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Jennifer Stayon

December 15, 2019

Higher Ed: Holding On Tight Is Easier Than Letting Go. Why We Need To Learn How To Do Both Well.

As Dr. Ed Burger prepares to leave Southwestern University to become President and Chief Executive Officer of St. David’s Foundation in Austin, Texas, he and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton discuss the art of letting go, as they wrap up the KUT podcast “Higher Ed.” Ed says “letting go” in the workplace starts with a pretty straightforward […]


December 8, 2019

Higher Ed: Learning From Failure (And Then Letting It Go)

In the very first episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton talked about the importance of failure to learning. Has any thinking changed about that concept in the past five years? Ed says he has greater clarity now than he had five years ago about one […]


November 24, 2019

Higher Ed: Be Grateful For The Frustration That Can Come With Learning. You’ll Learn From That, Too.

“Thank you” may not always be the words that come to mind when struggling through a difficult lesson or dealing with a mountain of homework in school. But in this episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton discuss the role that gratitude can play in learning […]



Public media consumers are by nature curious people who embrace lifelong learning. So KUT’s “Higher Ed” podcast, with its focus on learning outside the classroom; innovation in education; and the pure joy of learning, was a perfect fit. KUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Dr. Ed Burger spend each 15-minute episode delving into one topic (sometimes provided by a listener) and either introducing or solving a brain teaser. The entertaining episodes are unscripted and draw on Dr. Burger’s extensive experience as an educator, innovator and speaker. The podcast wrapped up production in December 2019 but the enjoyable and engaging discussions cover timeless topics.

Jennifer Stayton

Jennifer feels very lucky to have been born and raised in Austin, Texas. An English teacher at her high school once suggested to the class that they tune in to KUT 90.5 for Paul Ray’s “Twine Time.” She has been a public radio fan ever since. Her original career path – Psychology – took a back seat to radio after she started volunteering at the Williams College student radio station while a student there. Jennifer has worked for commercial and public radio stations in news, production, music, and sales in Austin; Syracuse, New York; and Western Massachusetts. She has a Master’s Degree from Syracuse University in Radio-Television-Film.

Jennifer has been the local anchor and host of “Morning Edition” on KUT since May 2004. She was also the co-host and producer of KUT’s “Higher Ed” podcast for its entire five year run through December 2019.

Jennifer is a member of Women Communicators of Austin and serves as a mentor and Board Member in the organization. She also serves on the Advisory Committee for KTSW 89.9 at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

Dr. Ed Burger

Dr. Ed Burger served as President of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas for six years until January 2020. He is the President and CEO of the St. David’s Foundation in Austin, Texas. Dr. Burger is a mathematician by training and has written more than 70 research articles, books and video. He has delivered more than 800 addresses worldwide and has starred in more than 5,000 on-line math tutorial videos.

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