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December 1, 2020

Angus1: “Bound” (feat. Elizabeth M Drummond)

By: Jack Anderson

Unlike his similarly named Aussie counterpart Angus Young, Sydney producer-songwriter Angus1 opts for a different kind of electric energy, ditching the distortion and duckwalk in favor of slick, futuristic indie electronica. But just like the cut of beef, Angus1’s arrangements come packed with flavor, making listeners salivate for seconds and thirds.

Angus1’s only been at it for a bit over a year now, but with each single his skill seems to have grown stronger and stronger. On his final single of 2020, Angus1 relinquished his typical spot as lead vocalist to give former Little May singer Elizabeth M Drummond the spotlight, making “Bound” a track that’ll replace your current earworms in no time.