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December 20, 2019

A. Sinclair “Weeds” [PREMIERE]

By: Jack Anderson

For our final Song of the Day of 2019 we’re pulling the cover off a new single from one of our all-time favorite local rockers: Aaron Sinclair. After his tenure with Boston’s The Lot Six, Sinclair backed a bit away from his punk duds, relocated to Austin and doubled down on straight ahead rock n roll under the name A. Sinclair. Sinclair’s brutally honest brand of working class storytelling and knack for pop-leaning phrases have remained a constant in light of many crests and valleys for more than a decade now, and when his band steps on stage, it’s a full throttle experience.

This prolific songwriter has just added another bold track to his already impressive discography, coinciding with a release show tonight at The Mohawk, so get out of the weeds of 2019 with…well…”Weeds”!