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October 13, 2021

Plainfield Tapes

By: Laurie Gallardo

William Harries Graham


William Harries Graham released his latest EP Plainfield Tapes this past summer, the follow-up to the beautiful St. Claire LP that came out at the start of 2021. Like his 2016 debut Foreign Fields, they show the Austin-based artist pushing beyond Americana into a more fluid, ethereal and intimate atmosphere, a mystique within hushed vocals, darker shades gently giving way to light.

Today’s AMM featured track is “Walker” from Plainfield Tapes, and the AMM also recommends “Confidant” from St. Claire. And get ready for a set by William Harries Graham at his residency show tonight, Wednesday Oct. 13, at The Continental Club, 1315 S. Congress Ave., starting at 9:30 p.m.

Jon Dee Graham (yes…they are related) follows at 10:30 p.m., and Kevin McKinney plays at midnight.