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April 11, 2023

Please Have A Seat

By: Laurie Gallardo

Every single track on NNAMDÏ‘s Please Have A Seat is addictive enough to get stuck in the brain, and rightly so. The Chicago-based artist made a conscious decision when making the album: Each track had to be hummable.

Heralded as a multi-genre pop savant, NNAMDÏ mixes together what may typically be regarded as disparate sounds and sonic textures, and makes them work together in strangely satisfying, complimentary ways. Really, it boils down to NNAMDÏ making…whatever he wants.

NNAMDÏ returns to Austin for a performance tonight, Tuesday April 11, at the Parish, 501 Brushy St. Fellow Chicago artist Luke Titus opens the show. Doors at 7 p.m.