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November 3, 2022

Feeling Colors

By: Laurie Gallardo

Moody Bank$‘ connection to old-school R&B came from the music she listened to with her mother. But writing and performing music wasn’t something she saw herself doing until she left California to move to Austin, where she met – and was inspired by – music artists following their creative paths. All of this culminated with the release of her debut EP Full Blunts & Full Moons three and a half years ago, illuminating a renewed interest in pursuing a musical career. Despite a long pause due to COVID, Bank$’ rejuvenated focus led to the recording of the EP Feeling Colors.

A possible tour looms on the horizon, but this week you can catch Moody Bank$ at her new musical residency at Firehouse Lounge starting tonight, Thursday Nov. 3. Bank$ will be there each Thursday night throughout November. The music starts at 9 p.m.


February 3, 2023

Change of Heart

Sure, you can credit the ‘shrooms for Margo Price‘s most inspired songwriting moments on her latest LP Strays, if you like. Price and husband Jeremy Ivey wrote the new album while trippin’ during a trip in South Carolina, the ideas flowing like waterfalls after a torrential downpour. But this songwriting marks the arrival of a […]


January 30, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: Half Dream

Love Austin Music Month may be wrapping up this week, but KUTX shows the love for Austin artists all year round. And today, AMM kudos go to dream folk outfit Half Dream. Recently announced as an official SXSW artist for 2023, Half Dream also has a new album on the way, with a new music […]


January 28, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: The Well

Time for the shreds. Turn it up. Doom it up. Sludge it up. Make it heavy. KUTX Artist of the Month alum, longtime AMM fave and embodiment of heaviosity (that should be a word) The Well is today’s featured badass band, as we cruise into the remaining days of Love Austin Music Month. The trio […]