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August 18, 2021

Alexa Rose: “Big Sky”

By: Jack Anderson

Raised in a Virginia-West Virginia border town and now based out of Black Mountain, North Carolina, Alexa Rose has always had a rugged sense of country living and love of travel imbued in her music. Rose won over plenty of listeners with her intimate breed of Americana folk rock on her 2019 debut Medicine for Living, and with impressive maturation over a mere two years, is set to conquer a more cinematic sound with the upcoming Headwaters.

The nine tracks on Headwaters submerges you into Rose’s thorny examination of human nature through petals of poignant lyrics, bucolic arrangements, and of course, Alexa’s mesmerizing vocals. Headwaters streams in full on September 17th, and Alexa Rose has given a promising forecast to the record’s rockier side with its latest road-trip-inspired single, “Big Sky“!


June 7, 2023

Ekiti Sound: “Mami Wata”

The Nigeria-UK connection has given us some of the greatest musical talents of modern music; while Shirley Bassey and Sade became more of national symbols, legendary performers ranging from Seal to grime icons like Skepta and Dizzee Rascal alongside modern innovators like Little Simz, and Obongjayar have really upheld London’s reputation as an incomparable centerpiece […]


June 6, 2023

Genuine Leather: “Tear It Down”

When the handle “Genuine Leather” first catches your eye, a number of potentials present themselves; like Genuine Leather could easily be the name of a Kiss-era glam metal outfit, a bunch of Ramones-esque punks, a Berghain-inspired Western European dance DJ, or even just a dusty posse of country cowboys. Well, consider those expectations subverted, ’cause […]


June 5, 2023

Dad’s Home: “Automatic Reply: No Thanks”

Ever since punk rock took off in the late ’70s, it’s expanded and matured into a ton of subgenres. Its kiddo pop-punk, on the other hand, is more like a Lost Boy from Neverland; it never grew up and that’s the way we like it. So when we look at the robust roster of pop-punk […]