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October 16, 2016

Higher Ed: Curiosity, Creativity, and Confidence in Kids

By: Jennifer Stayton

How can educators, parents, and other adults encourage young people to be curious and get creative? In this episode of KUT’s podcast Higher Ed, KUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger respond to a listener’s question about promoting intellectual curiosity and confidence in kids. There’s a lot of interest these days in encouraging younger learners to pursue studying science, the arts, and math. A listener wants to know how young people can be encouraged along those paths by exciting them to ask questions and be confident in their pursuits. Hear Ed discuss with Jennifer how he has inspired curiosity and creativity among students, and the impact that work has had on him as a teacher. Curious about the latest puzzler? You’ll need all your marbles for this one.

This episode was recorded on August 10, 2016.