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May 21, 2019

Atlas Maior: “Cumbia Raposa”

By: Jack Anderson

Taking its name from the first ever world atlas, Austin group Atlas Maior covers a globe of diverse music ranging from Latin America, the Middle East and right here in the United States. The band initially got their start a decade ago, inspired by everyone from Egyptian composers, Lebanese string players, Israeli bassists, North American jazz artists and more. Their manifold musicality has earned them an international tour in Turkey and the Austin City Council proclamation of Atlas Maior Day on March 27th.

Atlas Maior’s latest endeavor is the recently released fifth album, Riptide, and they’ll be joining us in Studio 1A This Thursday before the free release show 10pm this Friday at Stay Gold! Get caught up in the maelstrom of Riptide with one of eleven new tunes from Atlas Maior, “Cumbia Raposa”!

Photo: Alicia Michelle