's captured it in recent music as comprehensively as Nashville-born songwriter Julian Saporiti. Appropriating the moniker No-No Boy from John Okada's 1957 novel of the same name, Saporiti's Ph.D. dissertation took him across the country to several Asian-American landmarks, often wrought with troubled history, to develop his concept album 1975. Saporiti's dissection of what constitutes American folk isn't obscured by his outspoken societal observations; rather the two…


April 14, 2021

Lady Dan: “Better Off Alone”

Like countless composers before her, Austin singer-guitarist Tyler Dozier uses her craft to shed light on her true identity. Raised in Alabama amidst parental pressures,  relationship strains, and religious restrictions, Dozier’s move to the Live Music Capital roughly aligned with the release of her 2019 debut EP, Songs for the Soulless, which also introduced us officially to her musical moniker, Lady Dan. Everything’s coming up purple for Dozier in 2021, who’s set to expand on her indie-crossed country sound next Friday with Lady Dan’s first-ever full-length, I Am the Prophet. We’ve got a feeling that I Am the Prophet‘s gonna presage another chapter of…